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Legit Election Betting Sites – Where To Safely Bet on Politics

Bovada – Bovada is our top overall pick for betting on elections, politics and entertainment. They have excellent customer support, easy and fast deposit options and quick cash out’s. Plus you can snag a 50% deposit bonus on your first deposit.

Bovada’s political betting opportunities are pretty extensive, most of the time. They add or remove sections over time as they wax or wane in relevance, but in the past, they have offered US Politics, European Politics, Russian Politics, and State of the Union.

They already have futures bets available on the 2020 Presidential Election as well; you can bet on the party or the candidate, as well as if you think Trump will serve a full term as POTUS.

  • BetOnline

  • Another site which is generous with promotions and which offers political betting action is BetOnline. Like Bovada, this is a site which we have a longstanding relationship with. We have been consistently impressed with their bonuses, odds, features, and service.

    In terms of promotions, you can get a 50% welcome bonus for signing up now up to $1000. The site also offers a 25% lifetime bonus guarantee for all your future account reloads plus a whole bunch of other bonuses specific to different parts of the site (sports betting, casino, poker, etc.).

    During 2016, the site offered a 25% welcome bonus specifically to customers who wagered on the US presidential election. However, it seems likely that a similar promotion will be offered closer to the 2020 election.

    What types of political bets can you place on BetOnline? As of right now, you can wager on the nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties for the 2020 election. You can also bet on who will win the election, and whether Donald Trump will last his full term.

  • MyBookie

  • One more sports betting site we recommend which offers political action is MyBookie. This site provides a 50% bonus for new sign-ups, and has quite a few other promotions available as well.

    MyBookie allows you to bet on the winner of the next US Presidential election and also wager on the winning margin, which candidate will fall out of the race first, how many electoral colleges each candidate will win, and other details.

What is political betting? Can you bet on who wins the presidency?

Political betting online is precisely what it sounds like—it is a chance for you to place wagers on the outcomes of political events around the world.

It works just like sports betting; the only thing which has changed is that you bet on political races instead of horse races.

The simplest example would be a wager on who is elected president.

2016 saw a lot of action on the US presidential election, so let’s consider that.

In 2016, if you’d wanted to place a wager on Trump or Clinton to win, you would simply have navigated to the political section of your online sportsbook (usually it is listed right next to all the sports), clicked on the election, opened the betting ticket, and selected your candidate and put in the amount you wanted to risk.

That year, Clinton was heavily favored to win. The New York Times reported that she had an 85% chance of becoming the next president.

That prediction was made on election day. Sportsbook betting odds reflected the same confidence.

Indeed, UK bookmaker Paddy Power made the huge mistake of assuming that Clinton would win the election. To get some viral marketing, they paid out the bettors who wagered on Clinton winning in advance of the conclusion of the election.

That decision resulted in a $4 million loss to the company!

Punters who backed Clinton everywhere else lost money, but you can only imagine how much some of the bettors who wagered on Trump made that night.

Why Bet On Politics Online?

Not everyone is into sports. But almost all humans like to have a little gamble on things they are interested in.

Beyond the pure excitement and entertainment value, why should you bet on politics online?

Here are a few reasons you may want to start betting politics:

Ridiculously unlikely things keep happening (like Trump winning the 2016 election). It follows that betting on the underdog nowadays could potentially be very lucrative.

It’s easy. If you can place a sports bet, you can place a political bet. It is the same basic process. You already essentially know what you are doing in terms of the steps. In fact, your current sportsbook may very well already offer political betting. If not, most of the big sites these days do. If you need recommendations, just scroll down to see our top suggestions.

You may already have done the analysis. If you follow along with politics, you may already have strongly held opinions, not just about the way things should be, but about how they actually are and what is taking place behind the scenes. If those opinions are grounded in logic (not just emotion), it only makes sense to profit off of them. You have done the hard work, so why not make some money?

You might learn something. As with sports betting, you need to give yourself an edge in order to make profitable decisions with political betting. That means researching political issues in-depth. You never know—along the way, you could end up learning a lot about the world you live in. Ultimately, that might lead to you getting more involved with your civic duties and voting for policies and candidates which are more in line with your interests.

What Types of Political Events Can You Wager On?

You can place political wagers on a wide range of events. For example:

  • Election outcomes
  • Referendum outcomes
  • Congressional and parliamentary elections
  • New and departing mayors, ministers, cabinet members, etc.
  • Debates
  • Speeches
  • Miscellaneous events

The vast majority of political bets revolve around elections, appointments and departures.

Types of Political Bets You Can Make

As with sports bets, you will find different types of political bets to place online. Some examples include:

Straight bets to win – This is self-explanatory. For example, you could have placed a bet that Clinton or Trump would win in 2016. If you were right, you would have received a payout.

Futures bets – These are wagers you make far in advance. They can pay well if they win, but as with sports bets, they are risky since they are not as informed as wagers made closer to the event.

Prop bets – There are all kinds of crazy political prop bets which you can place. For example, leading up to G20, there were prop bets on how many seconds Putin and Trump’s handshake would last, and whether they would hug or kiss.

In fact, here are some examples of even weirder Trump prop bets which have shown up. Will he…

  • have a military base named after him?
  • play golf with Obama?
  • attempt to add his face to Mount Rushmore?
  • announce the discovery of alien life?
  • tweet more or less than a certain number of times on a certain day?

You can find these bets (and more) at different times throughout the year. Just check the Bovada Politics Bets and we’ve also found Betonline to have props and politics betting options. These bets have an air of the absurd to them—but when you think about some of the things which have happened over the past couple of years, a lot of them have bordered on the surreal already.

So who is to say Trump won’t announce the existence of alien life or try to deface Mount Rushmore? He has already done some crazy things. Plus, he’s in office, despite the New York Times declaring on election day his chances of winning were no higher than 15%.

There has never been a more appropriate time to bet on the absurd.

Political Betting Strategies and Tips

As with sports betting, you need to take a systematic, strategic approach to placing your wagers if you want to win. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Familiarize yourself with the relevant voting system.

If you are wagering on elections in your own country, hopefully you already know how the voting system works, but if you do not, this is a great chance to brush up on your knowledge. For foreign countries you are not as familiar with, you should always check to make sure you know how votes are tallied and what establishes a win (i.e. popular vote versus electoral college vote).

Consider home advantage.

If you are betting on the outcome of some local event, consider how home advantage may play to the benefit of one candidate or another. Someone who grew up in a city and is running for mayor may have an advantage over a recently-arrived outsider.

Think about past records.

When trying to make predictions of any political nature, it is vital to check the past performance records of candidates, just as you would do with athletes while betting on sports. This can be very helpful with proposition bets as well.

Think about how fit a candidate is and whether anyone cares.

When you are handicapping athletes, you check to see what condition they are in physically, psychologically, and emotionally. You should consider this when you are looking at political candidates as well. But also take a look at the constituency and ask yourself whether fitness is important to them. While a lot of people will only vote for someone they judge to be sound of mind and body, a lot of other voters couldn’t care less—or simply are oblivious. In other words, the fitness of the constituency is as important to weigh as that of the candidates.

Do not bet emotionally.

Just as your emotions can get the better of you when you are wagering on sports, they can do the same when you are betting on politics. Indeed, for many punters, emotions will flare much hotter with regard to politics since they know that the outcome will have an impact on their real lives. Try not to let this stand in the way of your judgement. If you bet on a candidate you hate and win a boatload of cash when he or she goes on to triumph, look at it this way—you can always donate part of it to a candidate or cause you support later.

But do not forget that emotions drive political events.

While it is important to leave your emotions at the door while you are betting, never forget that politics is an inherently emotional field. This was one of the major mistakes that pundits made in predicting 2016. They considered the issues, the fitness and qualifications of the candidates, and logic, but failed to realize the voter base Trump mobilized was motivated largely by emotion.

Check your facts carefully.

Remember, fake news is a thing, and it is all over the place, especially online. Do not assume information you see posted online is necessarily true, especially on social media sites. Dig into the “facts” you see to try to verify their validity before you use them as a basis for political predictions.

Remember that lies also move events in the political sphere.

At the same time, keep in mind that other people are not necessarily doing the same research. They may take the “facts” they see for granted, and base their own decisions on them. If you ignore that reality, you will lose bets.

Never forget you are ultimately betting on the constituency’s actions.

If you had wagered on the 2016 election, you should not have been basing your wager on whether you felt Trump or Clinton was more qualified to lead or more likely to “beat” the other; you should have wagered based on the reactions you expected from the voters. The same goes for 2020. Ultimately, it is the voters who decide the election’s outcome, not the candidates. Focus on the candidates, the voters, and their relationship to make your predictions.

Think about hedging your bets using a betting exchange like Betfair (assuming you are in the UK).

This allows you to place lay bets. So you can bet on one site that Candidate X will win an election, and then bet on Betfair that Candidate X will lose that election. If you take advantage of free bets, you can used matched betting techniques to ensure a payout. There are many other approaches you can take with political hedge betting as well.

Join more than one betting site to shop the odds.

Finally, my last bit of advice is the same as it would be for sports betting, and that is to join several different sites for political betting. That way you can look for the best value. You also will end up with more betting opportunities this way. Different sites offer different markets, bet types, and so on.

Now you know all about political betting and you have some tips to get you started out right. Where can you actually go to place your bets? Here are our top recommended sites for political betting in 2018.

Election Betting Gaining Popularity – Get On Board

There was a time when all there was to wager on through online bookies was traditional sports. Over the past few years, though, you may have noticed that is changing.

A lot of online sportsbooks are branching out, and are offering punters the chance to try their luck on other markets. eSports is becoming bigger, and so is financial betting. But over the past couple of years, it is political betting which has really exploded.

This isn’t surprising considering a couple of things.

First of all, online sportsbooks are finally starting to realize that they have the technology to make it easy and convenient to offer all kinds of bets. Secondly, the political world the past couple of years has been … bizarre, to put it lightly.

With the accelerating pace of political polarization around the globe and the ease with which it is now possible to wager online, anyone can now try their hand at political betting. You already probably make predictions every day about politics—so why not profit off them?

You now know the top sites for betting on politics in 2018, and the types of bets you can place. Sign up for a few of these sites and shop the lines, and you can start wagering right away.

Just remember that you are most likely to win if you do your homework and take a strategic approach to making your predictions.

We’ve seen a lot of unexpected things happen in recent years, and more surprises likely await us. Be smart with your wagers, and you could position yourself to win big. Good luck!

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