BetAnySports Review in 2023

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BONUS OFFER: Less Juice Package

Have you been missing If so, you may be curious about a new betting site called BetAnySports (BAS).

This website is powered by the same software that 5Dimes used. Indeed, in some respects, you can consider it a replacement for 5Dimes.

As you might imagine following the scandal with 5Dimes founder “Tony” Creighton’s disappearance, a lot of people are asking whether Betanysports is owned by Creighton’s family or associates (or, for that matter, the man himself, if you believe he might still be alive).

So far as we can tell, the answer appears to be “no.” Betanysports appears to be owned by a different company. So it is not 5Dimes. And apart from its software being the same, it doesn’t bear any relation that we know of to 5Dimes.

Who does own BAS? When I asked customer support, an agent named Albert said, “I’m not sure, but as far as I know, BAS is not subsidiary to any bigger company.” Albert added, “We are no longer in any way connected with 5 dimes. We used to be but not anymore.”

But because the software is the same, you will discover that the site layout and features are pretty close to what 5Dimes used to offer.

Plus, like 5Dimes, BAS doesn’t shy away from high rollers.

So, if you have been looking to replace 5Dimes, Betanysports might just be the next best thing.


In this guide, we will tell you what Betanysports has to offer in terms of betting markets, types of bets, promotions, and more. Let’s jump right in.

What Sports Can You Wager on at Betanysports?

With a name like “Betanysports,” you would expect this sportsbook to offer a pretty broad selection of betting markets.

At the time of this writing, the betting markets we see include:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Fighting
  • Boxing
  • UFC
  • Bellator
  • LFA
  • Olympics
  • Auto racing
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Horses
  • Other sports

At the moment, the “other sports” category contains Olympic sports.

Honestly, this is one of the few weak points of an otherwise great sportsbook. Betting markets are still pretty limited here compared to what we are used to at some of our other favorite betting sites.

But we expect that more betting markets are likely going to become available over time.

What Types of Bets Can You Place at BAS?

You can place the following types of wagers at Betanysports:

  • Straight Bets
  • Pleasers
  • Reverses
  • Round Robins
  • Totals
  • If-Bets
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Rolling If-Bets
  • Point Buying
  • Props
  • Live Bets

So, that is a nice amount of variety!

Betanysports Also Features a Lotto and a Casino

The “Pocket Casino” is a nice option for those that don’t want to leave the sportsbook for the time being.

Although your main reason for signing up at BAS is no doubt to wager on sports and horse racing, this site does also feature a casino side as well as a lotto.

There are a number of sub-menus under “Casino,” including:

  • 3D Casino
  • Vegas Live
  • Diamond Casino (coming soon)
  • Lucky Live Casino (coming soon)
  • Fortune Casino (coming soon)
  • Classic Casino

There is also a tab for “Pocket Casino,” featuring:

  • Blackjack
  • Video poker
  • Slots
  • Rebate roulette
  • Baccarat

As for the lotto, we’ll let BAS explain:

“Thanks for picking the NEW Betanysports Lotto900 where you can play Pick 3 or Pick 4 Lotto900 from any state plus most of Canada!

With exclusive Lotto900 offers your local corner store can’t come close to matching, Betanysports is your spot for all Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lotto900 tickets. You can play any state’s Pick 3 or Pick 4 lotteries – with 80% higher payouts.

Your Pick 3 $1.00 Ticket Payout at Betanysports = $900
Your Pick 4 $1.00 Ticket Payout at Betanysports = $9000”

Bonuses and Promotional Offers at Betanysports

No doubt, your next question is probably what kinds of promotions can add value to your experience at BAS.

At Betanysports, you can choose a promotion to take advantage of. As of the time of this writing, here are the promotions we are seeing:

Less Juice Package

The Less Juice package may be the one of the best bonuses around anywhere.

Why pay full price when you can pay half on options from NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, MMA, and many more?

Here’s how this works:

The industry standard calls for a player to normally risk $110 for every $100 they would want to win on a wager, but with Less Juice that same player will risk less and win more.

The Less Juice options are generally posted on the day of the event, and considering the hundreds, or even thousands of bets that can me make over the course of a season or year, these savings are really going to add up!

When wagering at -105 odds you are wagering $105 to win $100, this equals a discount of 50% when compared to standard -110 odds!

Betanysports Less Juice offerings on football and basketball can also include 10-cent moneylines, 10-cent sides, and 10-cent totals (-105 pricing)!

Betanysports has made the MLB 5-cent overnight money line famous, these lines are available overnight until 8:00am EST.

Once again, these lines will usually pop up on the day of the event.

Parlays, if-bets, and rolling if-bets are not available using the Less Juice lines which are only available in straight wager format.

55% Free Play Bonus

You can receive up to $700 in Free-Play to use in the Sportsbook. The amount of your bonus is based on the amount of your deposit which can be done using any of our available methods but must be between $100 and $2000.

The Free-Play bonus will equal 55% of the deposit amount. This is an exclusive bonus not offered if you go directly to the BAS website. You must use our links and or our promo code FISH.

Plays in the Sportspools, Casinos, Lotto900/9000, Racebooks, Ultimate Lines, Super Lines, Premier Lines, Platinum Lines and the Poker Room will not qualify towards earning this Free-Play money.

The rollover requirement for Free Plays is 6x action of the amount of deposit + bonus and 30 days.

An example:

  • A $500 deposit getting a $175 Free Play must give $4,050 in action before paying out below $675.
  • This is the deposit amount + amount of Free Play.
  • Anything about $675 is considered “winnings” and can be paid out at any time.
  • Once the rollover is complete and 30 days have passed you may pay out all.
House Money Program

Get your 7th deposit On the House where your winnings can be paid out immediately!

In order to be eligible for the The House Money deposit bonus, your account must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must have made 6 consecutive deposits since registering for this promotion program
  • Must have lost the full amount of the prior 6 deposits in order to be credited with the 7th deposit On the House, (no payouts can be processed between the 6 consecutive lost deposits)
  • Net losses in sports pools and live dealer tips count against the sum of the 6 qualifying deposits
  • All payouts must be re-deposited in order to start the deposit count towards the 7th deposit On the House
  • Deposits made prior registering to this program will NOT count towards the calculations of the 7th deposit “On the House”
  • The formula applied to calculate your 7th On the House deposit will be: (Sum of all 6 eligible deposits – Net losses in sports pools – Live Dealer Tips) divided by 6

And last thing here, $5000 is the maximum bonus deposit that you can get from this.

That’s still a damn sweet deal!

The Less Juice Package:
If you want reduced juice when you wager, this is the promo for you. Eligible betting markets include: NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events. You can qualify for a 50% discount with this package.

25% 55% for our visitors Free-Play Bonus:
This is a deposit bonus. You need to deposit between $100 and $2,000 to qualify for it. The amount you get depends on the amount you deposit. The maximum amount is $700 in free plays. There is a 6x rollover of the amount of your deposit plus the amount of your bonus.

Free Lotto Tickets:
There are two different promos under this category. These include Lotto Rewards and the Lucky 100 Lottery Promotion. With the Lucky 100 Lottery Promotion, you can earn a 100% bonus on the Lotto Balance in your account. With Lotto Rewards, you can receive rewards that range between 5% and 15% on your eligible deposits.

The Kickback Package:
With this promotion, you can earn a 15% cash rebate three times annually. The rebate is for your losses in the sportsbook, the racebook, the Lotto900, the Lotto9000, and the casinos.

The Casino Rebate Program:
If you are big into the casino side of things, you may want to claim this cash-back program. You can receive a 20% rebate on your overall losses. It applies across the board to all of the site’s casinos.

The House Money Program:
Through this program, after making six consecutive deposits, the seventh one is on the house.

Some of these promotions may be familiar to you. That is because 5Dimes offered similar ones.

When you choose one of these promotions, you are not locked in permanently. If you think that a different promotion might be better for you, you can contact a customer support agent to change to another.

While many of these promotional programs are enticing, we recommend that you go for the Less Juice Package.

If you are going to be a long-term customer, this is the package that is probably going to end up saving you the most money over the long haul, plus, we haven’t seen a promotion like this one anywhere else before aside from 5Dimes.

So, you may as well take advantage of it. Deposit bonuses are something you can collect just about anywhere. But a sweet deal like this on the juice for all of your bets is something rare.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Betanysports

Looks like the expected methods of depositing.

Now, let’s talk about how you can deposit and withdraw funds at Betanysports. The sportsbook accepts the following deposit methods:

  • Bitcoin: $25-$10,000. No fee.
  • Credit card: $50-$350. No fee.
  • Money transfers: $100-$690. No fee for $300 or more.
  • Electronic checks: $200-$499. No fee.

It would be nice to see some other cryptos accepted, but on the whole, this is a good selection of deposit methods, and we appreciate the lack of fees.

When it comes time to withdraw your winnings, you can choose any of the following transfer methods:

  • Bitcoin: $25-$10,000. No fee.
  • Wire transfers: $1,000-$9,500. Fee: $60.
  • ACH transfers: $500-$2,150. Fee; $100.
  • Money transfers: $100-$500. Fee: $30-$60.
  • Checks: $1,000-$3,000. Fee: $60.

How many transfers you can request and how often depends on the method you select. So does the speed of the transfer. But processing speeds and fees seem to be in line with industry norms.

Also, note that every 30 days, you get one free payout. You can choose any payment method you want for this withdrawal!

Can USA Players Gamble at Betanysports?

If you are a USA gambler, yes, you can wager at Betanysports.

Supposedly, BAS is licensed in Costa Rica, where it is based. But it does not have any license in the United states.

So, from a legal standpoint, this is your typical offshore sportsbook scenario.

Betanysports does accept customers from the USA. We had no problem opening our account, and customer support has confirmed that USA players are allowed.

Betanysports Wagering Limits

As you might be aware, 5Dimes took its name from its $5,000 wagering limit on major sports.

Indeed, this limit was far higher than what a lot of competing websites offered. As a result, 5Dimes was very popular with high rollers.

So, one of your big questions about Betanysports is probably, “Can I wager up to $5,000?”

We are happy to report that yes, you can bet that much on this website. This is yet another way in which Betanysports offers an experience that rivals what 5Dimes offered.

In its General Rules, Betanysports says, “Sports wagers may range from a minimum of $0.50 to a maximum of $5,000. Betanysports reserves the right to reduce or exceed these limits at any time on any wager.”

The limit for exotic bets is $50. This is also in line with what 5Dimes used to offer. If you are placing a live bet, $500 is the limit.

BAS also says, “Phone wager limits are the same as those on the Internet. You may always ask a call center representative for approval of a wager over the default maximum.” Additionally, “Bets confirmed at or near the limit for a wagering option are generally reset within 1-3 minutes. Once a limit has been reset or the price updated on a wagering option, you may wager upon that option again. There is no limit to the amount of times you may wager upon a single wagering option.”

I am pretty sure these terms are word-for-word from those that were on the 5Dimes website.

Again, a lot of the infrastructure was transferred right over, so you will probably be feeling déjà vu pretty often.

How to Start Betting on Betanysports

  1. Create an account
  2. To get started on BAS, click the “Not a member yet?” button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.

    Doing so will take you to a screen where you can fill in your basic information. You will need to provide your full legal name, your address and phone number, your email address, and a password.

    Make sure during this step that you provide your actual legal information. You will need it to verify your identity later.

  3. Verify your email address
  4. The next step in the process is to drop by your email inbox. Look for the email that the site sent you. Open it and verify your email address. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam box.

  5. Write down your username
  6. After you verify your email address, you will be taken to a page that provides you with your username. This will take the form of a string of random letters and numbers. Write it down somewhere safe and confidential. Click the green “Continue” button.

    At this point, you will still be logged out. So, log in. You will find yourself on the sportsbook screen.

  7. Verify your identity and make your first deposit
  8. Click on the button at the top of the page on the far left next to the site logo that says “Cashier.”

    This will take you to the page where you can make your first deposit. You will see the payment methods available to you listed there. Click on the one you want.

    Before you can proceed with your first deposit, you will be asked to verify your identity. Once you are done with that, you can go ahead and transfer your funds.

  9. Start betting!
  10. After your deposit request is processed and the money appears in your account, you can start making bets.

The 5Dimes Homepage – Not Flashy But Full Of Useful Options & Bets

The image at the top – 5Dimes, the bottom – BetAnySports. As you can see, they share a lot in terms of image, layout, set up.

BAS Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros & Cons

Reminiscent of fan-favorite, 5Dimes
Many types of bets offered
High-rollers welcome
No information on ownership
List of sports on the lacking side

Now that we have gone over the full details for BAS, let’s quickly detail the pros and cons.

Betanysports Pros:

  • BAS brings back the interface and features you love from the days of 5Dimes.
  • In fact, once you log into your account, you might find yourself forgetting now and again that you are wagering on BAS, not 5Dimes.

  • Many types of bets are offered.
  • No matter what types of wagers you want to place, you will be able to do so on this site. The variety is incredible.

  • You get one free withdrawal a month.
  • Even though there are fees for withdrawals, you do get one free one every 30 days. So, if you plan ahead and time your withdrawals with care, you should be able to avoid unnecessary withdrawal fees.

  • High rollers are welcome.
  • If you routinely place big bets, you probably were pretty bummed by the news that 5Dimes was going out of business. But now, you have somewhere that you can get back to making wagers as high as $5,000. But at the same time, the $0.50 means that bettors with smaller bankrolls can also enjoy all this sportsbook has to offer.

  • USA customers are allowed.
  • Even with legislation changing, there are still plenty of sportsbooks that do not accept customers from the United States. BAS, however, welcomes US customers with open arms.

  • BAS has carried on the 5Dimes tradition of offering amazing promotions.
  • Back when 5Dimes was around, they arguably offered the most exciting promotions in the world of online sports betting. Now that they are gone, BAS has taken up that banner, offering many of the same promos, including the Less Juice Program. This program provides you with some of the best ongoing value you will ever find.

  • You get to pick your own promotion.
  • Most sportsbooks offer you one single option as far as promos go. But on BAS, you get to choose the promo that suits your betting style.

  • On BAS, not only can you wager on your favorite sports, but you can also enjoy playing casino games or the lottery.
  • Betanysports Cons:

  • Information on ownership is nonexistent.
  • BAS does not have a lot of drawbacks, but not being able to establish the identity of the company that owns it is not ideal. That being said, this is nothing new with offshore sports betting sites.

  • There could be more betting markets.
  • For a website with the name “Betanysports,” this one is surprisingly lacking in betting markets. While major sports are available, we would love to see more markets in the future.

Betanysports Review – Final Thoughts

While the good old days of 5Dimes are unfortunately behind us, I am no longer yearning for them now that I have discovered Betanysports.

BAS has brought the best features of 5Dimes forward into the future. And who knows? The site may end up improving on a lot of what 5Dimes did.

Whether you are a high roller or you have a small bankroll, you should enjoy the flexible wagering limits, affordable deposits and withdrawals, and exciting promotions at BAS. To get started betting now, click the link below.

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BONUS OFFER: Less Juice Package
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