How to Bet on the 2024 US Presidential Election

We are coming up on one of the most intense US presidential elections in history. We are not going to get into debating the politics of the 2024 US presidential election in this post. So, we will just say the one thing we can all agree on: the stakes are insanely high, and the outcome is going to set the tone for not just the next four years, but probably a lot longer.

Did you know you can already start placing bets on the 2024 presidential election? In fact, you may want to start wagering on it now rather than waiting until October or November. We will explain why later on in this post!

Whether you like some politicians or wish they would all just take a long walk, you could win some money based on them!

2024 Presidential Election and Schedule

Let’s start by going over the schedule for the presidential election in 2024.

First, a series of primary and caucus elections take place in each of the individual US states. During the primaries, voters submit ballots with their preferences for who will run for their party in the US presidential election.

If a primary or caucus is “open” anyone can participate in it. If it is “closed” one may only participate if one is a registered party member. There are also “semi-open” and “semi-closed” caucuses and primaries.

After the votes are in, the parties in each state award a certain number of delegates to each candidate. There are different methods, depending on the party and state.

The US primary elections for 2024 are running from January 15th through September 10th.

After the primaries are over, we will know which candidate each party is running.

Election Day is November 5th, 2024.

Where Can You Bet on the 2024 Presidential Election?

Now you have a feel for the timeline for the election. Where can you bet on the 2024 US presidential election online?

  1. Bovada

There is no site we like more when it comes to betting on things other than sports (and sports as well, for that matter) than Bovada. This site always offers a huge selection of bets in politics, entertainment and more.

Naturally, that means they are one of the best sportsbooks for betting on the 2024 US presidential election. Along with letting you bet on who will win the election, they are also offering a number of other types of bets on the election.

Bovada has changed some things up in their promotions area recently. As far as we can tell though, they are still offering a $750 Welcome Bonus. There is also a Parlay Booster and a Free Spin Bonanza. Bovada offers a generous Rewards Program as well to loyal customers.

  1. BetOnline

Another top choice for where you can bet on the US presidential election in 2024 is BetOnline. Like Bovada, BetOnline always offers a huge selection of betting opportunities, so it does not surprise us they are in on the action.

At BetOnline, you can snag a 50% Sports Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit, and a 100% First Time Crypto Bonus. Reload Bonuses are 25% up to $250. You also can get a 100% Welcome Bonus for both the Casino and the Poker Room.

  1. is a sportsbook that is run by the same people who operate BetOnline. This makes it an equivalent place to bet on the US presidential election in 2024. The site layout is the same, as are the bets available.

When you deposit $100 or more for your first two deposits, you can get a 100% Match up to $500 for each through the Double Your Money Bonus. That adds up to $1,000 in Bonus Cash. You can also grab a 100% First Time Crypto Bonus, 25% Sports Reload Bonuses, and a $4,000 Casino Welcome Bonus as well as a $1,000 Poker Room Welcome Bonus.

  1. BookMaker

BookMaker is a solid sportsbook that has been around for more than two decades now, known for fast and reliable payouts. This is another place where you can bet on the 2024 US presidential election. They are taking bets both on which candidate will win the election, as well as which party will win the election.

When you sign up for a new account at BookMaker, you can grab a 25% Cash Welcome Bonus up to $500, or a 100% Bonus up to $400. When you make your first crypto deposit, you can get a 20% Cash Bonus up to $500.

Reload bonuses are based on your account tier. You can get 10% Cash at the Gold Level, 15% Cash at the Platinum Level, or 20% Cash at the Diamond Level. There are also 8% Rebates at the BookMaker racebook.

  1. MyBookie

Another reliable sportsbook where you can head to place wagers on the 2024 US presidential election is MyBookie. At the time of this writing, you can bet on who will be the next US president, as well as who the nominees will be for the Democratic and Republican parties. You may also place a bet on the winning party for the election.

Get a 50% Sports Welcome Bonus when you sign up for a new account at MyBookie, or a Cash Bonus up to $200. Sports Reload Bonuses are up to 50%, and there are 8% Rebates for the racebook. This site also offer some exciting Casino Bonuses.

  1. Cloudbet

Those who want to bet on the presidential election on a crypto-centric online sportsbook can check out Cloudbet, another of our favorite betting platforms. Like many other sites, Cloudbet is accepting bets on the nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties, the winning party for the election, and the next president.

Cloudbet offers one of the most massive bonuses around; new customers can receive a match on their initial deposit as high as 5 BTC. On the casino side of the site, Cloudbet offers Tournaments and Free Spins. You also can become a member of the site’s Loyalty Club for your chance to enjoy additional perks and rewards.

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When Should You Bet on the US Presidential Election?

One question you might have regarding betting on the US presidential election is whether it is better to do it now, or to wait until closer to November.

Well, whether you bet on the outcome of the election itself now or later, one thing is sure — you shouldn’t wait to look at the action available.

There are some things to bet on leading up to Election Day that you would miss out on if you did not bet on them in time. For example, there is still time to bet on the Republican and Democratic candidates.

  • If you go right now, you can bet on this, but
  • You will not be able to do that if you wait

As for the outcome of the presidential election itself, there are pros and cons to betting on it now versus waiting.

  • If you wait, it will probably be easier to make an educated guess about the winner, given that you will have a lot more information to work with
  • Ff you bet sooner, then you might be able to get a higher payout if you do win

Why Bet on the 2024 US Presidential Election?

So, why should you put your money on the US presidential election in 2024? Here are a few good reasons:

  • High tension:
  • However intense a sporting match seems while it is in play, it is hard to compare the excitement of a sport to the intensity of a major political election in your country. There was a time when many people probably would have begged to differ, but we have moved into a polarized political climate with increasingly high stakes. Many people felt the effects of the previous two elections resounding emotionally for months afterwards; this next election will be no different. We all participate in the drama of politics when we vote, but when you also place a wager you just up your personal stakes, making the experience even more intense!

  • Lots of information:
  • You will find no shortage of qualitative and quantitative data to analyze as you are planning your bets on the 2024 election. Even with all that information, it can still be hard to make an accurate prediction as US presidential races tend to be close. Still, you’ll have all the research materials you could ask for.

  • Put your strong opinions to the test:
  • Are you one of those people who just knows who is going to win the election? This is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. If you really are convinced you have your fingers on the nation’s political pulse, then take a shot to win.

  • A social aspect:
  • If you already are spending a ton of time talking with other people about the election (debating, perhaps), betting on it can introduce a new element to those conversations, particular if your friends are betting too. That said, in this political climate, you might not want to get too competitive. It can already be hard enough to look some people in the face after an election these days.

  • Console yourself:
  • Hopefully, the candidate you want to win the election will win, and you will be happy and relieved. But if you are totally convinced the opposing party is going to win, why not bet on it? That way, if they do win, you at least get a payout to console you. Of course, if your side wins, then you lose the bet but you probably will still be happy your candidate won. So, either way, you come out okay.

  • Crazy things could happen:
  • The past couple election cycles have been different from any that have come before. We are teetering on the brink right now, and most people are aware of that to some degree, regardless of what they personally feel is at stake. If there were ever a time when taking a long shot might pay off, it is now.

Current Odds on the 2024 US Presidential Election

As of the time of this writing, here are the Bovada odds to win the US Presidential Election 2024:

Potential WinnerCurrent Odds
Donald Trump Sr+105
Joe Biden+190
Gavin Newsome+1500
Michelle Obama +1500
Nikki Haley+1600
Robert Kennedy Jr+2500
Dean Phillips+3500
Kamala Harris+6500
Elizabeth Warren+10000
Mark Cuban+10000
Hilary Clinton+12500
Donald Trump Jr+20000
Glenn Youngkin+20000
Gretchen Whitmer+20000
Joe Manchin+20000
Brian Kemp+25000
Candace Owens+25000
Joe Kennedy III+25000
John Kasich+25000
Kirsten Gillibrand+25000
Marianne Williamson+25000
Mike Pence+25000
Raphael Warnock+25000
Sheryl Sandberg+25000
Tim Walz+25000
Tucker Carlson+25000
Bernie Sanders+30000
Beto O’Rourke+30000
Bobby Jindal+30000
Charlie Baker+30000
Devin Nunes+30000
Doug Burgum+30000
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson+30000
Eric Garcetti+30000
Francis Suarez+30000
Greg Abbott+30000
Jamie Dimon+30000
Jon Stewart+30000
Kristi Noem+30000
Larry Hogan+30000
Michael Bloomberg+30000
Mike Pompeo+30000
Mitt Romney+30000
Oprah Winfrey+30000
Perry Johnson+30000
Pete Buttigieg+30000
Rick Scott+30000
Ryan Binkley+30000
Stacey Abrams+30000
Tammy Duckworth+30000
Ted Cruz+30000
Tom Cotton+30000
Wes Moore+30000
Kanye West+35000
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+40000
Amy Klobuchar+40000
Andrew Cuomo+40000
Andrew Yang+40000
Asa Hutchinson+40000
Ben Sasse+40000
Condoleezza Rice+40000
Cory Booker+40000
Dan Crenshaw+40000
Eric Trump+40000
George P. Bush+40000
Ivanka Trump+40000
Jared Kushner+40000
Jeb Bush+40000
John Fetterman+40000
Josh Hawley+40000
Katie Porter+40000
Lara Trump+40000
Lindsey Graham+40000
Liz Cheney+40000
Marco Rubio+40000
Marjorie Taylor Greene+40000
Matt Gaetz+40000
Paul Ryan+40000
Rand Paul+40000
Sarah Palin+40000
Susan Collins+40000
Will Hurd+40000
Bill Gates+45000
Chelsea Clinton+50000
David Portnoy+50000
Jeff Bezos+50000
Jon Ossoff+50000
Kayleigh McEnany+50000
Rashida Tlaib+50000

As you can see, as of the time of this writing, there is not really a clear “favorite” to win the election, at least according to Bovada.

The only real contenders are:

  • Donald Trump Sr +105
  • Joe Biden +190

This is in line with the fact that the presidency has always gone to either a Democratic or Republican candidate, and as of the time of this writing, these are the expected candidates.

The +105 odds we currently see listed for Trump suggest that he is favored over Biden at +190 odds.

BookMaker gives different odds:

Potential WinnerCurrent Odds
Kamala Harris+7000
Nikki Haley+1800
Joe Biden+180
Michelle Obama+1050
Donald Trump-103
Elizabeth Warren+21000
Mark Cuban+80000
Donald Trump Jr+45000
Gretchen Whitmer+35000
Ron DeSantis+25000
Tucker Carlson+65000
Kristi Noem+60000
Hillary Clinton+45000
Gavin Newsom+2000
Robert F. Kennedy Jr+2700
Vivek Ramaswamy+25000
Joe Manchin+40000
Jamie Dimon+75000
Dwayne Johnson+70000
Dean Phillips+6300

Don’t even try to pretend you have any idea who I was…

By putting Donald Trump at -103, BookMaker is giving him a higher chance of winning than Bovada is. But they have Joe Biden at +180, which is very close to the +190 that Bovada has him at.

Biden and Trump are evenly favored according to Gallup. On January 9th, 2024, Gallup stated, “President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are tied in favorability with the American people, but each is viewed less well than when the two faced off in 2020.”

Gallup cautions against assuming that the poll results will necessarily be mirrored in the future vote, saying, “The latest results are from a Gallup poll conducted Dec. 1-20, with 1,013 U.S. adults. While these ratings represent the American people’s overall feelings about the two front-runners for the 2024 presidential nominations, they do not necessarily reflect the views of the voters who will go to the polls in November.”

Gallup also took data on Americans’ overall impression of the 2024 presidential candidates.

  • Favorable

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: 52%
Donald Trump: 42%
Joe Biden: 41%
Nikki Haley: 33%
Ron DeSantis: 32%

  • Unfavorable

Joe Biden: 58%
Donald Trump: 57%
Ron DeSantis: 52%
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: 34%
Nikki Haley: 34%

  • No Opinion

Nikki Haley: 33%
Ron DeSantis: 16%
Robert F. Kennedy: 14%
Donald Trump: 2%
Joe Biden: 0%

It is interesting that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. actually has the most positive impression out of all of the candidates. But Bovada currently has him at +2500.

Originally, Kennedy was going to run as a Democrat. But he decided to drop out of the primaries and run as an independent instead.

It seems plausible that Kennedy could end up splitting the GOP vote, drawing voters who are disillusioned with Trump away from him. But it is still so early on in the race that it is hard to say what might come to pass.

Types of Bets You Can Make on the US Presidential Election

Here are some of the types of bets you can place on this year’s presidential election and the events leading up to it.

  • To win the US presidential election in 2024
  • This, of course, is a bet on who the winner of the election will be.

  • Democratic candidate
  • This is a bet you place on which candidate will be chosen to run for the Democratic party.

  • Republican candidate
  • This is a bet you place on which candidate will be chosen to run for the Republicans.

  • Sex of candidate
  • For either the Democrats or the Republicans, you can bet on whether they will end up running a male or female candidate.

  • Winning party
  • Bet on which party will win the presidential election. The chances that it is anything other than Republican or Democratic are remote. So, this probably is not much different from betting on which candidate is going to win.

  • Sex of winner
  • Bet on which sex the winner will be. Assuming nothing shocking happens during the primaries, we are looking at two male candidates, so this would be an easy win. That being said, you probably are not going to find a lot of value in this bet since it is so unlikely the winner would be a woman.

  • Party of popular vote winner
  • The winner of the election and the winner of the popular vote are not always the same candidate. You can place a separate bet on which party the winner of the popular vote will be from. This can match or not match the party you bet will win the election; it is up to you and what you think is going to happen.

  • Donald Trump popular vote
  • This is a bet related to Donald Trump and the popular vote. I discuss it in more detail below.

  • Accumulator
  • An accumulator is a bet that combines more than one selection. If you win all of the selections, you win the accumulator. If you lose even one selection, the whole bet loses. Accumulators can pay very well when you win them, and may be worth considering as part of your strategy. I will talk more about this in the next section.

“Donald Trump popular vote” requires some further explanation. It’s a bet type we found over at Bovada. Here are the options and their odds as of the time of this writing:

Donald Trump Popular Vote

To Be Republican Nominee And Win More Than 60% Of The Popular Vote +400
To Be Republican Nominee And Win 55.01 To 60% Of The Popular Vote +600
To Be Republican Nominee And Win 50.01 To 55% Of The Popular Vote +500
To Be Republican Nominee And Win 45.01 To 50% Of The Popular Vote -120
To Be Republican Nominee And Win 40.01 To 45% Of The Popular Vote +300
To Be Republican Nominee And Win 40% Or Less Of The Popular Vote +700

On other sports betting sites, you may find additional props for the US Presidential Election 2024.

Let’s get you some skills to put to the test!

How to Bet Strategically on the US Presidential Election in 2024

You are familiar now with the different types of bets you can place on this year’s US presidential election. While reading through them, you might already have started to think about how you can take a strategic approach to your wagers. Let’s dive deeper into that topic and offer some suggestions!

  1. Stay On Top Of The News

First of all, you should follow the news on the election as closely as you can. But you need to be mindful as you are doing this that the news is not likely to be unbiased. And as we all have learned over recent years, a lot of what we are exposed to (especially online) is flat-out false.

Both parties are trying to get the upper hand in the election, and public perception is everything.

In fact, while you are following the news, you should focus not only on the events being reported, but also on the way they are being reported. Pay attention to how people react to the news as well.

Try to keep in mind that you should not base your bets on the assumption that what people say about the election is true. Instead, you should be basing your bets on what those peoples’ beliefs suggest might happen.

In other words, if you see some pundit declaring a particular candidate will be the winner, that does not mean to bet on that candidate. It means you should ask yourself why they are saying that. You might even conclude that they are declaring it out of desperation, because that candidate is not likely to win.

You are going to have to do a lot of analysis to come up with your own prediction, taking into account plenty of nuance along the way.

  1. Be Careful Interpreting Statistics

Just as you should be cautious in interpreting the opinions or claims you read or hear, you should also be careful in how you interpret quantitative information.

As the old saying goes, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. During an election cycle, you are going to see poll after poll after poll, each from different sources, each making different claims.

As with other types of news, these polls are not necessarily released to provide objective, unbiased information. They may even be published with manipulative intent.

So, when you are looking at a poll, ask some questions to try and evaluate its significance:

  • How many people were surveyed in the poll?
  • What were the demographics of the people who took the poll?
  • Where was the survey population located?
  • How representative of the general population of voters was the sample?
  • What questions were the participants asked? How were they phrased?

After you have answered those questions, you may see the data in the poll in a different light than you would have if you had just skimmed over it without a closer look.

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Past Trends

Moving away from what is going on in the present, it is also worth your time to consider past election results.

Even though times are changing, there are some obvious strong trends in terms of what sorts of people get into the office of the president:

  • Every US president so far in history has been a man.
  • Almost every president in US history thus far has been white.
  • The majority of US presidents have been affiliated with some form of Christianity, and no president has ever stated that he was an atheist.

You may be familiar with the concept that incumbents have an advantage in terms of getting re-elected. This was a strong trend from 1936 through 2012. During that timeframe, 14 presidents attempted to get re-elected, and 11 of them were successful.

Is incumbency still advantageous? Lee Drutman writes in Time magazine, “What if, in an era of profound distrust and ingrained political disaffection, incumbency has turned into disadvantage?” Drutman continues, “There are no snappy answers here, because the political moment we inhabit now is truly uncharted. The distinct combination of hyper-partisan polarization, widespread mistrust, and two extremely unpopular presidential frontrunners atop two very unpopular mainstream parties is unprecedented, and extremely dangerous.”

The post goes into the reasons why incumbency might have provided an advantage in the past, and explains that they may no longer stack up to the disadvantages that now come with being an incumbent candidate.

Drutman raises some other interesting points, as well as suggestions for reforming our political system. Drutman concludes, “But for the next 11 months, we need to understand one big thing. The old rules of presidential elections don’t apply anymore. Americans are deeply frustrated. Few believe things are going well. The parties and candidates who can channel this better will win this time.”

So, that is something else you can keep in mind as you are conducting your analysis and making your predictions.

  1. Consider Making An Accumulator Bet

Previously, I mentioned accumulator bets that let you combine multiple selections. These are high-risk bets, because it is difficult to pick all winning selections, and that is what you need for the whole bet to win.

So, why would I bring this up in this section on strategy for betting on the presidential election? Because it may be difficult to find value in a lot of single bets.

As I have already stated, it can be hard to make a call correctly as to which individual candidate will win the election.

But it is almost too easy to bet on the sex of the winning candidate, or the candidate who will run for each party, etc.

As a result, you might find yourself betting a lot to win a little, which is not ideal.

One solution if you want to take these sorts of bets may be to combine them as multiple selections in an accumulator bet.

That way, you have created a bet that is harder to win, and which may thus pay out better but you still have a really good chance of winning it.

Wait! Are you allowed in your state to bet on the Election? The short answer is “yes”, find out more here!
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  1. Think About Hedging

This is an interesting year to be betting on a presidential election. Our current two-party system is strained, and it seems like eventually, something has to give. This does not mean an independent candidate has a high chance of winning but it is starting to at least feel like something that might actually be possible.

If you fancy the idea of voting for an independent candidate, you may hesitate. You know that without a system like ranked choice, a vote for an independent candidate often just ends up strengthening the major party you most oppose. So, you might end up voting for what you consider to be the “lesser of two evils” instead.

Thankfully, you do not have to feel as confined when it come to betting. You can bet on a third party candidate to win and hedge your bet by also placing one on either the Democratic or Republican candidate.

The advantage of doing this is that if your third party bet loses (which is likely), at least you will get a little bit of your money back if your other bet wins (which it may or may not).

If the third party bet wins, you will lose your hedge bet, but your net winnings should still be solid since you took a long shot wager and won.

  1. Keep Emotion Out Of It

This next tip is something that applies when you are betting on sports, but it arguably applies at a whole new level when you are betting on the presidential election. Try not to let your emotions distort your analysis.

This is easier said than done. We are all subject to our own inner biases, and when they are charged with emotion, they become harder to identify.

Regarding the upcoming election, you may experience emotions like fear, outrage, hope, elation and despair. A lot of these emotions run deeper than what you would feel about a sporting event, because the election outcome may impact your livelihood, your basic rights, the wellbeing of your friends and family, etc.

Nevertheless, your goal with betting on the election is to correctly predict the winner. For some, the struggle might be to place a bet on an unwanted outcome that still seems likely to unfold. For others, the difficulty might be in having enough hope to bet on the outcome they want. Their analysis could say that their desired outcome will happen, but their fears might be so loud that they get scared to place the bet.

So, just be prepared to wade through this swamp of emotions. Ask yourself some tough questions about whether the bet you are about to place really is the one you think will win, and whether that belief is coming from a rational place or an emotional one.

  1. Shop For Value

Finally, you should shop the odds when you bet on the 2024 presidential election, just as you would if you were betting on a sporting event.

We shared a couple of examples with you earlier so you could see some of the differences in the odds between sportsbooks for the election.

When you are ready to place your bets, check several different sites to compare their odds. Then place your bets where you find the sportsbook most under- or over-valuing candidates based on your analysis.

Bet Now on the 2024 US Presidential Election

We are all tense about what will happen in November. Whether you are optimistic about the election’s outcome or pessimistic, you might as well try to make some money off of the result you expect. To bet on the US presidential election 2024 now, click on any of this links in this post.

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