The Best Sites to Bet on Hockey

Hockey, hockey, hockey…

If you’re anything like us, it’s just about the only thing on your mind right now and will be for a while.

Also if you’re anything like us, you cannot skate worth a damn so you’ve got to live vicariously through others while they’re sliding around on the ice, taking their shots, fighting the other players and making it look oh so easy. So, you’re already sitting around getting excited while you’re watching your team go for that win, there’s not a ton to do to make it any more exciting.

But there is! As a way to make it more exciting you can bet and gamble on these games and make a few bucks doing it!

So here we are! Let’s talk about the upcoming games for this week and of course, the best Online Sportsbooks where you can go and do your best to win a few bucks for yourself!

Psst. We’re going to go ahead and ruin the surprise now for those of you that cannot wait, but Bovada is going to be the best bet for you to place your hockey wagers with the sheer amount of different types that they’re going to offer you. However, you seriously cannot go wrong with any of the sites we recommend, otherwise they wouldn’t be here at all!

One last thing of note here. No matter what this says, we’re not telling you who to bet on. You’ve got to do your own homework! Besides, that’s half the fun!

By far one of the best. You may already know that you’re going to be finding Bovada at the top of just about any list of places you should be checking out. One of the most honest places you’ll run into while looking around on the Internets looking for a place to do some gambling.

Right now you can get yourself a $250 Welcome Bonus if you sign up and you can actually turn that into $750 if you sign up with Bitcoin!

What? Bitcoin user? Well, go ahead and turn that bonus into $750 just for using some crypto when depositing!

As for the ol’ skating and puck action, at the time of writing you can place these types of bets on hockey.

  • Straight Win
  • Game Props
  • 3 Way Moneyline
  • Alternate Gamelines
  • Props Building
  • Player Props

Along with Bovada, one of the two sites we’ve been working with for many, many years now with no let-downs on their end. And great news for our Canadian friends, (we know how much you love the game of hockey!) BetOnline is absolutely welcoming of those up North!

Here you’ll find an insane amount of promotions to take advantage of. In fact, 29 at the time of this writing! Among them is the Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $1000 if you happen to be using bitcoin, along with a 35% reload bonus as well as a 5% boost for you crypto users.

Not a bitcoin user? That’s cool, they’ll still take care of you with a never-expiring bonus of 25% if you have to make yourself a little reload action as long as you use the code “LIFEBONUS“!

Right now the types of bets we’re seeing available at BetOnline are for

  • Money Line
  • Total Points
  • Team Goals
  • Props
  • Futures
  • Series Props

Over at SportsBetting you’ll find yourself a site very, very much like BetOnline.

Why wouldn’t you? They’re both owned by the same company!

This is a good thing with both of the sites going above and beyond to remain toward the top of all of our lists. In fact, you would actually find that the list of available promotions to be just about identical to each other, but we always have to bring up one when talking about the other for one simple fact.

There’s nothing that says you cannot join both of these sites and take advantage of the same great promotions at both of them! You’ll just want to be aware of the little, subtle differences between the two, such as the never expiring bonus mentioned above with BetOnline. Over at SportsBetting, the code is “FORLIFE“.

BookMaker is known for catering toward the “higher-volume” crowd, a home for professional sports bettors. That’s not to say that if you have a smaller bankroll they won’t take care of you, quite the opposite! BookMaker can be a home to everyone!

Is BookMaker any good?

Put it this way. A lot of the other sportsbooks won’t release their odds and numbers until BookMaker does first and everyone gets to see what they’re doing. Combine that with the fact they’ve been around for years and years and you’ve got a solid, reputable sportsbook.

The best Welcome Offers you’ll find at BookMaker are for those that use crypto, but even for those that aren’t you can still find a great, up to $1600 for use in the sportsbook and the casino up for grabs.

For those that are into horse racing action as well as other sports, you’ll find that BookMaker offers up an 8% rebate on horse losses to get you back on the right track, so to speak.

As for other bonuses, BookMaker runs on a tier system. The more you deposit combined with how long you’ve been a customer earns you more and more bonus dough!

Hockey action that we’re seeing right now shows that you can place bets on the following types of wagers.

  • Money Line
  • Props
  • NHL Periods
  • NHL Futures

Of course Everygame is going to be on all of these lists as well! They’ve been doing their thing and doing it quite well for 20 years now! If a sportsbook can be around for that long then they’re obviously doing something damn right!

Just on the off chance you need to get a break from some sportsbook action for whatever reason, you can dip out to the casino for a bit and take advantage of promotions over there. If you up and decide that you don’t like that casino for any reason, feel free to cut out to the other Everygame casino for a whole other list of promotions. If you decide that’s still not your bag, go and check out one of the greatest poker rooms that are available in the world of Online Gambling.

When talking hockey, Everygame is currently offering up bets of the following types:

  • Money Line
  • Total
  • Team Total
  • Period

Called Game Time Bets by some, GTBets is another one of the greats here.

While this doesn’t help the hockey fan at all, over at GTBets one can claim a team for each, (NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball) and always get a free half point on every game! Horse racing fan? How does a 15% rebate on losses grab you? If that can be beaten, we don’t know about it!

There is a special code exclusive to us that the new player can use to get themselves a 100% Bonus of up to $500, and that code is “FREAK“. Just make sure that you’re using it with your first deposit. After that initial deposit you won’t be able to use that one anymore!

Checking out the hockey action is showing us,

  • Straight
  • Parlay and Robin
  • Teaser
  • If Bets

Game Specifics

The games this week:

  • Thursday the 28th:

Montreal @ Toronto

Looking at the stats for the last 4 games played between these 2 teams:

  • Toronto points = 20, Montreal points = 12
  • Toronto wins = 3, Montreal = 1

Top players to keep an eye on from Toronto:

  • Kerfoot coming in with 6 points
  • Nylander having scored 4 goals
  • Kerfoot again coming in with 5 assists

Top players to keep an eye on from Montreal:

  • Suzuki coming in with 3 points
  • Suzuki having scored 3 goals
  • Toffoli helping out with 2 assists

Goaltender comparison:

  • Campbell (Toronto): record 3-1-0
  • Price (Montreal): record 1-3-0

Who our money is on:

Oh, that’s an easy one here. Toronto Maple Leafs by far!

Carolina @ Nashville

We’re looking at the stats here for the last 5 games played between these 2 teams:

  • Carolina points = 18, Nashville points = 13
  • Carolina wins = 4, Nashville = 1

The top guys to watch from Carolina:

  • Aho with a total of 5 points
  • Staal with 4 goals
  • Pesce helping out with 3 assists

Top players to watch from Nashville:

  • Ellis coming in with 4 points
  • Forsberg with 2 goals
  • Josi also with 3 assists

Goaltender comparison:

  • Nedeljkovic (Carolina): record 3-2-0
  • Saros (Nashville): record 2-3-0

Who our money is on:

While not quite so clear as the upcoming Toronto games, we’re still fairly confident with Carolina Hurricanes taking this one!

  • Friday the 29th:

Minnesota @ Vegas

Stats from the last 5 games between the two:

  • Minnesota points = 10, Vegas points = 14
  • Minnesota wins = 2, Vegas wins = 3

Top skaters to watch from Minnesota:

  • Dumba having scored 3 points
  • Hartman with 2 goals
  • Brodin with 3 assist

The current top skaters from Vegas:

  • Stone having scored 5 points and 4 goals
  • Stephenson coming in with 3 assist

Goaltender comparison:

  • Talbot (Minnesota): record 3-3-0
  • Fleury (Vegas): record 3-3-0

Who our money is on:

This one is a tougher one. While the top players are looking a little stronger on the Vegas side, the two teams as a whole are fairly strong against each other and both with strong goalies. This is where you have to do some homework yourself and look deeper than just the top stats for each of these teams. After doing so ourselves we’re going to go the Vegas Knights.

  • Saturday the 29th:

NY Islanders @ Boston

Holy crap, this is going to be a good one here! Pay attention folks!
The stats for the last 5 games played for each team, but not against each other!

  • New York points = 17, Boston points = 16
  • New York wins = 3, Boston wins = 4

The top players to watch from New York:

  • Bailey, having scored 6 points
  • Bailey again with 3 of those being goals
  • Pageau with 4 assists

And the top guys from Boston:

  • Pastrnak with 6 points in the last 5 games
  • Marchand having scored 3 goals
  • McAvoy helping his team with 5 assists

Goaltender comparison:

  • Sorokin (New York) 4-0-0
  • Rask (Boston) 4-1-0

Who our money is on:

Okay, this should also be a really good game. We’re talking 2 teams here that are pretty evenly matched up. Looking at some more stats here we’ve got New York on the left versus Boston on the right:

  • Power Play %
  • 18.8, 26.3

  • Penalty Kill %
  • 75.0, 85.7

  • Faceoff %
  • 52.5, 54.2

Looking at those stats we can see that the two are still pretty close with Boston coming out just a fuzz stronger in the offensive departments. We’re going to have to go with Boston for this one and one of two things will happen next week.

We’re going to win some money or we’re going to try to explain how we just didn’t do enough digging and homework!

Also on Saturday the 29th:
Nashville @ Carolina
Toronto @ Montreal

Monday the 31st:
Montreal @ Toronto

Those are the games for this week, so let’s go and check out the best places you can go yourself to lay down some dough on these games and see what you can do to score a goal of your own!


And those are the best places to bet on some Hockey action these days.

As you can see, Bovada is the winner as to “Where is the best place to bet on hockey” as far as the types of bets go. However, it should go without saying that you cannot go wrong with any place that we stand behind. If you were to go through all of these sites with a dine tooth comb you’ll find pros and cons yourself for each site and as to what it is you’re looking for exactly.

Some places are going to offer you great bonuses that you cannot believe.
Others, hey, they may be offering you some kind of lousy ones that you cannot believe.
Finally, you may be the kind of player that doesn’t care about bonuses and restrictions.
This is all up to you to check out all of the sites and decide which one is for you. We would like to point out that the truly knowledgeable player will absolutely join up at more than one. They’ll possibly join all of them to make sure that they’re getting the best deal. The best odds. The best numbers.

We’re leaving you with that. Make sure you bookmark this page to check out any upcoming updates while we discuss the wins (or losses!) that we take this week!

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