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BTC Official If you are looking for a legit sports book that takes bitcoin then look no farther. This page will quickly list the top rated online sports betting sites that work with bitcoin. Let’s start out with our list of sportsbooks that take BTC for deposits and offer payouts via bitcoin (2021 update).

Established, Legit and Reputable Sports Betting Sites that Take Bitcoin



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  1. Bovada Sportsbook

    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV all accepted for deposits and withdrawals. They offer a 75% to $750 bonus if you deposit with either BTC or BCH for the sportsbook, and up to $1250 for the casino. The deposit process is super simple once you already own Bitcoin. You can see an example deposit here and a full review of the poker side of Bovada as well.
    For step by step help with making a deposit with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), check out this page right here.

  2. BetOnline

    Deposit and withdraw quickly and easily with bitcoin.
    You also have the option of depositing and withdrawing with 9 different types of altcoin including Bitcoin Cash.

  3. Bookmaker

    Use 45 crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash and more can easily be deposited at Bookmaker. Withdrawals are available via BTC

  4. Cloudbet

    Offering bitcoin only sports betting, casino and live casino games combined with instant cash outs, provably fair games and odds, a huge 5 BTC bonus and a fantastic reputation make this the latest sportsbook to make it on my short list.

Using Bitcoin Sports Betting Online

Bitcoin is the real deal and it is fantastic for us online gamblers.  Hardly was a better match made for US based gamblers than bitcoin. If you are on this page then you almost assuredly already know what bitcoin is. The challenge you may have is finding an honest, legit and reputable sportsbook to gamble at that accepts and pays out in bitcoin.

If you’ve spent much time on the bitcoin forums you know that alt-coin gambling sites are literally a dime a dozen. There are so many people trying to get rich jumping into the bitcoin gambling craze that scams, ripoffs and frauds were inevitable. Plus, most of the smaller online casinos didn’t succeed. They simply didn’t have the cash flow to make it worth their while. Nor could they compete with the big guys.

Today in 2021 the tables have turned. The existing quality sportsbooks that have been on the top of our legit lists for years have all added BTC as a viable method to take deposits and withdrawals.

U.S consumers can quickly and easily fund accounts at online casinos and sportsbooks using bitcoin. Payouts are smooth and easy as well with BTC being sent back to your wallet when you cash out.

How it Works – Guide To Get Started If You Do Not Have BTC

There is pretty good bitcoin gambling basics how to guide over at Check it out if you want a more in-depth overview but here is the short list. Create your account at a bitcoin wallet like Do not use! They will eventually close your account down. So instead, buy some bitcoin and register at the sportsbook you want to play at from my list above.

Here are the steps:
  1. Get a bitcoin gambling wallet
  2. Buy Bitcoin
  3. Send bitcoin to your wallet
  4. Send bitcoin from your wallet to a sportsbook
  5. Gamble online all you want
  6. Withdraw and cash out bitcoin back to your wallet

For a more in depth guide, I suggest this crypto newbies guide from Kickass Poker.

Once in your wallet you can do whatever you want with your bitcoin. Spend them, convert them to USD, sell them on a bitcoin exchange for cash or other crypto’s or hold on to them and ride those gains.

There are a few ‘gotchas’ along the way.

First, the gatekeeper sites that sell crypto currency like bitcoin and ethereum charge a premium when using credit cards.

The truth is that in early spring of 2018, it became more expensive to buy bitcoin (or any crypto) with a credit card because of the way the credit cards classify the transaction.  It’s treated like a cash advance from the credit cards perspective, and those come with significant fee’s.

And to top it off, many of the biggest cards have decided to not allow crypto purchases on credit.

So, if you need bitcoin super fast, there are substantial markup’s you are stuck paying if you want the fastest, easiest way of getting your hands on bitcoin right now.

You can utilize a P2P service like Localbitcoins or Bitquick to buy bitcoin with cash.

You won’t pay as much of a fee, but it’s a bit more of a hassle as you have to physically go somewhere and deposit cash. With bitquick you take pictures of the receipt and upload them and then get your bitcoin. It takes three hours or less.

Another gotcha  – DO NOT USE Coinbase as your bitcoin wallet and or exchange.


They run coin tracking software and keep up with where your coins came from and went…

And when you deposit and or withdraw from a gambling site, they will shut your account down. It happened to me and my business partner in January of 2017.  We had cashed out bitcoin from an online sportsbook 6+ months prior and that was it. We got an email from them advising us to cash out any balance and see ya wouldn’t want to be ya.

It’s fine to buy some bitcoin from coinbase but don’t send it directly to the sportsbook.

Send it to your personal wallet first.

Speaking of.

Quick Bitcoin Wallets for Desktop

Buy Bitcoin Online

Now you have to buy bitcoin. I recommend a few places:

  • Changelly – use a credit card and pick from all kinds of crypto’s and have them sent directly to your wallet
  • CoinMama – they take credit card and you can have bitcoin fast.
  • Localbitcoins – You can buy from someone local with which ever payment method they accept (usually cash)
  • BitQuick – Buy bitcoin with cash within minutes.

Once you purchase your bitcoin, send it to your wallet address.

From there, visit the sportsbook of your choice and create your account. Click deposit and select bitcoin. They give you a payment address to send BTC to. Copy this address and use it in the ‘send to’ field from your wallet.

Choose how much money you want to deposit in USD and the the site will tell you how much bitcoin to send, where to send it and a time limit to send it by.

Log back into your bitcoin wallet and paste the address to send the bitcoin to the site.

Choose how much bitcoin you want to send and click ‘send’.

At this point the bitcoin is sent to the sportsbook. This process usually takes moments to confirm.

Once confirmed at the sportsbook, they instantly turn your bitcoin into cash that you can utilize to gamble with.

You balance will be converted into a USD$ at a pre-determined exchange when you make your deposit.

Now you can wager and utilize the money as you see fit in the online casino.

Cashing Out

When you are ready to cash out, you will do the process slightly different.

This time you provide your bitcoin wallet address to the sportsbook for them to send you bitcoin. (Best practice is to generate a new address from within your wallet for every cash out, simple and free to do).

The bookmaker converts your $ account balance back to the current exchange rate of bitcoin.

Then, they send the bitcoin to your address and it shows up in your wallet.

From your wallet you can withdraw it via plenty of ways (even a debit card), sell it on an exchange, trade it, sell it via localbitcoins and dozens of other options.

It is about as smooth as it gets when it comes to fast and easy depositing and withdrawals.

How To Gamble Safely With BTC – Avoiding Scams

My drop down number one advice is to bet at an online sportsbook with a very long history of maintaining a positive reputation.

Do not be tempted by an awesome looking website and a ‘too good to be true’ bonus offer!

It’s hard enough to win anyway… so when you do win you want to be paid!

The good news today is that ALL of the long established good sportsbooks now accept and payout with bitcoin.

Using bitcoin or another crypto is way cheaper for the bookie as well as you!

So, find a sportsbook that is already established with a positive reputation. They accept bitcoin now. Avoid the (vast, vast majority of) gambling sites that opened up just to accept and gamble with bitcoin. These are almost always train wrecks if not out and out scams.

Let me repeat, do not use a betting site just because it accepts BTC. Today you have the security to know that the safest, most reputable and proven legit online betting sites take and use BTC.

A few years ago there were hundreds of casinos and sports betting sites set up to take BTC. The established books hadn’t yet caught on to the trend of digital currency so in the early years of bitcoin betting it was a literal wild west. Casino opens up, takes tons of deposits and runs off with the BTC. Casinos start up thinking it is simple to operate an online casino and have no capital, no backing and no real idea what they are doing. They just see the gold rush and try to jump on board. These rogue bitcoin casinos put a huge black eye on the industry for years and they are still getting unwary depositors.

My advice, stick to a legit site that now accepts BTC.

Virtually all of the betting sites we have recommended over the past 10 years have now fully integrated bitcoin payments, payouts and processing.

I see little reason to risk my BTC at an unproven betting site.

Especially if the bonus is ‘too good to be true.’

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