Your Super Bowl LVIII Bonus and Contests Guide

It’s that time of year for the Big Game once again!

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Let’s do this!

This year the king of pigskin games will be taking place in the mecca of gambling, Las Vegas, and all eyes will be on the San Francisco 49ers to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs while they decide once and for all who the best of the best really is! Well, you know. For this year anyway!

Maybe you’re in it for the game itself. Maybe you just want to watch Usher doing his thing for the halftime show. Maybe you’re only in it for the commercials! No matter which category you fall under, there’s going to be something for you to check out on February 11th!

It’s also a time when no matter which of those folks you identify with, there will be something for you to gamble on and win some money!

You can do some research on these teams and make some educated bets, you can just take on the Props and make some bets with no homework at all, just jumping right in!

You obviously ended up here somehow, so I am going to go ahead and assume that you’re ready to go on out and win some extra dough and you just need to know where the best sites are this year to do so. And even if you are just kind of getting started out here, you will still be able to read this and get yourself a solid head-start on your gambling adventure.

Today I am going to be talking about all of the best Bonuses, Promotions, and Contests that these Sportsbooks have to offer!

These are the greatest sportsbooks that you’re going to find for some Super Bowl action in 2024. If you want to head straight over to any of these books and start creating your accounts or placing your bets, just click on the image of a sportsbooks logo.

If you would rather delve deeper into each sportsbook to learn just why I would recommend them, click on the link in their description to be taken over to my review for each one.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the action!

Make sure that you bookmark this page! As I am typing this it is February 2nd. Over the next few days I will keep updating this page as I come into new information and you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything!

Super Bowl LVIII Bonuses and Contests


Most of you already know that Bovada is by far my favorite sportsbook to not only send new players to, but also for my own personal gambling.

I can go on and on about the Ppros” about Bovada, and I have. You can click here to see exactly why I feel the way I do. As for here on this page, let’s get a look at this amazing contest here where you can win some serious cash!

  • $130,000 Super Bowl Prop Sheet

Predict some plays and take your shot at over $130,000 in Guaranteed Prizes!

In this contest you will tackle 20 game changing questions as well as a tie-breaker for the ultimate touchdown. To be eligible for one of the 2000 prizes that will be given out, all you have to do is make at least one deposit and place a bet on the Super Bowl. With that, you’re ready to go!

The entries for this will open on February 5th so get yourself ready for this one!

The exact how to play is as follows:

If you’re into the idea of betting on Props, you’re going to find all kinds of action on this guy here!

  • Click to load the Prop Sheet over at Bovada
  • Select “Play Online”
  • Make your selections for each of the listed props
  • Enter your prediction for the tiebreaker

And that’s it!

The biggest difference between this and some other contests that you are about to see further down this page is that once you have made your selections over at Bovada, that’s it! Choose wisely as you cannot change your selections!

The Top 2000 players here will win some dough with the first place winning themselves $25,000 in CASH!


I am going to assume that even more offers will come up over at Everygame as we get closer to the big day as, as they kind of are the king of contests. Maybe you missed out on this year’s “Win A Trip To The Super Bowl Contest”, but there’s always next year! But for now there is the…

  • $300 Super Bowl Bonus

Right now you can celebrate the game of all games with this offer for all of the football fans, this 50% Deposit Bonus worth up to $300, and that’s not even it!

You will also get a $10 Free Live Bet at the end of this promotion! The way it works is this. Make a deposit with the code TOUCHDOWN300 between now and February 28th and that’s all there is to it. You’ll come into your extra money and your Free Live Bet with that!

$300 is the maximum amount you can get from this and the individual Free Live Bet codes will be sent to qualifying customers on February 29th.

First things first. If you like the looks of anything you see here under SportsBetting, make sure that you also read the section just below for BetOnline. That will be very important here in a moment!

And with that out of the way, let’s talk about this amazing contest going on over at SportsBetting!

  • $50,000 Super Bowl Props Pool

Here in the $50,000 Super Bowl Props Pool you will have the chance to win your share of $50,000 to really rub in someone’s face!

To register for this contest you will just make your picks for 20 Props questions that are listed over at SportsBetting. Get an answer correct and you will earn a point. Get more answers correct, earn more points. The player that earns the most points here will win $2,500 to walk off with. In fact, the Top 2000 players will be walking away with something!

The registration for this is open from now until the 11th at 6:10 pm EST. If you make your selections a little early and want to change your answers, you may do so until the registration deadline.

And now there’s going to be a couple of promos here that aren’t really Super Bowl specific, but they are NFL specific and they’re actually going on all of the time! So, if you’re a true NFL fan, you’re going to want to check these out.

  • Double Doink Rebate

With this promotion you can turn a Double Doink disaster into a second chance when you bet the spread on any NFL game.

Here is what this means. With this promo you would bet on the spread of any NFL game and if the kicker for the side you bet on has missed a field goal that hits both uprights in succession at any point during the game and your bet loses by 3 points or less, SportsBetting will refund Double your stake amount up to $200. You probably already know by now that it’s sure not going to be often that when you lose, not only will you get your money back let alone DOUBLE it!

  • To The House Touchdown Bonus

Great news for the fan that’s going to be watching, following, and betting on the NFL all season long here. The “To The House Touchdown Bonus” can be used an unlimited amount of times by all members!

With this promotion you would wager on an NFL total and if a player on either team returns a Kickoff or a Punt for a touchdown, you will win a $25 Free Play!

Now, you do need to know that this does apply only to NFL regular and postseason games.

  • Super Bowl Refer A Friend Contest

Lastly, there’s the Super Bowl Refer A Friend Contest going on over at SportsBetting.

There’s already a pretty awesome Refer A Friend promotion going on anyway, and between now and February 12th it will be even better with this contest!

Just refer your friends to SportsBetting and start to climb up the RaF Leaderboard. There will be $10,000 in Cash Prizes going out to those that can prove they have the most friends with a Grand Prize of $4,000!

The Top 15 places will get paid with this one, that’s really not bad just for bringing your friends along for the good times!

Allegiant Stadium.
It’s actually sometimes referred to as a “Death Star”!


If you were to take a look at all of the sites that are here on this page, you may start to think that BetOnline and SportsBetting look very similar to each other. Well, they are owned and operated by the same great team and the appearance of the two is on purpose!

This does mean that quite often, one will have the same promotions as the other, and here’s a little secret – There is nothing in the rules or the terms that says you cannot have an account at both. In fact, it’s encouraged! This would mean that if there were a bonus or a promotion at one that you really liked but you only got to use it once, there’s a good chance that you could technically use it again by visiting the other! This means that the following contest, here? Yes, you could enter it twice!

  • $50,000 Super Bowl Props Pool

Here comes your share of $50,000 with the Super Bowl Pops Pool! If you want to get in on this and win yourself a good chunk of money, this is what you will have to do.

First, register an account over at BetOnline and then make sure that you are logged into it. You will then make your picks for a total of 20 questions listed. And that’s it! With that you are good to go! Players will earn 1 point for every Prop question they get correct with the player that earns the most points walking away with $2,500!

There will actually be prizes for the players that are among the Top 2000 players, so the chances here that you get something are pretty great!

You are eligible to register for this contest until 6:10 pm EST on Sunday the 11th. Once you have made your selections you are allowed to change your answers up until the registration deadline, and only one entry per player is allowed, so choose wisely!

And as for some more NFL specific stuff here at BetOnline, you could look forward to the following bonuses.

  • Shutout Refund

With this promotion, let’s say you bet the point spread on any NFL team just to have that team let you down, like, really let you down. Let’s say that they don’t score at all.

BetOnline will just refund you and give you your money back, up to $50! That’s really not bad at all if you find yourself putting your money against a team that just really screws up one day!

This promotion can only be used once per account, so if you find yourself in that situation and you get your money back, that was it!

Once again, this Shutout Refund promotion is for the NFL regular and postseason.


Now here comes a treat for our Canadian friends in the form of Bodog! Sorry Americans, this sportsbook just isn’t for us.

While there may not be that many players in the Great White North that need a safe, legitimate sportsbook to place their Super Bowl bets, there are some and Bodog is going to fit the bill quite nicely!

And some good news is coming right here – man! There;s a lot of stuff for the Super Bowl going on!

Over at Bodog you can make it more than a game with over $725 in Bonuses but also 58 Free Spins in the Casino!

  • 50% Reload Bonus

First off, there’s a 50% Reload Bonus for the existing customers. With this you can get yourself a 50% Reload Bonus of up to $300 PLUS 58 Free Spins for you to play with while you are waiting for the game to begin!

Okay, you don’t have to wait for the day of the game for them, you can go and spin any time you would like!

  • Only Winners Allowed

With the Only Winners Allowed promotion, everyone’s going to be a winner in one way or another!

Just bet $100+ on Super Bowl LVIII between now and February 11th and Bodog will give you a $25 Bonus Bet if you happen to lose. It’s as simple as that!

Go ahead and ask around. It’s just not every day that you will earn some winnings even if you happen to take a loss!

  • More Friends Means More Fun

It’s nice to have friends that you can rely on. It’s even nicer that right now you can get more from these friends with the More Friends Means More Fun promotion that’s going on right now!

This promotion is a Boost Refer a Friend offer where you can get a 200% Match Bonus of up to $250 on their first deposit! And that’s not even all.

If you bring a friend along and they use Crypto, you’ll get an extra $150 on top of that!

This is a limited time offer but you are allowed to use it just as many times as you would like. Invite all of your friends and get all of the extra money!

  • Parlay Insurance

And lastly, this isn’t really Super Bowl specific considering it is going on all the time, but with the Parlay Insurance over at Bodog, you can stay in the game with $100 back in Bonus Bets!

You see, every week you can place a 5+ Parlay bet across the NFL, and if just one bet lets you down, Bodog will cover you up to $100 which will be credited to your account within 3 days!

And okay, it needs to be pointed out that this gets even better. This actually isn’t NFL specific.

You can use this for your NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, and yes, NHL bets!

With some insurance like that, there’s no real reason to not be placing your Parlay bets over at Bodog!


I don’t know if you noticed my note toward the top of this page talking about “make sure that you bookmark this page”, so I will bring it up once again.

Make sure that you bookmark this page!

While I am sitting here typing away, it’s February the 2nd. I expect that over the next few days there may very well be more stuff coming up to celebrate the Super Bowl in the way of more Bonuses, Contests, and Promotions. I will keep updating this page every couple of days if not more often, making sure that none of us miss any of the action!

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