Your Super Bowl LVII and Prop Bets Guide

The “Proposition Bets” or just “Prop Bets” are the favorites among many that gamble on the Super Bowl. It gives them the opportunity to win some extra cash based purely on luck!

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Are you ready for some football!

Sports betting can be a business for many people making the most of their income. If one would like to become a professional gambler, they must keep in mind that with it comes a lot of work in itself, with the homework, time, and dedication needed to place smart, well thought out bets.

Prop bets take this work away, giving any gamblers the opportunity to win some cash in an entirely recreational way. Anyone can get in on the fun and excitement of the gambling world without needing to have any in-depth knowledge of the teams or the players, or even of the sport itself!

The day is coming up quickly here, with the Kansas City Chiefs going up against the Philadelphia Eagles, so let’s get you all ready to go!

The Best Places to Place Your Prop Bets

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way first. I would like to be sure that no matter where you decide to do your gambling or what kinds of bets you want to place, you’re doing so at a safe, reputable site.

All of the Online Gambling Sites that you are going to find here are sites that I have worked with for a number of years now. They’ve all come through as legitimate sites that take pride in what they do, as opposed to some other sites that come around and make their promises that just don’t really work out.

If you would like to check out all of the sites I work with, just click on this link here.

  • Bovada

Many of you won’t be surprised to see Bovada being mentioned here.

As far as your prop bets for Super Bowl LVII go, they’re not letting us down at all!

Continue reading below to learn more about this, but Bovada is not only offering up some of the prop bets that you still have to do a little research on if you want to make safe bets, but they’re also offering up some of the more “wild” prop bets! Want to place a bet on what kind of commercial will be played first? What about the color of Rihanna’s hair? Whichever way you want to go, Bovada’s got your back!

My personal favorite has to do with a “flying Tom Cruise”. Yeah, read that again. Read on just a little bit and you’ll learn some more about that!

Going over and creating your account at Bovada right now could get you up to a $250 Bonus on your first deposit if you’re using a traditional form of payment, or up to $750 if you’re using crypto!

  • BetOnline

And you already know that there’s almost never a time when BetOnline won’t make one of these lists!

The list of available prop bets is only going to be getting longer, but as of this writing BetOnline is letting you go through a list like this for you to bet on.

  • Who will be the MVP of the game?
  • What position do they play?
  • Will Rihanna expose a butt cheek or a nipple on stage?
  • What color eye shadow will she be wearing?
  • What will the final exact score be?
  • Will any scoring drive take less time than the National Anthem?

And that list goes on and on with a total of 202 prop bets being listed just right now!

Don’t forget that if you decide to go over to BetOnline and create your account, you’ll get a Lifetime Bonus of 25% of all your deposits every time you reload your account with the code LIFEBONUS!

  • Everygame

While I fully expect Everygame to start to post more and more prop bets over the next week or so, they really don’t have the most right now. You will find the following options:

  • Alternative Point Spread
  • Alternative Totals
  • Highest Scoring Quarter
  • Will there be a score in the first 6 minutes of the game?
  • A touchdown in the first 9 minutes?
  • A field goal in the first 15 minutes?
  • Total touchdowns?
  • Longest touchdown?
  • Total successful field goals?
  • Longest successful field goal?
  • Team to score first?
  • Team to score last?
  • Method of the first score?

And that’s all that are listed right now. In comparison to the other sites mentioned, that’s not really a whole lot to choose from.

You know what you will find though?

One of the best sportsbooks around that also offers some of the best Live Betting you’re going to find around, one of the better poker rooms, not one but two casinos, and some of the best Super Bowl bonuses that will really cater to specific people!

Right now you can head over and use the code 100LVIIX2 to get 2 Deposit Bonuses of 50% worth up to $100 EACH.

If that doesn’t strike your fancy, how about getting in on the $10,000 Super Bowl Prize Draw?

And that’s still not all! Why not go and check out the Poker specials for the Super Bowl fans as well!

  • MyBookie

And as for the last one that I’m going to mention on this list, it’s MyBookie!

You’re going to find more of the same types of prop bets here as you would at a couple of these other sites, but if you’re really into the “luck” based props, you’re going to want to check out these guys as well.

The bets get a little more varied here, so you’re going to really want to stop over at MyBookie to place some or your bets there as well. You’ll find bets like these:

  • Not only “how long will it take to sing the National Anthem”, but how long will it take to sing just the word “brave”?
  • Who will be shown on television first, Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts?
  • Will A$AP Rocky make an appearance on stage?
  • What color will Rihanna’s first shoe be?
  • Will she be wearing a necklace?

And so on. You can see that if you really want a variety on your prop bets, you’re going to want to make sure that you really take a look at all of the sites and see what everyone has to offer!

And let’s go ahead and move on with the information many of you actually came around to ready about!

What Exactly Is A Prop Bet?

Will Tom be parachuting into the stadium to deliver the game ball?
I doubt it, but you can bet on it if you really want to!

A prop bet is one that will take place within an event, such as the Super Bowl, but will have nothing to do with the outcome of the event itself.

I’ll get to more examples a little further down the page, but for now, some good examples of Super Bowl prop bets can include:

  • What team will end up winning the coin toss at the start of the game?
  • What color Gatorade will be dumped upon the winning coach at the end of the game?
  • How long will the National Anthem be?

Really random stuff like that where anyone can get in on the excitement of gambling with little to no knowledge of the game. One could even win some cash without even worrying about who ends up winning at all!

There’s even one right now over at Bovada, Will Tom Cruise parachute into the stadium to hand-deliver the game ball to the referees? Now, I think we all know that Mr. Cruise probably isn’t going to do that, but with odds of +2500, if he does, someone’s going to get paid!

Now, that’s not to say that a little bit of handicapping can go into these types of bets, making it so that math and just a fuzz of intuition can help you out as well. It’s not all about luck!

A good way to think of Super Bowl props bets is to just think of them as “side bets”.

Let’s just go ahead and start off at the beginning!

One place I didn’t mention with Online Gambling sites up there is Cloudbet. Doesn’t make them any less awesome, and you can get yourself up to an amazing 5 BTC in Welcome Money! (Sorry, Americans not welcome there!)
Also, make sure that you check out the updated League of Legends Betting Sites page!

The Football Prop Bet

We’re going to take a look at some of the types of bets that people are usually familiar with.

There’s always the outcome based bets. These include money line bets, point spreads, team-based totals, things like that.

All of those things are dependent on the outcome of the game.

Then there’s Prop Bets.

Again, prop bets can be looked at as wagers “just for fun“. With these bets, the game’s outcome is irrelevant to you. You really don’t care if any team beats another team. You don’t care about any of the cumulative points. The only thing you’re going to care about is whether or not an event that you’re betting on occurs. Good news! It’s all but guaranteed that the Super Bowl will be happening, it even went on in 2020 in the height of the pandemic that was all over the world.

NFL prop bets are already varied as you can imagine, and the list of bets only becomes larger during the Super Bowl. This is when things will really get good as far as props go and there really will be so many choices for you to go through and gamble on, going for your chance to win some cash!

Let’s take a look at some that are available to you right now, and this will get updated as we get closer to the big day itself.

At Bovada:

  • Who will end up winning the coin toss?
  • How long will it take Chris Stapleton to sing the National Anthem?
  • Who is going to take home the title of the MVP?

At BetOnline:

  • Which team will end up scoring the longest field goal?
  • Which team will be charged with the first time out?
  • Which team will score with the first field goal?

At Everygame, the bets are going to get a little more varied:

  • What will the method of scoring for the first points?
  • How many total touchdowns will there be throughout the game?
  • Which team will score the last touchdown of the game?

Those lists will just keep getting bigger, so I’m not going to list them all right here. But as always, you can take a look at all of the sportsbooks that I not only work with, but actually use myself for my personal gambling by clicking on this link right here.

As you can see from the examples just above, someone with virtually no knowledge about the Super Bowl, the NFL, or football itself can get in on the fun and place some bets, although there are a few prop bets here and there where a little knowledge would help. For example the Who is going to take home the title of the MVP. While this is a hard one to decide on, you would want to know a little about players to make you bet based on who you think is going to come out the strongest!

Most of the time, prop bets are just guesses, like betting on “Who will win the coin toss”. No amount of research is going to help you with this one. It’s just a 50/50 guess.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some examples where a little knowledge would help you out!

This is the State Farm Stadium in Glendale AZ where Super Bowl LVII is going to be held!

Homework Can Help You Even With Props!

Let’s say you’d like to take a look at some of the props where a little bit of research and homework actually can help you.

Right now, you could be over at BetOnline and see this prop bet.

Will There Be A Total Of 5.5 Touchdowns

This is where you’re going to want to look into stuff if you want to be a profitable sports bettor.

We can look at the number of touchdowns that the Chiefs have scored in their last, let’s say 5 games.

  • 4 (January 7th)
  • 4 (January 1st)
  • 3 (December 24th)
  • 4 (December 18th)
  • 4 (December 11th)

Looking at that, you can see that there was an average of 3.8 touchdowns from KC.

Now let’s take a look at the average number of touchdowns from the Eagles in their last 5 games.

  • 2 (January 8th)
  • 1 (January 1st)
  • 4 (December 24th)
  • 3 (December 18th)
  • 6 (December 11th)

So their average touchdowns per game was 3.2 in their last 5 games.

You can look at these numbers and you can take a guess as to whether or not there will be more than 5 touchdowns thrown by the two teams combined.

Me? I’m taking that bet and saying “yes”, but you need to do your own diligence and decide if you want to go for that bet or not!

You could also take the same kind of research with you if you were to go and look up the number of field goals that the two teams have made and then decide if you would like to go to Everygame and bet on whether or not there will be over or under 3 ½ field goals made in the game!

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to you if you would like to get in on these bets where you need to do a little work to make smart, educated bets, or if you would just prefer to stick with the “who knows” type of bets.

Now let’s go ahead and look at another example of some homework you could be doing.

Over at Bovada you can bet on which quarterback will have more completions in the game.

Now, things are about to get a little difficult here. If you were to look up their individual stats, you would see that Hurts currently has a completion record of 66.5%. Mahomes on the other hand, he’s got a current record of 66.3%.

Obviously, the two of them are very, very on point with each other in that regard. You can look at this as just betting on the one that’s playing for the team that you like. You can also bet on Hurts since his record technially is a little better, but only by a minuscule amount. You can just avoid this bet altogether since the two are so close that this may as well be a 50/50 bet! That’s a decision you have to make!

Just for the record, even Bovada is giving this bet the same odds no matter which of the two you would pick if you absolutely want to bet on this one!

Moving On

This is Jalen Hurts from the Philadelphia Eagles. Will he be the next Super Bowl MVP? Time will tell!

Should You Be Betting On Proposition Bets?

This is just my opinion, but I would say absolutely!

If you were to go to any of these betting sites, you’re going to see literally hundreds of props bets that are Super Bowl specific. There’s the ones that you may want to study a little bit for, and then there’s the ones that you’re really going to take a wild guess at!

If you kind of get the feeling that there’s no real end to the bets that you;re going to find, you are absolutely right! This is what makes the prop bets so much fun!

I have said more than once now that you can get in on the fun of betting on the Super Bowl with minimal (if any!) research and analysis, at least when you compare these bets to a moneyline, totals, or point spread.

If you decide that you would like the way of the prop bet I would still recommend sticking with the props that focus on a team or an individual player.

You could take Jalen Hurts as an example and look at his numbers and statistics and from there make a reasonably good guess as to what bets would be good to place on him.

Using the “coin toss” as an example, this is actually kind of a silly wager. Maybe you would like to get in on something like this for fun, but ultimately this isn’t a great wager. While you could win this bet, there’s also a 50% chance that you’re just going to lose it as well and these just aren’t good odds considering that you cannot predict the outcome.

And then of course, no matter what kinds of betting you get into, you should only be doing it at safe, proven online gambling sites. The kinds of places that aren’t going to find some way to rip you off, the kinds of places that are going to pay you when you win!

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