BetOnline Sportsbook Review – 2024

Recommended Sportsbook
BONUS OFFER: 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1000

At one time I tried to make a large deposit at a specific sportsbook, I was feeling really good about the wagers that I was looking to place. The sportsbook in question wouldn’t accept my deposit as I was “new” and I guess they didn’t trust me.

This is what led me to initially check out BetOnline and see what they were about.

So, did BetOnline end up coming through for me? Oh yeah, and then some!

I’m going to get into all of the details, but the gist of all of it comes down to BetOnline earning a spot on the list of Good Sportsbooks and then remaining part of my normal rotation. Over the years now, they have maintained a reputation of fairness, great customer service, and most importantly, timely payouts!

BetOnline is a legitimate, quality online Sportsbook and Casino for US and Canadian bettors that also happens to have what may be the best credit card processing in the bookie space. While they accept other forms of payment, if you have to use a credit card to fund your account then BetOnline is more than likely for you. If you have a card that was declined at other sites, there’s still a pretty solid chance that it will work over at BetOnline.

There are so many other reasons BetOnline is one of my top choices which I’m going to cover here in this BetOnline Review, all freshly updated for 2024!


Understand the Bonus Offers

When it comes to bonus offers, BetOnline kills it. There are so many of them that it’s quite often hard to choose which one(s) you’re going to want to take advantage of. That’s not to say that you’ll need to have some understanding of the rules while you’re there and grabbing them.

At virtually any sportsbook you go to there will probably be sign up bonuses, or reload bonuses, and on and on, but there is always a catch. The catches over at BetOnline are not unheard of or anything like that, but the biggest complaint I’ve heard from people not receiving their bonus is because they just didn’t understand it and somehow managed to not adhere to the Terms and Conditions that are set. As a player, you must always be sure that you’re going to meet all of the requirements if you’re looking to eventually cash out.

And always remember, if you don’t like the terms that are attached to a bonus, you can always just not accept it!

BetOnline – Totally legit bonuses, but understand them so that you don’t come out feeling like you got ripped off!

Before you get scared off by any of that bonus talk, keep in mind that there will be restrictions to bonuses and promotions at just about any sportsbook you go to. It’s not unheard of to find “no-strings-attached” bonuses, but it’s also very rare.

The Quick Features

BetOnline has been going strong for well over a decade now and have a very solid reputation among sports bettors and casino lovers alike. According to the Poker Players over at KAP the Poker Room over at BetOnline is as fishy as they come.

BetOnline has maintained a great reputation for years and years and in 2024 they’re one of the few I recommend. As you see, I kind of dig them and I think you will too!

  • They pay out quickly
  • They offer a ton of banking options (including bitcoin)
  • Customer support is available 24 hours a day
  • I can bet as little as $1
  • They post betting lines early
  • My data is secure
  • I never have to worry about my money
  • The casino has real dealer live casino games
  • I can play poker while I’m there. The poker room always has a good bit of action.

Of course there are other reasons as well, but the ones listed above can give you a good idea of why they’re among my favorite US gambling sites. They’re actually part of my “trifecta” when I’m cruising the internet and looking to place some bets of my own!

The Promos and Bonuses for 2024

This is just a small portion of them. There’s always a ton of stuff going on over at BetOnline to keep the players going good and strong! If you would like to see a full description of the Promos and Bonuses going on at any time, you can always check out this page here from my sister site,

Not always, but quite often you’ll find some “Free Bets” at BetOnline so you’ll want to make sure that you check back with them often to see when those pop up!

50% Welcome Bonus up to $1000

New to BetOnline? Awesome. That means you can take advantage of this one!

Use the code BET1000 and you can nab yourself a 50% Match Bonus of up to $1,000!

If you want to use this, you also must make sure that your first deposit is at least $55, and there is a 10x rollover attached to it.

The bonuses are credited as free plays and you can only use this code once. Use it wisely!

25% Sportsbook Reload Bonus

If the time comes that you would like to top off your bankroll, you may want to take advantage of this!

Any time you need to refill your sportsbetting account, use the code LIFEBONUS and you’ll always get a 25% Boost on your deposit!

This does come with a minimum requirement of $50 to use it, but you are allowed to use it just as many times as you would like!

The maximum amount you can get from this is $250 and it comes with a 6x rollover attached to it.

$50 Live Betting Free Play

Feel like taking the Live Betting option for a test drive?

Why not bet on the action while the game is still underway!

With this promo you can try out their Live Betting Risk-Free and get up to $50 back if your first bet loses!

If you would like to check this out, you’ll need to follow these terms:

  • The $50 Free Play is good on your FIRST ever bet placed in BetOnline’s Live betting software
  • Place a $50 Live bet using your own money, if your bet wins, congrats you are already scoring a profit from Live betting
  • If your bet loses, send an e-mail to with your account number and the ticket number of the bet you want to be refunded within 24 hours after the completion of the game
  • Make sure you put “$50 Live free bet” in the subject line of the email
  • Once your e-mail has been received, BetOnline will place the $50 Free Play into your account within 48 hours

Take a look at those promotions up there and see if any of them are grabbing your attention, and then think about this:

Keep in mind, I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the Bonuses and Promotions that you will find there at BetOnline!

Sports Available For Wagering

If you’re like most bettors, you spend a healthy chunk of your time placing wagers on the top sporting events. Football, baseball and basketball are probably always going to dominate the betting industry, pulling in more action than all the other sports combined.

BetOnline has got your back, but they also offer lines on sporting events you might have ignored in the past. Here’s a list of sports available at the time of this writing:

  • football
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • golf
  • hockey
  • horse racing
  • martial arts
  • tennis
  • politics
  • soccer
  • other sports

…and you may be thinking, “Big deal, that stuff is available everywhere,” but you see that option Other Sports up there? Clicking on that will bring up yet another menu of offerings with some options that many people probably hadn’t thought of, (darts, financials, handball, and so forth).

You can also place futures and prop bets on the following:

  • Canadian Football
  • Cycling
  • Formula One
  • Darts
  • Hockey
  • Horses
  • College Football
  • Pro Baseball
  • Pro Basketball
  • College Basketball
  • Women’s Pro Basketball (WNBA)
  • Rugby
  • Soccer

Non-Sporting Activities at BetOnline

As much as we’d all like it if there were a “Big Game” all of the time, that just isn’t the case. Or maybe you would just like a break from the sportsbook for a little bit. Whatever the reason, BetOnline is still going to make sure you’ve got something to do even when there aren’t any of the events you would normally look for!

BetOnline has got a full-fledged casino built into their site where you’ll find great slots, some of the more modern ones as well as some of the not-so-flashy old school styles. Table games and video poker can also be found.

If you’re into the horses you’ll find that the Race Book is nothing to sneeze at at all. They offer a solid 9% Rebate on any horse losses that are placed over the internet and 5% Rebate for those wagers that are placed over the phone.

Poker People! They haven’t forgotten about you, not at all!

BetOnline has their own poker room that’s among the best in the business. It’s a downloadable client where you’ll always find some action no matter the time of day and will find action such as:

  • Sunday Majors
  • Nightly Monsters
  • $1 Million Windfalls
  • Progressive Bounties
  • Rebuy Frenzy Games
  • Omaha
  • Windfall Sit n Goes

And even a place to make Tournament requests.

Besides all of that, you can even find some games of skill, such as Dominoes, Gin Rummy, Yahtzee, offerings like that.

BetOnline makes sure that there’s a zero chance of getting bored while you’re there. You’ll find competitive lines and great action all year around unlike at some other sportsbooks that kind of die off in the off-season.Even if you’ve only been an NFL bettor, there’s a good chance that BetOnline will get you to venture off and try out some other stuff for a bit!

The Betting Types Available at BetOnline

Many bettors prefer just straight bets and the simplicity of placing wagers on the outcome. Not a problem, of course BetOnline offers them. They also all of these types to make sure that everyone gets to place the bets they like!

  • Straight Wagers

You know this one. This is where you say, “see those guys? They’re gonna win”.

  • Totals

These are where people bet on whether the cumulative total points of two competing teams end up above or below a predefined value.

  • Parlays

This is where the player makes bets based on the outcome of multiple games or contests.

  • Moneyline

There’s a line that defines the underdog and the favorite for a given contest. It’ll also indicate the odds and the payout for a victory on either side.

  • Teasers

Teasers are bets that are placed on two different events, similar to a parlay but give you the chance to adjust the spreads to your advantage. You’ll find these are mostly in football and basketball.

  • Futures

Lastly, futures. The futures are bets that are placed well in advance – sometimes weeks ahead of time – of specific events. An example would be an early NFL bet on which teams is going to win the Super Bowl.

Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Depositing

There are plenty of ways you can fund your account at BetOnline. You’re going to have a minimum and a maximum with these and those do change with just how you want to make your deposit.

Right now, the choices are:

Type of PaymentMinimum Deposit RequiredMaximum Amount at Once
Person to Person$100$600
Money Orders$300$9,000
Bank Wire Transfer$500$10,000

And if you happen to be a crypto user, there is also an “Alt Coins” option that will bring up a few more cryptos such as Cardano, Stellar, Tether, and a few others!

As you can see, many people enjoy betting at BetOnline based on the number of deposit options they have when they’re ready to join or reload their account and get a lot of flexibility.

  • Withdrawing

As for withdrawals, you’re not going to have as many options as you do when depositing, but there’s still a few there. The choices are:

  • Person-To-Person Transfers
  • Bitcoin
  • Checks
  • Sportsbook-To-Sportsbook Transfers
  • Bank Wires
  • Skrill

You’ll notice that credit cards are not on this list and BetOnline will not pay out to them. This isn’t just a BetOnline thing, this is an industry standard.

Are US Players Allowed at BetOnline?

US players in general are allowed at BetOnline. As far as I can tell there are no states that aren’t allowed, and something to keep in mind is that Sports Gambling is NOT Illegal in the US, but this doesn’t change the fact that some states have their own laws against it. I am not a lawyer, so take that with a grain of salt.

As far as BetOnline goes, they’ll let just about anyone sign up and they leave it up to you, the player, to follow whatever laws are in place where you live.

It is very rare for the government to go after any individual bettor. They’re far more inclined to just go closer to the source and make life tough for credit card processors, hence why many credit cards get declined at some sites.

This is what it looks like when you’re checking out BetOnline and seeing what bets are available.

3 Reasons To Play At BetOnline Versus A Casino-Based Sportsbook

You currently have 3 basic options if you want to bet on sports:

  1. You can go through a bookie, legitimate or a neighborhood guy
  2. You could go to a casino
  3. You can place your wagers online

That first option can be a hassle to go see a legit guy, and as for the neighborhood guy, how legit is he? Is he going to pay you when you win big after giving you the best odds?

That second option can also be a real hassle. If you live very close to a casino, good for you. The reality is that most of us don’t. I live in a very progressive city myself and the nearest real casino is easily 3 hours away.

That leaves the third option and there just aren’t a lot of “cons” but plenty of “pros” to this situation. I mean, you’re sitting there right now. You can go and place yourself some bets with the best odds and the best lines before you even need to get up and get another cup of coffee! Nothing is going to beat the convenience alone!

You can place your wagers in private. Maybe you don’t want to be known as a casino regular or have everyone and his brother all up in your business.

And those three things don’t even touch up on the Bonuses100% Match just for starting up an account with him? While I could be wrong, I’m fairly confident in saying that no, no he’s not.


Pros & Cons

Badbeat jackpot in poker room
10% Casino Rebate Available
Live Betting $50 Free Play Bet

Final Thoughts – BetOnline is Still Doing Great it in 2024 for US Gamblers

BetOnline offers tons of lines, flexible banking options, multiple bonuses and fast payouts. They’re also transparent about how they do business, which is a huge plus in this industry.

Something else that I hadn’t really touched upon is the Customer Service Department over at BetOnline. You see, customer service is like car insurance. You don’t think about it until you need it. Hopefully if the time comes that you do need it, it’s good and strong. You’ll find that at BetOnline which is a great thing in the Online Sportsbook industry. If you have a question or two or if you just need some help, BetOnline has got your back.

BetOnline is popular with sports betting enthusiasts because they get all of the important things right. They know what’s important to bettors and work hard to deliver. I love playing there for the reasons I stated earlier, and am positive you’ll enjoy it too.

The good news is that they have consistently paid out for the past 10+ years.

BetOnline has some risk free bets and also wagers that have a minimum of a dollar!

I could go on and on, but you now know why BetOnline is one of my favorite online sportsbooks!

Recommended Sportsbook
BONUS OFFER: 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1000
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