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The team behind GoodSportsBooks has been in the online gambling industry since 2004. That is well over a decade of direct online sportsbook experience. We’ve maintained short lists of the top sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites across a network of different websites. We only work with the most reputable, trustworthy and honest sports betting sites we can find. You will notice our top lists are often way shorter than the average sportsbook top 10 site. There are some higher profile sportsbooks that are not in our toplists.

Since 2004 we have kept up with the online gambling industry. We watched the UIGEA get passed and many of the major players leave the US market, like 888, WilliamHill, PartyPoker and other high quality gambling sites leave the market. We watched “Black Friday” for online poker develop and saw the biggest poker sites indicted by the US government.

We’ve watched the other industry leading websites and “experts” tout shady sports book after book. They’ll burn their communities for big dollars over the years.

Through it all, while we haven’t been perfect (who knew FullTilt was going to go batshit crazy with players funds).  However, we work to provide the most accurate and up to date information as possible, weeding out the bad apples. Today, our focus is directly on the listing only the reputable and legit bookmakers.

I’m Joey Papadeux . I’ve been betting ever since I spent my 21st birthday party at a Vegas casino for an evening of debauchery. I put $50 down on an NFL game that happened to be on that night and woke up to the worst hangover of my life and $500 in my wallet that I vaguely remember winning in the sportsbook. Twenty years later I’m still placing sports wagers.

These days, I do all my betting at online books. I live in the Midwest and work in the service department at a big car dealership. I’m not really the kind of guy that hangs out in Vegas in those awful little sports betting bars. I’ve found a handful of online casinos that I like and I bet about $500 a month on sports.

Whether that’s a massive bankroll or a drop in the bucket for you, I hope this site teaches you something about how to bet on sports online. Blogging and playing with Web Design are new to me. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave me a comment.

Wagering on my favorite sports teams makes the games more exciting, and though I’ve had my share of losses, the wins always make me feel like a million bucks, and I’ve almost always come out just about even. For me, sports wagering is all about having fun, and the few big wins I’ve had don’t mean as much to me as the feeling of being more involved in the game.

##Joey P

About Us
Welcome to GoodSportsbooks.com. GoodSportsbooks was created and maintained by online gambling veterans with over a decade of direct industry experience. We have helped thousands of bettors find where to bet online safely and securely. Our aim is to help you navigate the ever changing world of online betting. To do this we create and maintain a small top list of best online sportsbooks by category that we update at the beginning of each month. We rate and review the betting sites based on the bonuses, deposit options, withdrawal speeds, betting interface, reputation and regulation. We also keep an overall ‘best of list’ update on our home page, which is listed just above. Sports Betting may be unlawful in your location. Please check all local, state and federal laws in your jurisdiction before using any of the information contained on this page. This information is for entertainment only and there is no online wagering of any kind possible at this website. By use of this site you agree to hold us 100% harmless for any and all reasons. If you have a gambling problem please seek help and leave this site now.

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