Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks

Here is my short list of legit sports betting sites that take the Bitcoin Cash crypto currency. You can easily use the app to get a BCH wallet.

Best Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks (BCH BOOKIES) 2022

Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks

  • Bovada – Bovada remains on this list as they are by far one of the best Online Sportsbooks you’ll find anywhere, and yes, they accept Bitcoin Cash for deposits. However, if you would like any type of deposit bonuses, you’ll have to find another way to deposit.
  • Bookmaker – Use 45 different crypto currencies including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular crypto’s They will also take advantage of almost all of their promotions when using Bitcoin Cash!
  • BetOnline – Not only accepting of Bitcoin Cash and bitcoin itself, but also Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple as well. Like some others, they’ll let you take advantage of some of their promos while using Bitcoin Cash!
  • Intertops – They’re accepting of the Bitcoin Cash that you have laying around. In the name of full honesty, this editor cannot find out if you can use their promotions or not when using Bitcoin Cash. Doesn’t change the fact that they are part of our list of trusted and vetted sportsbooks that you really cannot go wrong with!

These four bookies are my recommendations for now.

Bitcoin cash (BCH) is considerably less popular than Bitcoin (BTC) – so for the most part, “bitcoin cash bookies aren’t nearly as numerous as the sportsbooks that accept bitcoin.

Just as there are Litecoin sportsbooks and Ethereum bookmakers, there are “BCH BETTING SITES” that let you take your bitcoin cash and use it for deposits.

Bovada is our favorite bookmaker in many ways. Not only are they reputable, legit and honest, they actively want crypto for deposits. And they give you bigger than normal bonuses for using crypto as your deposit method.

They offer a strong 75% deposit bonus for new gamblers to their site if they use bitcoin cash or bitcoin.

They offer a 150% bonus if you happen to want to use the bitcoin cash for casino games instead of sports betting.

Finally they also include an online poker room and poker players can get a 100% bonus up to $500 for use in the Bovada poker site.

Of course there are terms and conditions you should read before taking any bonus. And you can refuse bonuses if cashing out your balance right away is important to you.

How Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks Work?

Crypto currencies are used for deposits and withdrawals. When deposited they are converted into the market rate of USD for use in your account.

You gamble in USD amounts. Let’s say you want to bet twenty bucks on the game, you bet twenty bucks. You don’t have to bet .023 (or whatever) amount of BCASH).

When you are ready to cash out, your USD balance is converted at the market rate back into BCASH and you are sent that amount of BCH to your BCH address that you provide.

As you probably know, the mining fee’s are minimal with BCH so it costs you less for transactions than it currently does if you wanted to deposit with BTC.  Plus it’s fast, safe and easy.

And if you happened to own bitcoin back before the August 2017 fork, you were most likely eligible to get bitcoin cash as well for ‘free’.

What to Watch Out For With BCH Sports Betting Sites

Of course make sure your deposits and withdrawals are to the BCH addresses and not the BTC addresses.

As you well know, bitcoin cash is different than bitcoin so just double check you are using the correct bitcoin deposit / withdrawal addresses and coin selected (Bovada/bookmaker take both bitcoin and bitcoin cash).

I strongly suggest sticking to one of the established reputable betting sites who have integrated Bitcoin Cash into their deposit and withdrawal methods.

Do not go and use a specific online casino just because it accepts Bitcoin CASH. You have options now from the legit and honest betting sites with a history and reputation, not some fly by night skin of a casino that tries to distinguish itself just because it accepts bitcoin cash.

And as always be wary of bonuses that seem too good to be true. Scam sites have no intention of giving you a bonus or your withdrawals so outlandish bonus offers should be a major red flag in the first place.

Good luck out there!

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