NFL Betting Sites

At the beginning of football season each year the team here at takes some time to review and refresh and retest the small handful of bookies we like to bet NFL games on. We are still in one of the unregulated states so our testing comes from the very well established (10-20+ years) offshore sportsbooks servicing US and international players.

We revisit these sites for a fresh look on where are the best NFL betting sites for the 2023 football season.

We look at:

  • Who is offering up the best lines or odds?
  • Who has got the most prop bet offers and ability to bet props?
  • Where can I get the biggest bonus?
  • Who accepts crypto and which coins do they accept?
  • Can I bet there?
  • Do they offer the types of betting I’m looking to do (like in-game betting)
  • How is their reputation standing up and are there any red flags we should be aware of?

We will tackle all of this and more, (see what we did there?) in this all new, The Best Places to Bet on the NFL in 2023!

We have spent countless hours going through what the internet has to offer in the way of some Online Gambling and found the best of the best for you. We went ahead and got all of the details for you cutting down on the time you would spend doing the same leaving you more time for what matters – Getting into it and doing some Football Betting! That’s the best part of the season anyway, right?

You can scroll way down and get the answers to most of the questions you have or you can just slowly crawl along with us while we spill the details for you.

With no more fuss, let’s just jump right into it and see what’s going on in 2023!

The Best Places to Bet on the NFL in 2023


If you are a returning reader you already know that Bovada constantly makes it within the first three places if not up at the top of just about every list of this type that we make.

Why? We’ve been working with them for many, many years now and the impressions that they gave us at first still hold true. Over at Bovada you’ll find fairness, honesty, transparency, plenty of betting options, and some of the most timely payouts you’ll find at any online casino.

Who Can Bet at Bovada?

  • 45 USA States – there are a few states where Bovada will not accept players from.
  • Minor surrounding islands
  • Many Latin American Countries

Who Can’t Bet at Bovada?

While Bovada is open to all kinds of different players around the world, your mileage may vary there. For example, while very open to the US players for the most part, there is still a small handful of US States that are not allowed to play. Actually, it’s these states right here:

  • Maryland
  • Utah
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Louisiana

If you live in one of these states, you can thank your local lawmakers for keeping you safe from doing what you want with your money! Beyond that, just keep on reading, we’re sure we can find you somewhere where you can do a little gambling!

Deposit Methods Available at Bovada

Bitcoin Cash$10$5000
Match Pay$20$1000

The Odds and the Action at Bovada

Like just about any other site that you’re going to read about on this list, you’ll see that Bovada makes it very easy for you to not only find the Football action right away, but to also view the odds as American, Fractional, or Decimal. Set your preferences and you’re all ready to go!

Upon landing on the Bovada main page you’ll see their logo at the upper right of your screen with “Football” just underneath that. Clicking on that will bring you to the Football page where by default you’ll see all of the available Football bets that are available at the moment. If you need to make it any easier to find the games that you’re interested in, or strictly just the NFL games, you can click on the “All Football” drop down menu and then choose just “NFL Games”.

As for the types of bets that can be placed at Bovada, at the time of this writing the choices are:

  • Game Lines
  • First Half Lines
  • Second Half Lines
  • Quarter Lines
  • Team Totals
  • Futures
  • Season Props
  • Specials

The Bonuses at Bovada

As for the Bonus Action, Bovada brings it home with a constant $250 Welcome Bonus for those of you that would like to make your deposits with a traditional form of payment. If you happen to be a crypto user, not only will you face less fees, but a lower minimum requirement, a higher maximum, and that Welcome Bonus turns into up to $750.

And while you’re there at Bovada, don’t forget about the Rewards Program where you’ll end up racking up points just for doing what you love anyway. These points can then be redeemed for cash, or you can use them for other stuff at Bovada such as entries to Tournaments and the like.

We’re firm believers that you should be joining more than one sportsbook, (more on that later), but if you are adamant on only joining one, you really cannot go wrong with Bovada.

Who Is Bovada Best For?

Those that are looking for solid sportsbook and are planning on doing a good bit of gambling and getting in on the amazing Rewards Program that is offered. Also, for those players that are into Poker, they’ll find one of the greatest Poker Rooms along with the rest of Bovada.

The NFL betting page over at Bovada.
You can see that if I were to win this Jets and Chiefs parlay bet, there’d be some good cash coming my way!


This section here is going to get a little on the odd side. We’re going to talk about 2 different sites at the same time, the first being BetOnline, the other being SportsBetting.

Once again, these 2 sites end up on just about every list that we come up with like this, and we will get to the “why’s” in a moment, but you also need to know why we’re discussing both of these at the same time.

You see, BetOnline worked hard on making a name for themselves. Time and time again they came through for the players by running a very successful and fair site with great odds and bonuses, as well as a fantastic casino and poker room to go along with the sports action.

So, what does SportsBetting have to do with this?


It’s not a secret that back in the day, SportsBetting had some troubles. BetOnline came along and said, “Hey, we’ll buy you!” and the rest is history with the crew and management from BetOnline taking over and turning the two sites into a couple of the biggest names in the world of sports gambling.

In knowing that now, you should also know that there are some differences in the two sites, but really not a ton. You’ll usually find the same bonuses, same odds, same types of wagers, etc.

In going back to the “you should join more than one sportsbook” talk we had earlier, keep this in mind. You’re going to find some incredible bonuses and deals over at one or the other. Also keep this in mind:

There is nothing in the rules or the Terms and Conditions that say you cannot join both, meaning that if there’s a great deal going on at one that you just cannot pass up, you can join the other as well and take advantage of said deal twice!

Who Can Bet at BetOnline and SportsBetting?

As far as we can tell, anyone from the US is welcome at either of the sites. If there are any “banned states” they’re not mentioning it.

As for our International Friends, you may want to go and check out their list of banned countries, there is unfortunately a list of places where the player will have to find somewhere else to do some gambline.

Deposits and Withdrawals at BetOnline and SportsBetting

Over at the BetOnline side of things, you’ll find a sports betting site that has one of the highest credit card acceptance rates around. Have a card that got declined somewhere else because of, well, whatever? Try it over at BetOnline, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll accept it! Going along with this, I know for a fact that my boss was trying to make a rather large deposit at another site and was declined. BetOnline said “Sure!” and had no problem accepting such a transaction.

Combine all of the above with 48 Hour Withdrawals and you’re looking at one (two) of the better sites that you’re going to come into anywhere!

Deposit MethodMinimum RequiredMaximum Allowed
Visa and MasterCard$25$5,000
Money Order$300$9,000
Cashier CheckUnknownUnknown
Wire Transfer$100Unknown
Money GramUnknownUnknown

And then the two also state that they accept the following altcoins, but it doesn’t look like there is a minimum or a maximum listed for any of these. Let’s call it what it is, your guess is as good as ours!

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Cardano
  • Solano
  • Stellar
  • Tether
  • USD Coin

The NFL Action

When one is looking for some NFL action, they would first go to either SportsBetting or BetOnline and then click on “Sports”. At the time of this writing NFL action then shows up as a default. If you were to go there and the NFL is not the first thing to pop up, don’t fret. Just look over to your left there and you’ll see the sports menu all laid out for you and, you guessed it, just click on “Football”.

The current types of bets that are available are:

  • Straight
  • Parlay
  • Teaser
  • If Bets

And these can be broken down into:

  • Game Period
  • First Half
  • First Quarter
  • Second Quarter
  • Third Quarter
  • Fourth Quarter
  • Team Points Game
  • Team Points First Half
  • Team Points First Quarter
  • Props

As you place your bets there is a bet slip on the right hand of the screen that will get filled with your selections in real time letting you see just how much you stand to win as you play and also keep you out of accidentally betting too much.

The Bonuses at the Two Sites

Bonuses? Man, this is where BetOnline and SportsBetting kill it.

The average person can look forward to Lifetime Reload Bonuses, insane Crypto Deposit Bonuses as well as Reload Deposits, and so, so much more.

As we have stated, there are some differences in the two sites, but they’re the same for the most part. You’ll find most of the same bonuses at both of them, but they do get a little different. At the time of this writing, BetOnline has a total of 31 Offers whereas SportsBetting has 29 Offers. We here at the office know what those differences are, but we’re not telling. It’ll be much more fun for you to go and check out what they are on your own and see what sticks out to you!

With 30ish offers on the table for you, there’s sure to be something that grabs your attention!

Who Is BetOnline and SportsBetting Best For?

Those that have had a decline somewhere else. Get denied by your bank for whatever reason? Give one of these two a try, there’s a pretty solid chance that BetOnline or SportsBetting will be able to accept it.

Also, those out there that are willing to live by the Terms and Conditions of bonuses will find a ton of ways to get the most bang for their buck!


BookMaker came on to the scene of Online Sportsbooks toward the beginning with their business model and have never looked back. That’s a good thing. Why would you change something if it’s not broken?

That’s to say that once you have been to BookMaker and seen what they’re all about, things aren’t going to be changing for a while, but that’s not a bad thing at all. They found something that works for them and they’re sticking with it!

Who Can Bet at BookMaker?

Once again, as far as we can tell, anyone is welcome over at BookMaker and they pretty much leave the legality up to you. That is to say, it’s up to you to follow the law where you live.

The Action Over at BookMaker

Heading over to BookMaker and clicking on “Sportsbook” during football season will take you to a page where you can see the lines and the odds for games that are occurring for the next week or so, so that you can take a look at those and decide if you’d like to place your wagers there before you even get logged in.

While you’re checking out the games that are currently listed over at BookMaker, you can keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page to find a little something that the other books don’t offer – some conversation starters and highlights!

For example, if you were to scroll on down there right now there are 17 random highlights for you to think about while you’re choosing your bets. These are the first five in said list:

Cleveland Browns favorite tomorrow?
The over-under is 33½ points. New York Jets money line is -132 against Cleveland Browns +112. Jets favorite -2 points. Start Time: 08/03 @ 5:00 pm PT

KC Chiefs favorite on September 7?
KC favorite -7 points. The over/under is 54½ points. Start Time: Thu, Sep 7 @ 05:20 PM PT

What’s the line on Falcons on September 10?
The total is 42½ points. ATL Falcons favorite -3 points. Start Time: Sunday, September 10th @ 10:00 am PT

What is the spread on Baltimore Ravens on September 10?
Ravens favorite -9½ points. The over/under is 44½ points. Start Time: 10 @ 10am PT

CLE favorite on September 10?
Bengals favorite -1½ points. The over-under is 48 points. Start Time: 09/10 @ 10:00 am PT

As for the types of bets, clicking on football will give you the option to wager on a full game, first halves and quarters. Breaking it down from there and you’ve got:

  • Straights
  • Parlays
  • Teasers

If college football happens to be your thing, you may also find the most games available for gaming over at BookMaker.

Deposits at BookMaker

As for the deposit options one would have over at BookMaker, you’ve got the following options:

  • Credit Cards
  • P2P
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Crypto Currencies

You’ll notice that you see bitcoin, Litecoin and Crypto Currencies under different bullet points up there. That’s because pretty much everyone knows what bitcoin and Litecoin are, however, BookMaker also accepts 33 other types of crypto including some of the better known ones as well as some that the average person has never heard of. If you’re a crypto user, there’s a solid chance that BookMaker will happily accept whatever type you’re trying to use!

The Bonus Action Over at BookMaker

Among the best of the promotions you’ll find over there is the Reload Bonus of up to $5,000 at a time for crypto users so make sure you look into that!

Who Is BookMaker Best For?

Those out there that have acquired themselves some random crypto that they really have no idea what to do with.

Also, those that have a little bigger bankroll than some others have. Reload with a Bonus of up to $5,000? Yes, please!

And here are the NFL lines from the same day over at BookMaker.
This is what you’ll see when placing your NFL bets over that way!


MyBookie is not only one of the oldest sites that are out there, but you remember the pandemic of 2020 that shut everything down for a little bit in the sports world? MyBookie was one of the sites to really reach out and find something for the people to keep wagering on until all of the “real sports” came back. No, really. During that time they found all kinds of stuff for the people to continue to wager on such as politics, the weather, table tennis, all kinds of random stuff.

Who Can Gamble at MyBookie?

Everyone is welcome over at MyBookie but while you’re there you may or may not get the feeling of something. You see, they have always touted themselves as a site that likes to cater to the “older” crowd out there. That’s not to say that the younger players won’t find a home here, but you won’t find anything super flashy or “extreme” at MyBookie. Now, there’s a reason that we’re bringing this up and we’ll get to that in just a few minutes!

Depositing Options at MyBookie

As for your deposit options here, you’ll be looking at:

  • Visa, MasterCard prepaid, credit and debit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Person to Person

For reasons unknown to us, MyBookie is very adamant in the fact that they do not accept Paypal for any deposits, so if you are a Paypal user you’ll need to find another way to fund your account.

As for minimum amounts required for deposits, you would be looking at $45 for credit or debit card deposits and a maximum of $2,500. There are also daily and weekly rules attached to your deposit action which you can see at any time by logging in and seeing your personal “available amount” at the cashier.

If you haven’t already started, you may want to get on the bitcoin train where the minimums and maximums are much different, but there is a 100$ Success Rate as opposed to credit cards which may be declined by your bank.

The NFL Action at MyBookie

When checking out the current NFL action, we have the following types of bets that can be placed:

  • Super Bowl Odds to Win
  • 1st Half Lines
  • Team Total Points
  • Quarter Lines
  • Game Props
  • Touchdown Props
  • Season Wins
  • Field Goal Props
  • Contest Props
  • Championship Odds
  • Divisional Odds
  • Regular Season MVP
  • Passing Props
  • Rushing Props
  • Receiving Props
  • Specials

So as you can see, man, MyBookie has all kinds of stuff for you to bet on, and those are just the NFL bets! If you’re into College ball, there’s just a ton more for you there as well!

Bonus Action Available

If you decide to check out MyBookie and make a deposit, make sure that you check out all of the great promotions going on all the time over there as they have many “Daily Bonuses”. You just may find a deal or a promotion that works out better for you if you were to wait, say a day before making your deposit. Now, a good chunk of these are for the casino, but the sports guys will still have the Double Deposits, 25% Reloads, all kinds of good stuff!

Who Is MyBookie Best For?

The people out there that want to do their betting on a specific event as soon as possible with some of the best lines around.

MyBookie will not only have some of the best lines and odds out there, but quite often put them out first. In fact, many sportsbooks will not release their own lines until MyBookie does so first!

No matter who your team is, we’re gonna help you find the best of the best in your gaming!


Everygame! One of the favorites of many! No, really!

Many, many, in fact most, gamblers have heard of Everygame even if they’re not realizing it just yet. You see, most people know the name Intertops. Well, Intertops is Everygame! Toward the end of 2021 Intertops changed their name to Everygame for reasons known only to them, but everything else still seems the same. You’ll still find the same company operating it, the same great promotions, and basically just the same site with a new logo! This in itself is a good thing. There was nothing wrong and nothing’s been changed.

Who Can Gamble at Everygame?

Everyone. Nothing has changed but the name and Everygame will take the players from all over the place.

Since nothing else has changed, you can peacefully rest knowing that your money is nice and safe over at Everygame. They took the first known Online Sports Bet almost 30 years ago and have been chugging along with no problems ever since. Companies that are jerks don’t get to last that long!

Depositing at Everygame

You’ll find the same old deposit methods meaning that they accept Credit Cards, bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and money orders, and you’ll see that they also kept the same amount of fantastic, ever-changing promotions over there meaning that you’ll get an incredible amount of bang for your buck at Everygame.

Here’s all of the detailed information on the deposits:

TypeMinimum RequiredMaximum Allowed
Diners ClubUnknown$1000
Skrill 1-Tap$20$5,000
Bitcoin Cash$25$2,500
EU SEPANo LimitNo Limit
Money Global$100$490
EZee Wallet€10€2,500

It does seem odd that bitcoin and the other cryptos have such a low limit in comparison with everyone else, but that’s just the way it is there!

NFL Action at Everygame

For the football fan, not only will you find yourself some awesome Football-specific promotions such as 4x$100 for FREE, or win Trips to the Super Bowl, but you’ll also come into some hot football betting action as well! As of right now, the types of bets you’ll find are:

  • Lines
  • Futures
  • Player Awards
  • Game Props
  • Player Props
  • Touchdown Scorers
  • Season Props
  • Season Player Props

Everygame will make sure that you’ve got all kinds of stuff to bet on!

Bonuses and Promotions at Everygame

Everygame is good about coming up with some promotions that nobody else does. They have the yearly Win a Trip to the Super Bowl, or Win a Trip to the Final Four, some Free Bet action, and all sorts of other goodies!

For those out there that are into the casinos just as much as sports, make sure that you take note that there is not one, but two casinos attached to Everygame both with their own bonuses!

You’re going to be really hard pressed to find a site that’s more open, transparent, and honest than Everygame. Combine that with the history that they’ve got and you’ll see that you’ve got one of the best of the best right there!

Who Is Everygame Best For?

2 types of people.

  1. Those that love contests. There’s always a mess of great contests going on that nobody else offers such as the winning trips to the Super Bowl or the Final Four or the monthly Jackpot Hunters, and
  2. Those that also love the casino. There’s a ton of cash waiting to be won at the casino and if you don’t like the current offers at one of the casinos of Everygame, you can always check out the other one they offer!


Where MyBookie stood out with being (mostly) catered to the older punters out there, XBet goes the other way. They’re good at taking on any new customers and treating them well, treat them with respect and run one hell of a site, but are also obviously marketing themselves toward the younger crowd. The current logo even looks like it belongs on the side of an energy drink found at your local gas station.

Who Can Bet at XBet?

Take a look at the paragraph above and you see why the answer is “everyone”, but you may or may not want to swap them out for going to MyBookie, all depending on your preference! Also, XBet is actually owned by MyBookie, so it stands to reason everything they’re doing is totally on purpose.

The Deposit Methods at XBet

  • VISA, MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Person 2 Person
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

What Kinds of Bets are Available at XBet?

Once you get yourself past all of the flashy pictures and find yourself in the football options, you have these kinds of bets you can wager on:

  • Game Odds
  • Next Week Odds
  • First Half Lines
  • Touchdown Props
  • Field Goal Props
  • Team Totals
  • Quarter Lines
  • Super Bowl Odds to Win

Any Promotions or Bonuses?

XBet likes to promote themselves as “the last sportsbook you’ll ever join”.

We don’t agree with that, we firmly believe that you should join more than one so that you take advantage of different offers as well as get the ability to shop around to get the best odds for your gaming! However, you still can’t go wrong with XBet either!

Here you’ll find a small list of bonuses that are mostly aimed at the sports bettors, but some stuff for the casino lovers as well.

Contests? Now here’s where they kick some booty! You can find those listed separate from the bonuses but once you’re there you’ll find some awesome opportunities to win some extra cash!

Who Is XBet Best For?

Those out there that want to really check out what a sportsbook has to offer as far as equally spending time at the sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook.


Cloudbet needs to be brought up here as they are an absolutely amazing crypto-only Sportsbook for those of you out there that would like to use an E-coin to do your gambling. There is however a bit of bad news to get out of the way here –

Americans are no longer welcome over at Cloudbet.

No, Cloudbet doesn’t hate all of us over here, at least not that we’re aware of, they just have to follow their own rules and once again we’ve got lawmakers that are keeping us all safe from doing what we would like with our money, virtual or not.

For those of you out there that are able to use Cloudbet’s services, just keep on reading to see what they’re all about!

Depositing Options at Cloudbet


That’s the option over at Cloudbet. Now, they do have an impressive list of accepted cryptos with a current list of 28 different types you are able to use. You’ll find the most popular options, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

but also some “not so popular” coins, such as:

  • Fantom
  • Polkadot
  • BNB

and all kinds of stuff in between!

All of these have no maximum amount attached to these, so if you find yourself with an abundance of coins at your disposal, pssh, go nuts!

Promotions and Bonuses

This is where they really come through for the players that are allowed to take advantage of the services offered.

How does a 5 BTC Welcome Bonus sound? Pretty amazing, right? As of the time of this writing, one bitcoin is $29,464.00. This makes their Welcome Bonus an incredible $147,320.00! If you decide to go and check them out and get that bonus, make sure that you read and adhere to their terms religiously. That’s an awful lot of money to potentially lose due to a simple mistake!

As for other bonuses for you to check out, there’s also the pretty decent Loyalty Club, Free Spin Tuesdays, and Free To Enter Slot Tournaments over in their casino.

What Types of Bets are Available at Cloudbet?

While you’re playing around with all of that extra cash (if you took advantage of that monster sized bonus), you can peruse the bets that are available to you. Like most sportsbooks, these are the types of bets that are available through BAS:

  • Straight Bets
  • Pleasers
  • Reverses
  • Round Robins
  • Totals
  • If Bets
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Rolling If Bets
  • Point Buying

Cloudbet is one of the “newer” sites to make this list although we have worked with them for many years now. In the time that we started looking into them and promoting them they have really come through and made a name for themselves in a good way! We are very confident in our decision to send anyone their way to shoot their shot on making some cash!

Who Is Cloudbet Best For?

Really, anyone that’s both using crypto and lives in a place that’s accepted.

Those of us here at the office used to use Cloudbet for some of out personal gambling needs. We can’t anymore as we’re located here in the good ol’ US of A. However, it’s not their fault that we can’t legally go there anymore and we understand that that’s just the man trying to keep us down. There’s nothing we can do about it so we’ll just try to send others there to grab some of that action!

So which Sportsbook is right for you?

It’s time to place some bets and win some cash!
Let’s see where the best places are in 2023!

That’s a question you have to answer, we cannot do that for you. We do know that if you choose any of the ones that are on this list you’re going to be having a great time no matter what.

If you would like a full detail on any of the promotions that are available at any of these sites you can check out our sister site, SportsBookPromoCodes or check our my in-depth sportsbook reviews to learn more about each of these sites before signing up.

These are the best of the best, and now you have the knowledge.

As always, good luck with all of your betting!

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