Can You Beat Chance by Manifesting Sports Betting Wins?

Sometimes I run across threads on social media sites and forums where someone declares excitedly that they have “manifested” a win of hundreds or thousands of dollars betting on sports, and that anyone can do it if they just put their mind to it.

If you have ever run into these wild claims, you might be wondering whether there is anything to it. Can you really just “think” your way into winning bets, or building a career as a professional sports bettor?

Proponents of manifestation will usually give you a blanket “yes, you can manifest anything” in response. Skeptics will laugh and tell you manifestation is made up.

In this post, I attempt to give a more nuanced answer. I believe there are fundamental flaws with the concept of manifestation, but I do think that it gives some people results, just not always for the reason they might think.

What is “Manifestation”?

Manifestation is the practice of bringing about (or attempting to bring about) a new reality by either thought, belief or intention.

Whether manifestation works through thinking, believing, or intending depends on who you ask. There is not one single definition or technique.

Thinking is merely reflecting upon the idea of something happening. Believing is inner conviction that that thing will happen, or is happening. Intending is willing it to be so. So, these are not interchangeable terms.

But, basically, the idea is this: You think really hard about winning a massive parlay bet. You picture the moment in vivid detail. You make it feel as “real” in your mind as possible. Then you go place a parlay bet. Lo and behold, it becomes a massive winner in real life. Sounds amazing, right?

What are the “Universal Laws” on which Manifestation is Based?

Proponents of manifestation claim that manifestation “works” because of a number of “universal laws.” I should note here that these laws are in no way scientific or proven. But here are some of them (please note that I am describing them as facts below, but they are not necessarily facts):

  • The Law of Attraction:
  • Most people learned about the Law of Attraction through the popular book The Secret. It is the idea that “like attracts like.” If you think positive thoughts, then you will attract positive realities (and conversely, if you think negative thoughts, you will attract negative realities). A lot of people think manifestation and the Law of Attraction are synonymous, but the Law of Attraction is just one principle behind manifestation.

    Example: If you think about winning bets a lot, then you will win a lot of bets. If you think about losing bets a lot, then you will lose a lot of bets.

  • The Law of Assumption:
  • This is like a stronger version of the law above. It states that if you assume something to be true, then reality must shift into the shape of your assumption. Note that this goes deeper than merely thinking about something. You have to believe in it wholeheartedly, in the present.

    Example: Every day, you wake up and fill yourself completely with the belief that you are already a successful professional sports bettor. Throughout the day, you maintain that belief. Do this long enough and consistently enough, and eventually, one day, you really will be.

  • The Law of Correspondence:
  • This is sort of like a different way of stating the Law of Attraction. It states that the world around us is a direct reflection of the world inside of us. So, if you fill your inner world with what you desire, your outer circumstances will eventually mirror those desires.

    Example: You hold positivity and belief in your sports betting success within you at all times. Eventually, your outer world will mirror that back as genuine success.

  • The Law of Compensation:
  • This law basically just states that you only get what you have. What you put out into the world is given back to you.

    Example: If you put time, energy and dedication into your sports betting, you will succeed. If you don’t, you won’t. If you help others with sports betting, others will help you, etc.

  • The Law of Detachment:
  • Seeking and finding are two different things. If you focus too much on the seeking, on the wanting, you will not be able to receive, because you keep reminding the universe you do not already have it. The Law of Detachment therefore states that you must let go of what you want in order to obtain it.

    Example: If you keep pining away after success and worrying about whether or not you will get it, you never will. But if you just assume you will succeed and stop worrying about it (this law pairs well with the Law of Assumption), then you will start getting wins.

Again, I stated the “laws” above as if they are facts, but I did that for the sake of simplicity.

Maybe one of us can start to break Universal Laws, but probably not!

Is Manifestation Real?

While manifestation sounds amazing, it also sounds too good to be true. So, is it?

Again, there is zero scientific proof that manifestation works. The laws are not based on science. Manifestation is more like a spiritual practice.

I do think we have a lot of valid reasons to say that manifestation is not real, at least not the way it is presented, as if it is a concrete, absolute “fact” of how the universe works.

For one thing, there are arguably contradicting claims about how it works. Is it about thought, belief or intention? What if you believe one thing while focusing on another? Does your focus win, or your belief?

What about your unconscious beliefs and intentions? What about all the stuff you are processing at a level that never touches your conscious mind, but might be the majority of what is going on inside your brain? Does that count for more? Less? Nothing at all?

Plus, every one of us can come up almost effortlessly with examples of times when something should have manifested, but didn’t, if these laws are actually laws.

Think about times when you were absolutely certain a bet would win, and then it lost. Or times you were equally convinced a bet you placed earlier would lose, but then, miraculously, it won.

And I am not even going to get into the fact that awful stuff is happening all the time in the world. It does not seem ethically responsible to claim that the only reason people starve or get diseases is because they did not “believe” hard enough that they wouldn’t.

I am not here to tell you what is true or real and what is not, but those are some things to think about.

Despite the fact that I personally do not think manifestation as it is presented is “real,” I do think, ironically, it can work some of the time.

Before I explain why, let’s talk about how people actually attempt to manifest things like sports betting wins.

Examples of Common Manifestation Techniques

Here are a few common ways people attempt to manifest what they want.

  1. Vision Boards
  2. A vision board is a bulletin board where you post images that capture the reality you want to create. So, for example, if you want to become a professional bettor on horse racing, you could post images of racecourses you want to visit, an image where you have Photoshopped a higher bank balance than you have now, pictures of the lifestyle you could afford as a pro bettor, and so forth.

    The idea is to look at the board each day at some point, or even throughout the day, to stay focused on your goals.

  3. Writing Affirmations
  4. Affirmations are simply statements that affirm your belief in the reality you want, stated in the present tense. People who want to manifest will often write them down over and over. Examples might include “I am a full-time professional sports bettor,” or “I am getting better at betting every day,” or “I am excited to start spending my next big win.”

    They can also be affirmations about your own psychology or behavior, like “I never go on tilt anymore,” or “I always bet responsibly,” or, “I am capable of learning for my mistakes and improving my skills.”

  5. Prayer, Meditation, Spells, Good Luck Charms, etc.
  6. A lot of the activities we associate with various forms of religion or spirituality are means of attempting to manifest a reality. Anything from praying you will win your next bet to carrying a good luck harm in your pocket when you do bet are attempts to manifest.

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  7. Active Focus Or Assumption
  8. Finally, one does not actually need to do any particular activity to manifest—one can simply shift one’s mindset. If you get up each day and go to work with the firm belief that you are going to be profitable (whether today or over the long term), that is itself a type of manifestation practice.

    Plus, this sort of focus/assumption needs to be actively present all of the time, in theory, for any other method you are trying to work (if you believe in all this).

Some Reasons Manifestation May Sometimes “Work”

Trying to manifest something costs nothing, so there’s also no real harm in trying to bring some wins your way!

Okay, now you have an idea how you would go about manifesting sports betting wins or a sports betting career.

We know that manifestation is not based on science. So, speaking scientifically, I feel comfortable asserting that you cannot force luck to serve you. You will never reach a 100% win percentage through manifestation. If manifestation really worked, hypothetically, you would.

That said, is it a complete waste of your time? Not necessarily. Some people seem to get results when manifesting, however imperfect. And there are multiple reasons that can happen.

  1. Setting Clear Goals
  2. For starters, people who attempt manifestation often spend more time defining their goals than they might otherwise.

    People who believe in manifestation feel that for it to work effectively, you must tell the universe exactly what you are trying to achieve.

    This goes back to the vision board thing we talked about. There is a difference between deciding you want to be a professional bettor and actually taking time to explore how you would define success in that role.

    Techniques like the vision board help you answer important questions about your goals:

    • What income level are you aiming for?
    • How would you spend it?
    • What would your day-to-day routine look like?
    • What is your ultimate purpose in betting professionally?
    • What will you need to do to make this reality happen?

    The more clarity you have on your goals, the easier it will be to come up with a strategic, realistic plan for reaching them (and to assess their realism in the first place). Plus, if you take the time to define goals that are strongly aligned to your sense of purpose and motivation, you are more likely to do what it takes to reach them. That brings me to the next point.

  3. Aligning Behavior With Goals
  4. Although manifestation is supposed to work through pure thought/intent/belief, the reality is that most people who practice it do not sit on their hands waiting for their lives to change. They begin acting like the person who would successfully obtain the thing they want.

    Someone who is trying to manifest sports betting success has a clear image in their mind of what a successful professional bettor looks like. They have done the research to understand what that person’s routine might entail, including the work they do every day to plan and execute their bets, research new strategies, improve their existing methods, and hone their betting psychology. Since their goal is to manifest a life as that person, they begin behaving like them. As a result, success is more likely to follow.

  5. A Positive Mindset Helps Identify And Capitalize On Opportunities
  6. There is a really interesting study that everyone should check out at some point by psychologist Richard Wiseman. For 10 years, he studied the beliefs and lifestyle habits of people who defined themselves as “lucky” or “unlucky,” publishing the results in an article titled, “The Luck Factor”.

    Wiseman observed that to an extent, people really do “make their own luck.” One of his observations was that people who defined themselves as “lucky” tended to focus on the positive and on the good things that could come to them.

    In addition, they are less anxious and more relaxed. So, rather than hyperfocusing on just one type of opportunity they desperately want, they remain open to other types they might not have imagined. That means they cast a wider net, and are more likely to catch opportunities “unlucky” people miss.

    And since they believe good things can happen to them, they are also more likely to act on the opportunities that come their way.

    This was a research study, so there is data backing this up.

    You can see how a person practicing “manifestation” might actually be utilizing this same mindset to their advantage.

    By maintaining a positive frame of mind and practicing the Law of Detachment to disconnect from their anxiety, they are cultivating openness to opportunity.

    As a result, they may find more chances to win, both in terms of individual bets and their betting career as a whole.

  7. Someone Who Believes In Manifestation Might “Bounce Back” Readily From Failures
  8. If you believe wholeheartedly that success is inevitable, you may actually end up with a healthier view of failures.

    Instead of getting dragged into a deep, dark pit of depression when you experience some losses, you will simply see them as steps along the road to eventual wins.

    That means you are likely to keep moving forward, rather than getting mired in your fears and doubts.

    That said, it is important not to be blind when you examine your failures. A pattern of failures is something that demands your attention. You cannot just ignore them; you need to get to the root of the mistakes that are causing your losses. Otherwise, they will just keep happening.

Cautionary Notes

And be careful! Always pay attention to “Cautionary Notes”!

As I have already stated, I do not believe it is possible for any person to achieve perfect success with manifestation. You cannot completely make your own luck. Randomness will remain random; we would know by now if anyone had achieved some kind of magical godhood.

Believers in manifestation can sometimes walk themselves into traps by not accepting this. This research article explains, “Those who scored higher on the scale perceived themselves as more successful, had stronger aspirations for success, and believed they were more likely to achieve future success. They were also more likely to be drawn to risky investments, have experienced bankruptcy, and to believe they could achieve an unlikely level of success more quickly.”

In short, people have literally gone broke trying to manifest success through high risk activities and/or by rushing the process. This is something every bettor should take note of, since betting is a high risk activity.

Manifestation for Sports Betting: Best Practices

Now that we have gone over why manifestation might actually help generate results for some sports bettors, as well as some cautionary notes, we can offer up some best practices for those who want to give manifesting wins a try. Let’s go over some do’s and don’ts.

When Manifesting Wins for Sports Betting, Do…

You already know what I’m going to put in once we’re talking about “do’s” and “do not’s” !

  1. Focus On Broader Objectives When Possible
  2. I would not say that manifestation is entirely useless when placing individual bets. If it focuses you more and helps you pay more attention to detail and do a better job preparing or even just spotting a great opportunity, then it might work out well.

    But I do think manifestation probably is more useful for long-term goals, like becoming a professional bettor.

  3. Find What Works Best For You
  4. There is no single “right” way to do manifestation. Some people do better with affirmations, while others might prefer meditating on their goals or creating a vision board. Some might like to use the Law of Attraction as their model, while others prefer the Law of Assumption.

    The trick is to find what helps you maximize the beneficial mindset changes that manifestation can help you achieve. Try different concepts and techniques out to see what resonates with you.

  5. Be Consistent
  6. When manifestation “works,” it is because the person doing it is practicing it with focus, dedication and consistency. They are showing up each day with the mindset and behaviors that are most likely to result in success. In doing so, they invite success. You need to do the same thing. Be consistent both with your manifestation practice and with your sports betting.

  7. Be Proactive
  8. As I just stated, the behaviors involved in manifesting a goal are critical. While many people who manifest embrace making positive personal changes, some really do just sit there thinking a miracle will happen.

    Try to remember that you are a part of the universe. Sometimes, the change you want has to manifest through your own agency and hard work. Try to be as conducive to the process as possible. You will only start winning more bets consistently if you improve your skills and money management.

  9. Be Generous
  10. Remember the Law of Compensation: what you give comes back to you. Do I believe that personally? No, but if you do, more power to you. And even if you do not, it is always good to share your success with others. So, when you do achieve some wins, look for chances to pass on what you have learned with those who are trying to get to where you are at.

When Manifesting Wins for Sports Betting, Do Not…

  1. Believe You Can Achieve The Impossible
  2. No one has ever achieved a perfect win rate with sports betting, and nobody ever will. If somebody could use the powers of manifestation to do it, that would have happened by now. A realistic win rate is just above 50% even for a professional. So, do not get cocky and assume you can do better than the pros.

  3. Imagine You Are Beyond Risk And Loss
  4. As that study mentioned, people who buy into manifestation sometimes think they have transcended risk and cannot lose. You can always lose with sports betting. The risk can only be mitigated, never removed. The moment you act like sports betting is without risk is the moment you doom your account.

  5. Hurry
  6. As the study also discussed, manifestation believers often think they can take shortcuts to success, achieving things on unrealistic time frames.

    That is a very dangerous belief for a bettor. It can prompt you to take wild risks. When you inevitably fail to achieve your goals in time, you might also become deeply discouraged.

    Set yourself up for the best shot at success by understanding what realistic success along a realistic timeframe looks like.

  7. Sit On Your Hands
  8. Finally, whatever you do, do not think you will just open your eyes one day, and BOOM, everything changes. If you do not change the way you are approaching your betting, you will stay stuck where you are.

Keep Working on Your Sports Betting Psychology

I hope you enjoyed this discussion of whether or not manifestation works for sports betting, it’s possible benefits, and its limitations. For more betting psychology, read “Conducting a Self-Assessment to Understand and Improve Your Betting Psychology” and “How to Be an Antifragile Bettor.”

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