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Last Updated 9/17/2018 - NFL Week 3! MLB in the home stretch, Golf tee's off every Thursday morning and Tennis! 




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Top Rated Online Betting Sites

What makes a sports book the ‘best’? That depends on what you are looking for, and it changes over time.

The best sportsbook a few months ago may not be the best sports book today. That’s why we keep track of the top online bookies with my carefully curated top-lists.

I stay on top of the online betting world and have been doing so since 2004. I’m now in my 40’s and I’ve been doing this a long time. I know which sportsbooks are legit and which ones you should avoid.

You can bet at the bookies listed here on in confidence. You are getting a fair bet, advertised odds and if you win you get paid.

They are the safe, legit and reputable sportsbooks active in 2018.

When you win you will get paid. Period.

Latest Website News and Updates

  • Latest Sportsbook Payout Report 2018 – September is now in process – How long does it take to get paid from the sports betting sites listed here? Find out with my constantly updated payout report.
  • Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks – Good news, the legit sites take and payout with BTC.
  • How To Guides – Our latest tips, strategies and how to betting guides.
  • Sportsbook Reviews Updated for 2018 – Learn the details about these bookies with our honest reviews.
  • USA Sportsbooks – Overview of sportsbetting online for US based gamblers placing their first bet online

How Sportsbooks Make Our Short “Best” List


We have listed only the top online bookmakers since 2004. Trusted, safe and legit.

The Minimum Requirements to be listed on “The Good Sportsbooks List” include:

  • Reputation – Two+ years or more with a positive history. That is why you do not see the newer bookies listed here. They haven’t been around long enough to earn a reputation I am comfortable with.
  • The sportsbook must be in good standing with players, affiliates and the sports betting communities at large.
  • Effective Withdrawals / Payouts – This is the real deal about payouts. Offshore sportsbooks spend a large amount of money on payment processing. Why? Because it is not easy moving money from an offshore sportsbook into your pockets (if you are in the USA). Companies exist just to be the processor that handles all that flow of funds which must constantly be re-routed and risk being seized by authorities because they have the bigger guns. It is seriously, the wild wild west. The good news is that you as the player are not involved with this other than having to jump through a few hoops in order to initiate the process. You need to send in proof of identity, usually a copy of a bill or a government ID. The betting sites we work with consistently and effectively and swiftly pay you your money. Every time.
  • Depositing Easy – This means finding a deposit method you are comfortable with. Many times, the pre-paid online visas will only work if they are specifically designed for online and international transactions. That’s the tricky part, finding that type of card. Most books use a person 2 person transfer as well which you can do from all over the place as long as you deposit cash.
  • Withdrawals consistent – Understand that there may be delays in getting paid out, however the bookies listed here are consistent in paying out
  • Competitive lines – Since there is fierce competition among the online sportsbooks for your business, you can rest easy knowing that pretty much any of the books are going to be offering very competitive lines. If you line shop at different books you can find value however in general you should be good to go if you are just betting for entertainment at your favorite sportsbook
  • Customer service – You do not need customer service until you need it, and then you normally really need it. That’s the catch with customer service. Many bettors never talk to customer service at all because things work smoothly the majority of time. However, when you need them, you want someone who is helpful. Customer service is a personal preference but the short answer is that you need to know how to contact customer service and make sure you are comfortable with your choices of communication.

What Shouldn’t Be So Important When Picking Your Sports Book?


Do not let the juicy bonuses blind your betting. Read the fine print.

Big, outrageous bonuses, flashy websites and offers of free money.

First of all, the money is never free. The bonuses come with strings attached. The huge bonuses look great. Easy cash right? The truth of the matter is the bonuses are nice but they should not be your deciding factor in what makes a book good or not. These promos and bonuses come with strings attached. You always have to rollover a certain amount of volume before earning the bonus and often you must rollover before being eligible for withdrawal. These bonuses are not designed to be used by the professional gamblers, but for the recreational bettors who like to have a sweat on the weekly game.

Should you take a bonus? That depends on the particular sportsbook you are betting at. Personally I like to take the bonuses because I’m betting for entertainment. I do not do this for a living, but I do it to give that edge of excitement to the game. For this reason, I am glad to take bonuses as it is like free gambling money to me. If you are a sharp bettor then you are going to be much more bettor off taking a reduced juice account at instead of an initial deposit bonus. Over the long run, reduced juice helps the active bettor more than the larger upfront bonus.

Sports Gambling Online – Is it Really Ok & Can You Actually Win?

Gambling Online – Is It Legit?

It can be legit for sure. If you are gambling at the quality betting sites listed here then it is legit. Now, whether or not it is legal / illegal is a different matter all together. To be completely honest with you, the answer as to whether or not it is legal is “who knows”. It depends on where you live and a myriad of other things that only an expert lawyer could tell you after reaching into your wallet and taking out more money than you are probably going to bet on the entire NFL season anyway.

The truth of the matter is that hundreds of thousands of Americans (if not millions) bet on sports every year. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Who doesn’t know a neighborhood bookie who will take bets? Is that legal? Most likely no. Is it evil? Of course not. Is it “okay”? Sure if you are an adult and choose to gamble responsibly. Who am I or anyone else for that matter to tell you what to do with your money. If you want to gamble and choose to do so, that’s on you. My advice is to do your research and only gamble at a betting website you trust.

Whether or not you win your bet depends on you. But whether or not you get paid out depends on where you placed the bet. Bet at one of the sites from our top-list and get paid when you win, everytime.

If you have a gambling problem then by all means do not open an account at any online sportsbook. And of course you must check all local laws, regulations and home owners insurance policies, but just know that hundreds of thousands of people are gambling online today with the vast majority of it being betting on sports. Yes, US citizens included.


Sports betting legend Billy Walters shows how it’s done on 60 Minutes

We as a people are betting online in 2018 more than ever before. Around the world there are millions who wager online. There is official regulation and legalization of online bookies (think UK) in the vast majority of the free world. Of course there are regulations and governing bodies that keep us safe but more or less adults can spend their money as they see fit.

Betting Online – As Old as the Internet
Ok, maybe not quite as old as the internet (thanks Al Gore), but in the mid 90’s the Gaming Club online casino opened up and let people gamble online in their casino. This was followed quickly in 1996 by Intertops as the first online sportsbook (see here). Intertops pulled out of the US market in late 2012 however they still service existing customers and in 2017 they quietly re-opened the doors to new USA clients.


Where To Bet Online in 2018 – Safest Sportsbooks
For USA bettors, I am a big fan of the Bovada Sportsbook ( They are managed by the same team that was once well known as Bodog here in the states. The payouts are timely, deposits are easy, and they offer live betting for many sporting events. They are also constantly rolling out promotions to keep things interesting. They also have an attached poker room and casino to help you get your fix. If you are outside of the US, it is hard to go wrong with A licensed and legit bookmaker with a primary focus on the UK and EU markets. Some bettors are just looking for a safe sportsbook that they can deposit their money at easily and without the fear of fraud, risk or identity theft. Other players may want a book that offers a specific type of deposit method, like bitcoin, or credit cards like Visa. Yes, there are sportsbooks that take Visa.


About Us


Following Online Sportsbooks Since The Good Old Days

I’ve been in the online gambling industry since 2004.

That’s a long time in this industry. My team and I created this site and we are experts and industry veterans.

We have helped 25,000+ people find a safe place to bet online.

Our aim is to help you navigate the ever changing world of online betting.

Avoid the scams and find the good sports betting sites.

To quickly do this we create and maintain a small top list of best online sportsbooks by category that we update at the beginning of each month, or whenever a major change occurs within the world of online sports betting.

We rate and review the betting sites based on the bonuses, deposit options, withdrawal speeds, betting interface, reputation and regulation.

We also keep an overall ‘best of list’ update on our home page, which is listed just above.

To hear the veteran gamblers talk, you will hear that “An online sportsbook is as good as it’s last payout.”

That’s the mantra and that is from experience. If you have been around the online betting world as long as we have (since 2004) you will know that this is a safe phrase to live by. Especially now in 2017 you should be extra cautious about which online book gets your betting business. You will notice that we only list and promote a select few online sportsbooks. That is because while dozens of books hound us via email to promote them, and offer generous money to do so, we would rather work with a smaller and limited number of high quality, reputable and a history of legit sports books.

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About Us
Welcome to GoodSportsbooks was created and maintained by online gambling veterans with over a decade of direct industry experience. We have helped thousands of bettors find where to bet online safely and securely. Our aim is to help you navigate the ever changing world of online betting. To do this we create and maintain a small top list of best online sportsbooks by category that we update at the beginning of each month. We rate and review the betting sites based on the bonuses, deposit options, withdrawal speeds, betting interface, reputation and regulation. We also keep an overall ‘best of list’ update on our home page, which is listed just above. Sports Betting may be unlawful in your location. Please check all local, state and federal laws in your jurisdiction before using any of the information contained on this page. This information is for entertainment only and there is no online wagering of any kind possible at this website. By use of this site you agree to hold us 100% harmless for any and all reasons. If you have a gambling problem please seek help and leave this site now.