How to Bet on Eurovision in 2024

One of the biggest events in the world of musical performance every year is the iconic Eurovision Song Contest, usually just called “Eurovision” or sometimes “ESC.”

With the rise in popularity of entertainment betting in recent years, it should not be a surprise that you can now bet on Eurovision.

We still are not seeing a ton of sportsbooks offering this, but there are a few. In this post, we are going to introduce you to them, and also tell you what you need to know to bet on Eurovision successfully.

Verka Serduchka representing the heck out of Ukraine in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest!

What is Eurovision?

We will begin with the basics in case you are not familiar with Eurovision. It is an international competition where every country that participates sends an artist or band to perform an original song.

Votes are then cast to determine the winners. Only the countries that take part in Eurovision can vote; the votes themselves from each country are 50% from juries of professionals, and 50% from members of the public.

The first Eurovision contest took place in 1956. The only year the contest was skipped between then and now was in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The organizer for Eurovision is the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Where to Bet on Eurovision

You know what Eurovision is now, but where can you bet on the famous song competition? Here are our recommended sportsbooks.

  1. Bovada

If you want to be able to bet on just about anything, your best bet (literally) is to pay a visit to Bovada. This sportsbook has a huge selection of sports, eSports and entertainment bets available, and offers action on Eurovision.

When you make your first deposit at Bovada using crypto, you can claim a $750 Match on your deposit. If you deposit using other methods, you can still get a $250 Match.

Other promotions we see going on at Bovada at this time include the Free Spin Bonanza, Million Dollar Weekend, Crypto Miner contest, the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus, and the $3,750 Casino Welcome Bonus. There is also a Rewards Program as well as a program for a Bitcoin-exclusive Membership that offers additional benefits.

  1. Bodog

For those up in Canada who want to bet on Eurovision, Bodog is a great option. Like Bovada, Bodog has a ton of entertainment bets available and a lot of exciting betting markets. They pay out quickly and reliably.

When you open an account with Bodog, you can receive a 100% Match on your deposit for sports betting. You also can get $400 and 50 Free Spins to use at the Bodog casino.

Why Bet on Eurovision?

Here are some reasons to bet on Eurovision:

  • Something different to bet on
  • Eurovision only happens once a year, and it gives you a break from your usual routine to bet on the winning country.

  • Exciting for music fans
  • If you love music as much as you love sports, then you will have a blast watching Eurovision and betting on it each year.

  • A truly international event
  • Eurovision is Eurocentric, of course, but a lot of countries participate, making for thrilling competition.

  • Clear patterns
  • You might think that the winners of a song competition are going to be pretty random, but there are patterns to the winners. While there is still plenty of room for uncertainty, you can take a strategic approach to betting on Eurovision.

What is the Format for Eurovision?

Don’t worry. Following the format for Eurovision is super, super simple!

The format for Eurovision has evolved over the decades. But since 2008, it is generally as follows:

  • Three live shows that are broadcast on TV (these span a one-week period)
  • Two semi-finals (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Final (Saturday)

Describing how the winners are chosen through Eurovision’s positional voting system, EBU writes:

The respective winners of the Semi-Finals shall be the 10 song(s) in each Semi-Final which, according to all information made available to the EBU by the Voting Partner, has/have obtained the highest number of points once the results of the National Audiences have been added at the time of announcement of the results.

The winner(s) of the Final shall be the song(s) which, according to all information made available to the EBU by the Voting Partner, has/have obtained the highest combined number of points once the results of the National Audiences and of the National Juries have been added at the time of announcement of the results.”

Eurovision has had changes over the years to the types of artists allowed to enter. Originally, only solo artists could participate, but nowadays, bands can enter.

Similarly, in the past, artists could not use pre-recorded backing tracks, which meant that during the 50s and 60s, they heavily relied on orchestras.

Who Has Won Eurovision in Previous Years?

Courtesy of Eurovision World (a fan community for the contest), here are all of the winners for Eurovision going back to 1956.

2022Ukraine“Stefania”Kalush Orchestra
2021Italy“Zitti e buoni”Måneskin
2019Netherlands“Arcade”Duncan Laurence
2017Portugal“Amar pelos dois”Salvador Sobral
2015Sweden“Heroes”Måns Zelmerlöw
2014Austria“Rise Like a Phoenix”Conchita Wurst
2013Denmark“Only Teardrops”Emmelie de Forest
2011Azerbaijan“Running Scared”Ell and Nikki
2009Norway“Fairytale”Alexander Rybak
2008Russia“Believe”Dima Bilan
2007Serbia“Molitva”Marija Šerifović
2006Finland“Hard Rock Hallelujah”Lordi
2005Greece“My Number One”Helena Paparizou
2004Ukraine“Wild Dances”Ruslana
2003Turkey“Everyway That I Can”Sertab Erener
2002Latvia“I Wanna”Marie N
2001Estonia“Everybody”Tanel Padar, Dave Benton, 2XL
2000Denmark“Fly on the Wings of Love”Olsen Brothers
1999Sweden“Take Me To Your Heaven”Charlotte Nelson
1998Israel“Diva”Dana International
1997United Kingdom“Love Shine a Light”Katrina and the Waves
1996Ireland“The Voice”Eimear Quinn
1995Norway“Nocturne”Secret Garden
1994Ireland“Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids”Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan
1993Ireland“In Your Eyes”Niamh Kavanagh
1992Ireland“Why Me?”Linda Martin
1991Sweden“Fångad av en stormvind”Carola
1990Italy“Insieme: 1992”Toto Cutugno
1989Yugoslavia“Rock Me”Riva
1988Switzerland“Ne partez pas sans moi”Celine Dion
1987Ireland“Hold Me Now”Johnny Logan
1986Belgium“J’aime la vie”Sandra Kim
1985Norway“La det swinge”Bobbysocks!
1984Sweden“Diggi-Loo Diggy-Ley”Herreys
1983Luxembourg“Si la vie est cadeau”Corinne Hermès
1982Germany“Ein bißchen Frieden”Nicole
1981United Kingdom“Making Your Mind Up”Bucks Fizz
1980Ireland“What’s Another Year”Johnny Logan
1979IsraelHallelujahMilk and Honey
1978Israel“A-Ba-Ni-Bi”Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta
1977France“L’oiseau et I’Enfant”Marie Myriam
1976United Kingdom“Save Your Kisses For Me”Brotherhood of Man”
1973Luxembourg“Tu te reconnaîtras”Anne-Marie David
1972Luxembourg“Après toi”Vicky Leandros
1971Monaco“Un banc, Un arbre, une rue”Séverine
1970Ireland“All Kinds of Everything”Dana
1969 (1)France“Un jour, un enfant”Frida Boccara
1969 (2)Netherlands“De troubadour”Lenny Kuhr
1969 (3)United Kingdom“Boom Bang-a-Bang”Lulu
1969 (4)Spain“Vivo cantando”Salomé
1968Spain“La La La”Massiel
1967United KingdomPuppet on a String”Sandie Shaw
1966Austria“Merci, Chérie”Udo Jürgens
1965Luxembourg“Poupée de cire, poupée de son”France Gall
1964Italy“Non ho l’età”Gigliola Cinquetti
1963Denmark“Dansevise”Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann
1962France“Un premier amour”Isabelle Aubret
1961Luxembourg“Nous les amoureux”Jean-Claude Pascal
1960France“Tom Pillibi”Jacqueline Boyer
1959Netherland“Een beetje”Teddy Scholten
1958France“Dors, mon amour”André Claveau
1957Netherlands“Net als toen”Corry Brokken
1956Switzerland“Refrain”Lys Assia

This site has also compiled some handy statistics.

Here’s one of these kinds of charts if you’re into that sort of thing!

The countries that have won Eurovision the largest number of times are Ireland and Sweden (7 each).

Four countries have won Eurovision a total of 5 times each: France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Israel has won Eurovision 4 times.

Countries that have won Eurovision 3 times include Denmark, Italy, Norway and Ukraine.

2-time winners of Eurovision include Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Countries that placed last 10 times include Finland and Norway. Germany has placed last 9 times. Austria, Belgium and Switzerland have all placed last 8 times.

The United Kingdom has placed second an astonishing 16 times.

Eurovision 2024 Odds

At the time of this writing, here are the Eurovision 2024 odds from Bovada:

United Kingdom+2000

Keep in mind that the odds for Eurovision fluctuate over time. You will need to check on them again when you are ready to bet!

When are the Participating Artists for Eurovision Announced?

One thing that could modify the odds considerably is the announcements of the bands that will participate in the next Eurovision contest.

The timing for the announcement can vary between countries, and be different from year to year. Usually, Eurovision takes place in May. The countries generally announce their artists around the end of the year prior, or during the first couple months of the year of the contest.

Obviously, it is easiest to win a bet on Eurovision if you wait until all of the countries’ artists have been announced. Otherwise, you are making a very blind guess (though if you happen to win, the payout will probably be pretty high).

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The finalists for Eurovision 2023!

Strategies for Betting on Eurovision

While it can be challenging to accurately predict who will win Eurovision each year, there are some strategies you can use to try and up your chances of winning. Let’s go over them now.

  1. Consider Past Patterns For Countries Winning And Losing

As we discussed already, there are trends in the results from past years. Certain countries have shown a propensity to succeed in Eurovision, while others have shown the opposite tendency.

If you were going to bet on a country to come in dead last, for example, choosing the United Kingdom might make sense. Their track record suggests that overall, they are the most likely country to lose.

  1. Consider Past Patterns With Respect To Genre

If you are going to pick any genre to bet on by default, it should probably be pop. So far, pop songs have accounted for around a third of the winners of Eurovision.

But that still leaves about a third of the winners in other genres, including hip hop, country, folk, metal, and more.

So, while pop is a great default, it is by no means a guarantee. Sometimes the unexpected happens at Eurovision.

  1. Offbeat Winners Are Not As Common As You Think

When an unusual or offbeat artist wins Eurovision, there is usually a lot of press around it. That makes sense, it defies expectations so everyone fixates on it. But this should not fool you into thinking it always makes sense to back the oddest horse.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes, “The most infamously gimmicky winner might be Finnish heavy metal band Lordi – the guys who looked like orcs from Lord of the Rings – though a crunch of two decades of data suggests that while gimmicks might make a lot of noise at Eurovision, they to not generally translate consistently into winners. In part that might be because gimmicks have been overtaken by commercial pop in recent years. But also, because they’re often a divisive sell.”

Here’s the thing though. Consider the example above. Was Lordi winning Eurovision that year unexpected? Yes. But they did not win solely because of the “gimmick” of their elaborate costumes. Their presentation was certainly a factor, but they legitimately performed a phenomenal song, and they did so with exuberance!

So, whether you are going to bet on a “gimmicky” act or not, the key is to make sure the talent really is there.

  1. Look For Acts With “Balance”

The Sydney Morning Herald provides some additional advice to those looking to guess who will win Eurovision as well, and that is to identify an act that has a lot of “balance.”

SMH explains, “Unpacking the key components of winning songs – by artist, genre, language, tempo, danceability and degree of happiness – we can begin to understand what makes a winner. The answer? Not too loud. Not too fast. Not too hard to dance to. And somewhere between happy and sad. If Goldilocks went to Eurovision, she’d score ‘douze points’.”

The publication does remind readers, however, that sometimes the winners defy this trend so you should always be on the lookout for the unexpected!

  1. Shop The Odds

One more piece of advice for betting on Eurovision is to take the time to shop the odds. You are not going to be placing a rushed live bet, in all likelihood. So, you have plenty of time not only to do your research into the performers who will be competing, but to check around for the best odds as well.

Because there is a whole field of competitors, rather than just a pair of teams facing off, it can be challenging for sportsbooks to set odds for Eurovision. But that just means you might find some great opportunities.

  1. Take Advantage Of Promotions

Speaking of opportunities, if you are signing up at a new sportsbook to bet on Eurovision, you can claim a match bonus on your first deposit. Some sports betting sites might also offer promotions especially for Eurovision when the competition draws close. So, keep an eye on the promotions pages at the betting sites you joined, and watch for offers in your inbox.

Ladies and gentlemen, ABBA!
You know, there are people in this world that think the 1974 Eurovision winners are among the best bands ever!

Types of Bets You Can Place on Eurovision

You might think that all you can do if bet on the winner of Eurovision, but actually, there are a surprisingly large number of Eurovision betting markets. Let’s take a look.

  • Outright
  • This is the most basic and obvious type of bet you can place on Eurovision. You simply are wagering on who will be declared the winner for the final.

  • Semi-Final 1 Winner
  • Place a bet on who will win the first semi-final.

  • Semi-Final 2 Winner
  • Place a bet on who will win the second semi-final.

  • Top 5
  • Bet that a country will make it into the top 5.

  • Top 10
  • Bet that a country will make it into the top 10.

  • To Finish Last
  • Think you know which country will absolutely tank in this year’s Eurovision contest? Bet on that country to come in last place.

  • Futures
  • If you have a guess which country will win Eurovision far in advance, you can try your luck at a futures bet.

  • Accumulators
  • By combining multiple selections, you can make an accumulator bet. If all of the selections turn out to be correct, then you can win a large payout.

Bet on Eurovision Now

If you love watching the Eurovision song competition every year, you will have even more fun when you cast some wagers on it. To bet on the upcoming Eurovision contest, click on any of the links in this post.

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