Top 5 Tips For Betting On College Football

College football is just one of those sports that has it all. Big games, big rivalries, and big fans. Every Saturday feels like a Super Bowl Sunday to college football fans. Few fan bases are as devoted to their squads as those of college football. Maybe it’s the alumni factor or simply the regionality of the teams, college football fans are as rabid and dedicated as they come. College basketball can have their madness in March because college football is king August through January.

The sports gamblers, let’s not forget, are just as devoted to the sport as well. College football is great for the sports bettors because it’s popularity gives us to plenty of media coverage to research. Not to mention, the more people bet the better the lines. Division I football has hundreds of teams and dozens of conferences.

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There are a ton of games every week and that allows sports gamblers, armed with plenty of info and good lines, to find good value for their money. When considering how to bet on college football it is important to remember you have plenty of options. There are games 3 or 4 times a week. This means you will have to do a little more studying but it will be worth it once you find the bets with value.

They are out there every week and it’s up to you to find them. Keep these things in mind before placing any bets as well as the following tips to help you become the best college football handicapper you can be.

Read, Watch, and Listen

As mentioned before, college football betting requires a lot research. There are so many games every week and you have to do some digging to find the value bets. Luckily there is plenty of media coverage. Devour it all.

Be a Homer

Home field advantage in every sport is important and college football is no different. Teams love to cover at home especially if it is a good matchup or a rivalry game.

Undefeateds are Few and Far Between

Every team is going to lose at least one game. Even the good ones. The top ten teams usually have at least one or two losses. Look for the tough matchups on every schedule to see when one may fall.

Not Back to Back

What makes good teams good is their ability to rebound quickly after a loss. The good teams won’t usually have two losses and even when they do they aren’t going to be back to back. No matter the line, the next game they play after a loss, they’ll cover and they’ll cover big.

QB’s are Game Changers

The talent level in college football is very spread out compared to the NFL so a few good players on a team can alter a game and bare in mind that the quarterback is the most important player on every team. They touch the ball every down after all. Look to wager on teams with a good QB. They can make all the difference.

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