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Where To Bet On Super Bowl #54 2020

Chiefs vs 49’ers in Superbowl LIV (54) Here is a quick rundown of what you can learn from this! The Ultimate Guide To Super Bowl Bets Quick Index Where To Bet On The Super Bowl (The legit bookies) Super Bowl Betting 101 Odds Basic Bets Prop Bets Where to Watch The Game Legit Online Sportsbooks…

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Best NCAA Football Betting Sites

Best NCAA Football Betting? Check all this out! Pretty sure you already know that the NFL dominates the action for major sporting events. However, there are those that feel that college football is much more exciting. The teams play harder and the players are more personally invested in the outcome of each game. Also worth…

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5 Betting Biases Everyone Should Be Aware Of

If you’re trying to profit from sports betting, it’s imperative to understand the betting biases. There are flaws in human thinking which could lead to bad decision making. See if you’re making any of these common mistakes. Favorite-Longshot Bias Do you have a tendency to bet on the underdogs? Well, you might be falling into what…

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Tiger Woods (and Friends!) Masters Prop Bets

It’s no secret that those of us here at GoodSportsBooks love us some Prop Bets. If you aren’t familiar with a prop bet, you can think of it as essentially any bet that has no outcome on the actual game outcome itself. Usually, these types of bets are just for fun and they can get…

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Best Tennis Betting Sites & Tennis Betting Guide

Tennis Betting 101 – Quick Table Of Contents Where To Bet On Tennis Online Tennis Tournaments To Bet On Types of Bets You Can Make In-game Betting Live It is easy to debate endlessly over what the best sport in the world is, but tennis definitely brings some serious game as a contender for that…

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Where to Bet on the Ronda Rousey Fight – Nunes vs. Rousey Betting Odds

If you’ve been to my site before you know I highly recommend you stick to the honest sportsbooks with a solid payout history. MyBookie: Ronda Rousey: -185, Amanda Nunes: +155 Bovada: Ronda Rousey: -185, Amanda Nunes: +150 *line has moved to -170 / +140…. ie the line is moving against Rousey Intertops: Ronda Rousey -190,…

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Best Sportsbook Payouts 2020 – October Update

You want the fastest payouts right? Sports bettors understandably want the fastest sportsbook payouts possible. Having quick access to your funds gives them flexibility. You can take advantage of great lines offered, use the money to celebrate a major win. Or, you can ensure the money is ready to move on a highly-anticipated sporting event.…

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Where To Bet On The 2018 World Series of Baseball

The 2018 World Series of Baseball – Best Books Today Baseball is among the most popular sports in the USA. The World Series is the best of 7 games where the winners from the American League and National League come together to play for the Commissioner’s Trophy. Since it’s inception in 1903 millions of dollars…

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Best Sportsbooks For Beginners

Sports Betting can be intimidating for beginners. It can feel as if you’re jumping into the deep end of the pool without a buoy. You either sink or swim – in this case, with your money. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start at books that cater to folks new to betting on…

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