Best Sportsbook Payouts 2018 – February Update

Sports bettors understandably want the fastest sportsbook payouts possible. Having quick access to their funds gives them flexibility. They can take advantage of great lines offered at their favorite books. They can use the money to celebrate a major win. Or, they can ensure the money is ready to move on a highly-anticipated sporting event.

Updated 2/13/2018 – 2018 Payouts & Cash Outs Update

  • Bovada – For check payouts, around 3 days from request. Sent via Fedex. Pretty fast. Bitcoin cash outs fastest within 24 hours of request. January payment hit the bitcoin wallet on the 18th. December payment received as of 12/14/17, a little later than last month. November had been paid on 11/8/2017, early in the pay cycle. Players get one check free per month and checks are being processed in about 24-48 hours. This is fast. Request a payout and within 2-3 days a check is in your hand. Deposit it to your account as soon as you can. Usually paid by today but as of yet the cashout is still in our pending balance.  Will update as BTC payments continue.
  • Bovada bitcoin payouts – These are processed well within 24 hours. The first cash out via BTC takes an extra verification step but they are timely. After that the payouts speedup even faster. Bitcoin has been the required payout method for media partners since September of 2016. All advertising partners have been moved to BTC to free up processing of checks and wires for most of us, the bettors.
  • Bet Online – January paid on 1/15, right on schedule. Nicely done BOL again. December payment on 12/12 right on time. Check payments take 4-5 days or so, which is consistent with previous months. They are pushing bitcoin for cash outs and deposits (as is the entire industry).
  • Bookmaker – Consistent with payouts of the first week of the month, paid 2/2. Previous month paid 1/4. Paid 12/5, within the first week of the month as is their guarantee. November 11/3 – paid via BTC to wallet. October 10/2 – paid via BTC as is the norm here. Recently added 60 crypto currencies you can deposit with. Smooth payout the first week of September, 9/5. Paid early on 8/3 this month via BTC. Took about 24 hours from request to having BTC show up in my Trezor. Fast payout on 7/3. They require us to cash out the first week of each month. Check payments take only 3-4 days total from request to check in hand. I was paid via BTC and it was in my BTC wallet within 3 hours of cash out with verification. They moved all advertising and affiliate payments to BTC to try and relieve some of this logjam. Bitcoin payments are about 1 day on average and mine was within hours.
  • 5dimes – January 2018 – actually earned a paycheck from them after a few months hiatus. Paid 9/12 smoothly via BTC. Players are reporting similar. 8/29/2017 – Expect new payment this next month. 7/10/17 – fast BTC cashouts within a day. Does require email confirmation but payouts come quickly. Consistent fast payouts and this is consistent with reports from forums around the web. Smooth with BTC and check payouts for players in the US running smoothly. Note that the first payout goes through multiple security checks confirming the BTC withdrawal. Checks for players are sent lightning fast. Within 3 days it is in your hand.
  • MyBookie – **WARNING – We have not been paid in 2018 yet. 2/1 Still have not paid because they are having trouble sourcing bitcoin.  They were also late last month but paid finally 11/22. This book is an enigma for me. Some months they pay out way sooner than other. Reports from the internet is that payouts are taking about a week. More details to come soon.
  • **Warning – CarbonSports/Carbon Poker – If you are looking for carbon poker or carbon sports payout info you are probably wondering where your money is. While processing is extremely slow, it is being processed. I give them that, they are paying out and making good. I’ve mentioned before on this site that payment processing for the gambling site itself is a very challenging environment that is constantly changes and full of risk. I don’t do much action here so we last requested a payout June 9th. Received check via DHL on 7/21.  Will report back if check does not clear. 8/10 update, check was good. We have not requested another payout yet.

February 2018 – 2/15 – Intertops paid via BTC after switching to check last month. Betonline processed payment 2/14. Bookmaker and 5dimes paid first week of February. 2/13 Currently waiting on Bovada (any day now and which is still on their payment time window).

January 2018 – Intertops paid to player account on the 2nd but could not pay with bitcoin because of network congestion! Are you serious? They sent a check which arrived on Monday the 8th.  Wow, bitcoin deposits are disabled at Intertops because of the high fee’s and network congestion. Come on Bitcoin, get your shit together and get Segwit or Lightning or whatever solution is in there in place to be able to USE bitcoin not just have a store of value (/endrant). Will update as details become clearer.

December 2017 – Looking forward to a good 2018 with our short list. Bovada in on the 14th, bookmaker in on the 4th. Betonline on the 12th.

November 2017 – Bovada paid 11/8. Betonline paid partial 11/8. Bookmaker, 5dimes and Intertops paid to bitcoin wallet by 11/6. Expect Bovada and Betonline in about a week.


Changes are coming. More and more are moving to BTC to process payments. It will begin with affiliates and eventually players. Get familiar with bitcoin as it is has changed the online gambling marketplace. You can find my short list of legit bitcoin sportsbooks here.

Hopefully relieving some pressure from the check processors. New solutions will be in place by the time NFL football begins rolling around in September.
**Have you requested a cash out recently? Please leave a comment on this page with which sportsbook, which withdrawal method and how long it took to get the money in your hands. We and the other sports bettors thank you in advance! Thanks!

The above sportsbooks are on my short list. You win, they pay. Do not bet at the slow pay / no pay sportsbooks. There are sometimes delays in payments that happen, whenever Uncle Sam decides to come after processors in a big way, but these sites have been through it before, have weathered the storm and pay out. Period.

Obviously fast cashouts are always preferable to slow ones. When your money is out of reach, it’s as if you’re making an interest-free loan to someone. If you can avoid it, allowing it to happen is a bad business decision.

Finding the best sportsbooks online is challenging – we’ve done the work for you! Check it out!

We realize how difficult it is to find the fastest-paying online sportsbooks open to USA players. Below, we’ll point you to the books we use. First, let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons you should limit your betting activity to US-friendly sportsbooks with the quickest payouts.

What’s going on here with this payout report?

I get paid every month from most of these bookies. I report on when that payment comes in. Slow pays to me mean concerns for you.

A sportsbook is only as good as it’s last payout.

Only bet at the books that have consistently paid out. I update the text up above a couple of times each week. I also keep up with payout reports from the betting forums around the web as part of my job so I update back here when necessary.

4 Reasons To Seek The Fastest Sportsbook Payouts Possible

Your reasons for wanting quick access to your money might differ than ours. Or, they might be exactly the same. The important thing to remember is that some sports betting sites pay out faster than others. And they seem to do so on a consistent basis. Unless you have compelling reasons to place wagers at slow-paying books, it’s in your interest to make a switch.

Here’s why fast cash-outs are attractive to us (see if your own reasons dovetail with those below):

#1 – Stay Ready To Move On Favorable Lines

Imagine this scenario: you place most of your bets at two or three sportsbooks you’ve become accustomed to over the years. Most of your funds are held within your accounts. You’re locked in.

One day you stumble upon a book that offers everything you like to see in a sports betting site. And it has a stellar reputation to boot. You notice that the site offers several amazing lines, and want to take advantage of them before they shift. Unfortunately, your money is tied up in your other sportsbook accounts. There’s no way to gain access to it in time to fully leverage the odds you’ve stumbled upon.

This is a dilemma you’re likely to encounter at some point. In fact, you’ll probably confront it more than once. If your money is held at a sportsbook known for processing quick withdrawals, you’ll have a better chance of taking advantage of opportunities.

#2 – Maintain Spending Flexibility

There are countless things you might want – or need – to spend money on. For example, you might want to take a small vacation with your spouse. You may want to purchase the latest iPhone. Or perhaps your child is starting college and the first tuition payment is due. From buying coveted items for yourself to enjoying experiences with your family to paying for necessities (e.g. a new roof for your home), you want to have funds available.

Now suppose most of your discretionary income is contained in your sportsbook accounts. It might take weeks for you to gain access to it. In the meantime, you may be forced to put other expenditures on hold, some of which might need to be addressed immediately.

The more quickly you can obtain your funds, the better. Here, receiving fast sportsbook payouts can be a huge benefit.

#3 – Keep Your Money Productive

Ideally, your money should always be working for you. Whether you’re investing in stocks, building an emergency fund, or generating profits by betting on sports, idle funds represent a waste.

You can ensure your money stays productive by shortening the time frame between requesting a withdrawal and receiving your cashout. You’ll be able to put your funds to use more quickly and (hopefully) toward profitable ends.

#4 – Enjoy Peace Of Mind

No one enjoys the thought of giving up control of their funds. It’s unsettling. The only reason most of us feel comfortable leaving a considerable sum in our checking and savings accounts is because the funds are insured. Not so with the funds you keep in your sportsbook accounts.

When the high-profile poker sites Full Tilt and PokerStars were forced to close their doors to U.S. poker players in 2011, many people found their accounts frozen. They couldn’t access their money, which, in some cases, amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those issues have since been resolved, but they reveal a risk taken by U.S. sports bettors.

When you limit your betting activity to sportsbooks with the fastest payouts, you’ll have more peace of mind. In an emergency, you’ll be able to gain access to your funds more quickly.

Fast Sportsbook Cashouts And Payout Methods

The speed with which you receive your funds is influenced by the payout method you choose. Some methods are faster than others. For example, transfers such as those sent via person to person are usually the quickest option. By contrast, choosing to receive a check in the mail is typically the slowest. With a wire transfer, your funds are available within minutes. A check may take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.

Bank wires are also relatively quick, at least in comparison to checks. You’ll usually receive your money within 5 or 6 days. Keep in mind it could take longer depending on holidays.

If wires take so little time compared to checks, why would anyone choose checks as their payout option? The reason involves fees. Wires tend to be expensive. If you’re in a bind and need cash quickly, paying the wire transfer fee may be worthwhile. Otherwise, it’s a very costly way to receive money that is already yours.

It’s important to note that there is often a fee to have a check sent out. But the fee is much smaller than the fee charged for a wire transfer. Moreover, depending on the circumstances, it may be waived by the sportsbook.

Even the fastest cash out sportsbooks won’t send your money to a credit card, even if you used the credit card to fund your account. Doing so is too problematic thanks to U.S. federal laws passed several years ago. (Sports bettors living in Europe are spared this inconvenience.)

How To Streamline Fast Payouts From USA Sportsbooks

If you’re making a withdrawal for the first time, be prepared to prove your identity. A lot of sports bettors become angry when the sportsbooks from which they’re cashing out ask them to present government-issued identification (driver’s license, I.D. card, etc.).

First, this requirement is normal. Nearly all sports betting sites do it. Second, despite the inconvenience, it’s actually encouraging that sportsbooks take steps to verify the identities of those to whom they’re sending money.

You can remove unnecessary obstacles to gain quick access to your cash by having the proper documents ready to fax or email over to the sports betting site. When they ask, be ready to accommodate them.

Where To Find Fast-Paying Sportsbooks

We’ve used the following sports betting sites with great success. Each of them has managed to process and send payouts quickly and without problems.

Bovada Sports – A veteran in the online sports betting industry. Grab a $250 free bonus with promo code 130347. Check our review

Remember, fast payouts are always better than slow ones. If you can find the former, why accept the latter? With that in mind, we highly recommend checking out the sites we’ve listed above.

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