NBA Basketball Betting Basics – How To Bet Basketball

Basketball is not a complicated game which makes it extremely popular among sports bettors and online gamblers. However, (that’s right, there’s always a catch,) you have to develop your betting strategy. You must make an educated decision about picking your winner. It is a process that can take longer than simply learning the gameplay rules.

A lot of players enjoy the process of acquiring the information. They love to analyze the statistics as much as the game itself. But, there is always a question of where to start.

We will assume that you are completely in the dark about everything that concerns basketball scoring system and wagering. With that, we will start with a brief description of basketball rules and the most common betting types.

Money Line, Handicap and Totals Bets

Basketball Dollar

You can learn the Basketball basics in an afternoon, then the real fun starts.

Money Line, Handicap, and Totals are the most common NBA bets.

The Money Line – You are selecting the winner of the game. It is actually a widely popular bet that can be applied to a number of different sports. The objective of this bet is pretty straightforward.

The Handicap Bet – It is a more elaborate version of the Money Line bet. In order to establish a balance between the two teams and level the playing field, the bookies will offer a certain handicap presented in the form of negative and positive numbers.

The team considered as favorite will need to overcome the negative handicap while the underdog will have a certain advantage as a starting point. For example, if the points handicap for one of the teams is -7.5, then that team will need to win the game by more than the specified number for the bet to win.

With NBA Totals bets, – the winner of the game is completely irrelevant. The objective here is to successfully predict the total number of points (scored by both teams) and bet if that number will exceed or stay under the sum provided by the bookies.

Other Wagers

Don’t forget. All of this action can also be done on your mobile device. See the bottom for more info.

These are not the only options and NBA betting can, of course, be more advanced, focusing on the particular stage of the game rather than the match as a whole.

A number of bookies will give you the opportunity to place your wagers on what will go on during a particular half or quarter of the game. You can even go as far as to wager on the entire season or longer intervals.

Placing bets on events that will presumably take place in the specified quarter or half, require a more thorough knowledge of the sports and conducting a research that goes beyond the game itself is highly recommended.

The betting options will remain the same, but more compressed and restricted to just one stage of the game. Depending on the usual gameplay strategy of the two teams, one can bet on a Team X winning the first quarter, or go for the Totals in the first half when both teams tend to accumulate more points in the initial stages of the game.

Want to Cover a more extended time period? That’s called Outright betting. The entire season and all 82 of the games can be taken into consideration here, with the option to go even further and bet on longer time intervals.

Some of the options would include the NBA Championship winner, the winners of Eastern and Western Conference, the total number of wins a certain team will score, MVP award winner, etc.

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Things to Take in Considerations Prior to Submitting Your First Wager

A lot of the betting options will require some in-depth knowledge and a certain degree of dedication from the players’ part otherwise, you are taking a higher (and unnecessary risk) of losing. Before placing your first bet, here are some factors to keep in mind.

  • Injuries
  • Rotations
  • Team Schedules
  • Statistics

Rotations and key players injuries can change the course of the game and add higher advantage to the opposing team. Experienced bettors will adjust their bets accordingly because they make sure to be regularly updated on any changes in the team starting lineup.

The crowded schedules can significantly impact a performance of an individual player and therefore affect the entire team. A lot of bettors like to take a closer look at the team’s timetable and consider the effects of fatigue. The team members who are playing their fourth game in a row will probably be showing it.

Rules of NBA Betting and Basic Bet Types

The National Basketball Association league, or NBA, is the elite association of basketball teams with the universal game rules. The team consist of five players and the points are awarded for achieving the following scores.

  • if someone shoots within the 3-point line (2 points)
  • if they shoot outside the 3-point line (3 points)
  • and shooting a free throw if there was a violation (1 point)

Four, 12 minute ‘quarters’ make up the game. It also cannot end in a tie. If both teams have the same score, the games will continue in overtime, until new points determine a winner.

There are altogether 30 teams which play 82 games per season and out of 30, 8 teams with the best win record will go on to the playoffs, competing for the NBA Championship.


Stats analysis is one of the most important stages of sports betting. Fortunately, the information about the team and individual members are extremely easy to obtain. This makes the choice of bet very easy and even inexperienced bettors can take a look at the statistics and figure out which of the two teams has performed better in the past and what are the strengths or weaknesses of their team members.

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