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Nearly all of the largest Sportsbooks now offer mobile betting to their customers. Rather than checking odds and placing wagers on a PC or Mac, sports bettors can do so on their Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and other mobiles. This has introduced a much greater level of flexibility than was available in the past. Even better, Sportsbooks with mobile betting options have made the experience simple and seamless for their customers.

If you haven’t yet placed bets using your smartphone or tablet, you may be shocked at how easy it is. You might also be surprised at the number of mobile platforms supported by your favorite books. Even though smartphones are practically everywhere, using them to place wagers is still relatively new in the sports betting industry.

We’ll provide an overview of Sportsbooks with mobile betting below. It’s worth noting that every one of the sports betting sites we’ve reviewed favorably on this site allows you to use your mobile device to place bets. We’ll summarize the features offered by each book on this page.

Featured Site

Click Now To Go To Bovada's Mobile App

Click Now To Go To Bovada’s Mobile App

Ipad / Apple / Android Betting Apps

The challenge for Sportsbooks is providing consistent support for as many mobile platforms as possible. Several years ago, mobile was for the most part dominated by Apple. That’s no longer the case today as Google in particular and Microsoft have made huge inroads into the mobile space (with Android and Windows, respectively).

Here’s a brief synopsis of the platforms supported by sports betting sites with mobile betting options.

Sports Betting on an Android

The Android operating system has become a major contender in the mobile space. Millions of people prefer it over the OS used in iPhones. Accordingly, most Sportsbooks will allow you to place bets with your Android-enabled phone. Books that offer Android sports betting include Bookmaker, Bovada, and

Sports Betting On An iPhone / iPad (iOS)

The iPhone is arguably the device that launched the smartphone craze to begin with. Its operating system – called iOS – is simple and easy to navigate. It renders smooth graphics, which gives users a feeling of comfort. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sports betting sites support the iOS. Sportsbooks with iPhone mobile betting include, Bovada, and Bodog.

Quick note: Apple’s iOS also runs on the iPad and iPod Touch. That being the case, you can use either of these devices to place bets at books that support it.

Sports Betting On A Blackberry

Blackberry was one of the first entrants in the mobile space. Although the company hasn’t spearheaded major innovations like Google and Apple, its operating system is still reasonably good. And the fact is, millions of people use Blackberry mobiles. Hence, Bovada, Sportsbook, and (among other sportsbooks) have worked hard to support this platform.

Sports Betting On A Windows Device

Microsoft has had a difficult time keeping up with its competitors in mobile. The Window Mobile operating system has shown some impressive gains in terms of market share, but is still considered an also-ran when compared to Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS. While some Sportsbooks support Windows mobile sports betting, it is not treated as a priority.

Before throwing money at your phone, make sure you know how to Bet Online. For some of the best Mobile Bonuses, check out the Guys n Gals over at Bovada.

Why Sportsbooks Offer Mobile Betting

Sports bettors want the option to place wagers on their iPhones, Androids, HTCs, and tablets. As a result, sites like Bovada, JustBet, and others have rushed to meet that demand. They’ve designed versions of their main sites that make mobile betting easy.

Having said that, every innovation has early adopters and late adopters. Sports betting via mobile is no exception. Some sports bettors jumped on the feature as soon as it debuted. Others have been slower to come around. If you’re in the latter group, consider some of the major advantages of using your smartphone or tablet to place bets.

  1. Convenience

  2. Suppose you’re away from home and your office, and don’t have access to your computer or laptop. You’ve got the urge to place a few bets.

    A few years ago, you’d have to wait until you were in front of your PC or Mac. Today, you can access your Sportsbook accounts on your phone. Log in, place your bets, and log out. Simple and ultra-convenient.

  3. Anonymity

  4. You don’t want your bosses or coworkers to know about your sports betting activity. Many companies have installed software on their office computers to monitor their employees’ online activity. If you visit Bodog Sports to place a few wagers, your time spent at the site may show up on a report.

    When you use Sportsbooks with mobile betting enabled, you can place bets without your bosses or coworkers being any the wiser.

  5. Opportunity

  6. Suppose you’re on the road on a family vacation. Maybe you’re at the beach, a restaurant, the airport. Further suppose there’s a huge game or match coming up that you’re dying to place a bet on.

If you have your phone nearby, putting action on the game takes moments. You don’t have to sacrifice betting opportunities just because you’re without computer.

Sportsbook Mobile Betting

You can place bets on Sportsbook with any smartphone or tablet, regardless of its operating system. Simply open your device’s web browser and visit There, you can wager on games and matches just as you would via your PC or Mac.

Bovada Mobile Betting

Bovada was an early mover in the mobile space. It set up a mobile site at, where its customers could browse lines and props, and place bets. There’s nothing to download. The site supports all Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. Although Windows and Blackberry are not mentioned on Bovada’s site, you should be able to place bets using both of those platforms.

Bookmaker Mobile Betting has made it very easy for sports bettors to place wagers via their phones and tablets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an Android device, iPhone, or Blackberry. Simply visit, enter your username and password, and start placing bets. As with Bovada, there’s nothing to download. The site also supports the iPad, Kindle Fire, and Galaxy tablets (among other devices).

Bodog Mobile Betting

Bodog has gained a reputation over the last several years for being highly-responsive to its customers’ needs. To that end, they launched a mobile site at to cater to those who preferred Sportsbooks with mobile betting features. The site supports all devices that run on Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPod, and iPad). Blackberry and Windows users may also be able to use it. It’s completely free with no download required.

TopBet Mobile Betting

TopBet has designed a versatile mobile version of its site for sports bettors who subsequently prefer to log in through their phones and tablets. You’ll find it at It has been created to support devices running iOS (iPhone, iPod, and iPad), Android OS (Samsung, Nexus, HTC, etc.), Blackberry OS, and Windows Mobile. Check live scores, browse available lines, and place bets on the go.

BetOnline Mobile Betting

As long as you have an internet connection, you can place wagers at BetOnline via phone or tablet. The Sportsbook’s mobile site can be found at (Or just visit on your mobile, and you’ll be redirected automatically.) The site supports Android devices, iPhones and iPads, and Blackberry phones. It’s easy to log in and place bets anywhere and anytime.

Sportsbetting Mobile Betting

Sportsbetting has made mobile betting as easy as possible for its customers. Whether you’re on a Blackberry, Android, or iPhone, just visit The type of device you’re using will be recognized by the site, and you’ll be quickly directed to the mobile version. In this case, log in, choose the type of bet you want to place, the event on which you want to wager, and the team or player you want to back. Mobile Betting

Lastly, JustBet has become a major contender in the mobile sports betting space. You can access the mobile version of its site at If you’re on an iPhone or Android device, there’s no download required. You can log in and start placing bets immediately. However, If you’re on a Blackberry, you’ll need to download a special app from

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to check live scores, follow up on your wagers, and browse the odds for upcoming events.


In conclusion, the major Sportsbooks have made mobile betting extremely easy. Placing bets is fast and simple if you already have funds in your Sportsbook account. If you need to make a deposit, the process is slower. You may need to dig up promo codes in order to qualify for certain promotions. Moreover, if you haven’t made an initial deposit, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. That takes time and patience, especially if you “fat-finger” the card numbers, CSC code, or other details.

We strongly recommend registering accounts at a few of the Sportsbooks we’ve listed on this page. You may find that once you’ve used your phone to place bets, using your computer to do so seems antiquated.

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