What Are the Best Sites for Making Parlay Bets?

Have you read stories about sports bettors who managed to wager just a few bucks and came out winning hundreds of thousands of dollars? If so, you were probably reading about parlay wagers. Winning a parlay bet can change your life. For example, here is a story about a punter in Las Vegas who wagered just $5 and managed to turn it into $305,375 through a parlay bet.

Parlay bets are classified as high-risk wagers because they are hard to win, especially as you add more and more selections. But because you can win a ton of money while staking very little, you can make them on a regular basis without busting your bankroll.

Why yes, yes we would like to turn $15 into 45 grand!

In this guide, we will compare parlay betting policies and promotions between multiple online sports books, but first, let’s go over parlay basics in case you are new to this type of wager.

What is a Parlay?

A parlay is type of accumulator bet, which means that it includes not just one bet, but multiple selections. While you may encounter some bookies that are willing to make partial payouts on accumulator bets, the practice is not common. The whole point of a parlay bet is that you need to win every single selection that you make in order to get a payout. Even if only one of your selection is a loser, you lose the whole bet. That is true even if the rest of your selections were correct.

Selections can include multiple types of bets within the same parlay, and you can even bet on completely different sports as part of the same parlay. How many selections are included in your parlay is up to you. There needs to be at least two selections, but most sites let you go as high as twelve. Some may allow you to make even more selections! The more selections you make, the riskier the wager, but the greater the potential rewards if you win. So, when you make a parlay bet, you can choose how much risk you want to take.

If you want to give yourself a chance at the highest payout, you could add a lot of selections, and assume a higher degree of risk. But if you prefer, you can aim for a lower potential payout and just add 2, maybe 3 selections. Your chances of being correct about just a few selections are much higher. Also, sometimes you can take advantage of really great odds to get a solid payout even with just a few selections. We will share an example with you later on.

Why Make Parlay Bets?

Why? To turn that little money into some bigger money! Read on!

You will run into a lot of people advising you “don’t make parlay bets or other accumulator wagers if you want to win at sports betting, just make straight bets.” If all of your wagers are parlays, it is true – you will not do well overall, and that is no way to make a living as a punter.

But, if you are mostly placing straight bets and want to sprinkle in the occasional parlay, it can actually play to your advantage in some situations. Think about when you cannot find good odds on straight bets on favorites, for instance, but you want to bet.

You could take a look at what kind of payout you might get if you combined a few selections into a single parlay bet. You might discover that this gives you a much better opportunity than if you took them all as straight wagers. Here are a couple of other advantages of parlay bets:

  • You can hedge with ease.

Some punters get nervous about making parlay bets because they hate the thought of not getting paid on their winning selections if they lose one. But if you make a few straight wagers alongside the parlay using the same selections, if you win most of your selections, you’ll at least win those straight bets, even if you lose the parlay.

  • There is no bigger bang for your buck.

Imagine putting down just $5 and walking away with $100,000 or more!

  • Parlay bets are exhilarating.

Not much can compare with the thrill of watching each of your selections win in turn, and then realizing that you have just won a massive payout as a result of calling a long shot.

  • You could get major boasting rights.

It’s always cool being able to brag about winning a bet. But how many people can boast that they picked an entire set of winning selections, especially for a larger parlay? Think about telling your friends how you managed to pick ten or twelve or even fifteen winners.

Peoples’ lives have changed forever because of parlay bets. Even though it isn’t likely, for all you know, the next time you risk a few bucks, you could soon find yourself with more money than you ever imagined you’d win.

What could you do with $100,000 right now? You can probably come up with a ton of answers to that question effortlessly! All of those answers are reasons to consider making the occasional parlay bet, even if the bulk of your bets are straight bets.

Top Sites for Making Parlay Bets

  1. Bovada

Ask anyone with a passing familiarity with online sports betting to name one US-facing sportsbook. Chances are good they will answer “Bovada.”

Bovada is the favorite of many punters, and it has long been ours as well. You just cannot beat this site’s reliability, competitive lines, customer support, and overall trustworthiness.

Naturally, Bovada does offer parlay bets. Making a parlay bet is pretty effortless. You just click on up to 12 selections to add them to your Bet Slip. Open your Bet Slip and click on “Multiples.” Check the odds, set your risk, and click “Place Bets.”

This site also allows you to make round robin wagers, which incorporate multiple parlays and help you to offset some of your risk.

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • You can make a parlay wager with anywhere from 2-12 lines.
  • If there is a push, the number of selections in your parlay will decrease, and the payout amount will be based on the new, reduced number of selections. Should there be no remaining selections, you will get a refund.
  • “No action” works the same as pushes.
  • You must win every selection to win a payout on your parlay.
  • Certain types of bets cannot be included in a parlay (i.e. same game props).

Here are the payouts based on parlay size:

  • 2-Team 2.645/1
  • 3-Team 5.958/1
  • 4-Team 12.283/1
  • 5-Team 24.359/1
  • 6-Team 47.413/1
  • 7-Team 91.424/1
  • 8-Team 175.446/1
  • 9-Team 335.852/1
  • 10-Team 642.082/1
  • 11-Team 1226.701/1
  • 12-Team 2342.793/1

The maximum payout you can get from a parlay through Bovada is $100,000.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
You can get the standard $250 Sports Welcome Bonus when you sign up to make parlay bets at Bovada, but there are no special promotions for parlay bettors at this time. Parlays and round robins do count toward earning points through Bovada’s rewards program. As you earn Rewards Points, you can redeem them for cash. As you climb the rankings of the program, you will receive a more competitive redemption rate.

  1. BetOnline

Our next recommendation is another of the top US sportsbooks, BetOnline. We love this bookmaker for their competitive odds, their fast and easy deposits and withdrawals (especially with respect to credit card processing), and their solid customer support.

BetOnline offers parlays and round robins as well as other accumulator bets such as teasers. Let’s take a look at their parlay policies.

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • Every selection must win for your parlay bet to be a winner.
  • If there is a push, the selections will be reduced. The same goes for a cancellation.
  • You can have anywhere from 1-15 selections.

Here are the parlay odds at BetOnline:

  • 2 teams 2.64 to 1
  • 3 teams 6 to 1
  • 4 teams 12.28 to 1
  • 5 teams 24.35 to 1
  • 6 teams 47.41 to 1
  • 7 teams 91.42 to 1
  • 8 teams 175 to 1
  • 9 teams 335 to 1
  • 10 teams 642 to 1
  • 11 teams 1226 to 1
  • 12 teams 2342 to 1
  • 13 teams 4473 to 1
  • 14 teams 8541 to 1
  • 15 teams 16306 to 1

As you can see, the odds are similar to what you find over at Bovada. But BetOnline allows you to include more selections. Additionally, the payouts are higher—up to $150,000. That is quite a bit better than the $100,000 payout cap at Bovada.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
BetOnline doesn’t have any promotions aimed exclusively at parlay bettors, but they do have a 50% welcome bonus for all sports bettors. They also offer a 25% sports reload bonus you can take advantage of over the long term. Even higher welcome and reload bonuses are available to those who deposit cryptocurrencies.

  1. GTBets

GTBets, or “Game Time Bets,” is a cool sportsbook that aims its services at USA customers and offers some exciting promotions that are not available elsewhere. Let’s see what their parlay betting is like. The site claims to “offer the most comprehensive Parlay selection available today.”

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • Parlay betting is available for every sport you can wager on through GTBets.
  • You can add anywhere from 2-12 selections.
  • If the outcomes of selections are causally linked, you cannot include them in your parlay together.
  • GTBets says, “For NBA and NCAA, first half sides may not be parlayed with the full game side in the same game, and first half totals may not be parlayed with full game total in the same game.”

The payout odds for parlay bets on GTBets depend on what sport you are wagering on. For football and basketball:

  • 2 teams 13 to 5
  • 3 teams 6 to 1
  • 4 teams 11.5 to 1
  • 5 teams 22 to 1
  • 6 teams 40 to 1
  • 7 teams 80 to 1
  • 8 teams 150 to 1
  • 9 teams 300 to 1
  • 10 teams 500 to 1
  • 11 teams 1000 to 1
  • 12 teams 2000 to 1

For baseball (moneyline):
(Values are equivalent to one dollar.)

  • -1.05 = .95   -1.85 = .54
  • -1.10 = .91   -1.90 = .53
  • -1.15 = .87   -1.95 = .51
  • -1.20 = .83   -2.00 = .50
  • -1.25 = .80   -2.10 = .48
  • -1.30 = .77   -2.20 = .45
  • -1.35 = .74   -2.30 = .43
  • -1.40 = .71   -2.40 = .42
  • -1.45 = .69   -2.50 = .40
  • -1.50 = .66   -2.60 = .38
  • -1.55 = .64   -2.70 = .37
  • -1.60 = .62   -2.80 = .36
  • -1.65 = .61   -3.00 = .33
  • -1.70 = .59   -3.25 = .31
  • -1.75 = .57   -3.50 = .29
  • -1.80 = .55   -4.00 = .25

You can find a detailed explanation of how to run the calculations for baseball parlays at GTBets here .

Alas, GTBets is pretty restrictive when it comes out payouts. They state, “The maximum parley payoff for any one parlay wager shall be $50,000, whatever the stake, or theoretical payout displayed elsewhere on the gtbets.ag system.”

That is only half the maximum payout amount at Bovada, and only a third of the maximum payout amount at BetOnline.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
There are no special bonuses for parlay bettors, but there is a 150% cash sign-up bonus up to $500 for all sports bettors. It is a pretty nice bonus too. As the site explains, “As this is a Cash Bonus, you get to keep both the wager and win amount on each wager. Unlike the less lucrative Free Play offers that most other sportsbooks promote, our Cash Bonuses allow you to use your bonus how you want to use it, without restrictions on wager types and products.”

You can also look forward to automated reload bonuses when you top up your account.

As you get to the bottom of this article, you’ll see who we think the big winner is to come from all of this. We’ll give you a hint now though, joining up with them here can get you a Welcome Bonus of up to $1000!
Also, you may just be interested in the article, “Which Online Sportsbook is the Best for In-Play Betting?
  1. MyBookie

Another site that offers parlay action is MyBookie. We love this site’s loyalty program, diverse betting markets, and excellent customer service. As with the other sites featured in this list, MyBookie makes it a piece of cake to create a parlay bet. You just choose your selections, click on “Parlay” in your Bet Slip, put in the amount you wish to stake, and then click on “Place Bet.”

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • Choose anywhere from 2-10 teams.
  • You cannot include a futures bet or a proposition bet as a selection in a parlay.
  • For circled plays in parlays, you cannot exceed underdog odds of +500.
  • As is typical, if there is a push, the selections will reduce to the next level. The same is true if there is no action.

Here are the payoffs that are listed by MyBookie:

  • 2 teams 2.6
  • 3 teams 6
  • 4 teams 11
  • 5 teams 22
  • 6 teams 45
  • 7 teams 85
  • 8 teams 140
  • 9 teams 150
  • 10 teams 300

The general wagering terms on the site state, “The maximum payout for any parlay is $100,000 and the maximum combined daily winnings for any account is also $100,000.” So, that is equivalent to Bovada.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
There are no promotions directed specifically at parlay punters, but new customers can qualify for a 50% sign-up bonus. Returning customers can receive a 25% reload bonus up to $500.

  1. BookMaker

If you are seeking a high-volume sportsbook for parlays, BookMaker is the place for you. But while we especially recommend them for high rollers, we must emphasize that you can have a great time here with a small bankroll too!

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • You may include anywhere from 2-15 teams in a parlay.
  • For any given team within the context of a single match, you cannot parlay the spread and the moneyline simultaneously.
  • You may not include causally connected selections within one parlay. BookMaker calls these “correlated plays.”
  • The same rules apply for pushes or no action as do at the other sportsbooks we have looked at. If either happens, the parlay selections reduce.
  • While this site does not let you incorporate live bets into teasers, you can add live bets to parlays. Your selections can consist exclusively of live bets or of a combination of live bets and pre-game bets.
  • Regarding live bets in parlays, BookMaker adds, “Please keep in mind that with all Live Betting, limits, in general, are lower than pre-game. When making parlays, even a single Live Betting selection will affect the max wager allowed. For example, in a 4-team parlay, with 3 pre-game bets and only 1 Live Bet, the amount you can bet will be based on Live Bet limits.”

Here are the payouts listed for football parlays. They are listed in amounts for every $1 you would wager:

  • 2 Team $2.645
  • 3 Team $5.958
  • 4 Team $12.283
  • 5 Team $24.359
  • 6 Team $47.413
  • 7 Team $91.424
  • 8 Team $175.446
  • 9 Team $335.852
  • 10 Team $642.082
  • 11 Team $1226.701
  • 12 Team $2342.793
  • 13 Team $4473.514
  • 14 Team $8541.254
  • 15 Team $16306.940

You can see they are close to what we have seen at other sportsbooks.

Here are the payouts listed for basketball wagers in the same format:

  • 2 Team 2.645
  • 3 Team 5.958
  • 4 Team 12.283
  • 5 Team 24.359
  • 6 Team 47.413
  • 7 Team 91.424
  • 8 Team 175.446
  • 9 Team 335.852
  • 10 Team 642.082
  • 11 Team 1226.701
  • 12 Team 2342.793
  • 13 Team 4473.514
  • 14 Team 8541.254
  • 15 Team 16306.940

Looking for baseball parlay payouts? See this chart.

BookMaker caps parlay payouts at $150,000. So, that is in line with BetOnline’s cap, and among the highest we have encountered.
Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?

Does BookMaker offer any promotions exclusively for parlay bettors? No, but you can claim a welcome bonus as well as reload bonuses. A number of different options for each are available depending on the currency you are depositing.

This sportsbook also has a rewards program called BetPoints. These points are redeemable for cash-back. You can earn BetPoints while making parlay wagers at BookMaker. Here are the terms as laid out on their page :“When all selections in a parlay are eligible for BetPoints, you’ll earn 2 points for every unit ($1) risked. On teasers, this is 1.5 points for every unit risked. This is regardless of the number of teams included, so a 2-team parlay risking $100 earns the same as a 10-teamer risking $100; both earn 200 BetPoints. If you place a parlay where one or more selections do not qualify for BetPoints, the number of points will be adjusted accordingly.”

You can visit the linked page for an example if you need one.

  1. SportsBetting

SportsBetting is a site operated by the same folks that run BetOnline. Before they acquired it, the site was in debt, but BetOnline resolved that and turned the site around in a big way. Today, it is an awesome place to gamble.

As you would expect, the policies for parlay betting on this site are similar to what they are over at BetOnline, but let’s take a quick look anyway.

Parlay Terms and Conditions
If there is a push or a tie, the usual rule applies where your selections drop along with the payouts to the next lowest level.

Here are the odds:

  • 2 teams +264
  • 3 teams +600
  • 4 teams +1228
  • 5 teams +2435
  • 6 teams +4741
  • 7 teams +9142
  • 8 teams 175-1
  • 9 teams 335-1
  • 10 teams 642-1
  • 11 teams 1226-1
  • 12 teams 2342-1
  • 13 teams 4473-1
  • 14 teams 8541-1
  • 15 teams 16,306-1

Elsewhere on the site, SportsBetting says you can go up to 25 teams, but that isn’t mentioned in the odds chart, so that may be something that used to be possible that is no longer offered.

As is true on BetOnline, SportsBetting allows an impressive maximum payout of $150,000.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
While there are no special promotions for parlay bettors, all sports bettors can grab the 50% welcome bonus up to $1,000 upon opening an account. SportsBetting offers a 25% reload bonus as well, and higher bonuses are offered to crypto customers.

  1. Intertops

One of the oldest sportsbooks on our list and one of the most unique is Intertops. This site has been in operation for more than two decades, and during that entire timespan, we have found them completely reliable. Let’s see what they have to offer with respect to parlay betting.

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • As with every other site we have looked at, you must win all your selections to win a parlay.
  • Should there be a push, a cancellation, or a postponement, the usual reduction in selections will occur. This also will be true if a venue for an event changes.
  • Explaining how to compute potential payouts, the site says, Parlay winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds of each selection bet by each other, and then by multiplying the accumulated odds by the amount wagered in the parlay column.”
  • Parlays can count toward your bonus rollover requirements, but excluded selections will not count. The rest of your selections for the same parlay will still count.

The Terms and Conditions page states:
The maximum dollar amount that may be won by an individual customer, syndicate or partners per bet is one hundred thousand (100,000) dollars U.S. currency or the equivalent in the currency of your Intertops betting account.

So, whether you are making a parlay or another type of bet, your maximum payout on Intertops will be $100,000.
Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?

Intertops goes beyond other betting sites to offer promotions specifically for parlay bettors! They also offer you a choice of sign-up bonuses.

Let’s take a look at the parlay offers.

  • Up to $100 Extra for Your Parlays: Your successful Aussie Open wagers mean extra cash for free.
  • 20 x $50 Parlay Free Bets: If your parlay loses by exactly one option, you are in our weekly draw.
  • $1K Monthly Parlay Prince: The customer with the highest net profit from a single parlay bet in each calendar month will be rewarded with an amazing $1,000 Bonus with no rollover requirements.

The first of those promotions is available for a limited time only, since it is for the Aussie Open. Throughout the year, you may see different promos for specific sporting events like this at Intertops. But the other two types of promotions you see here, the Parlay Free Bets, and the $1 Monthly Parlay Prince, are both long-term offers, and since they run on a weekly and monthly basis respectively, you have repeated chances to potentially get value back while you are making parlay bets.

So, if parlay bets are a regular part of what you do, you would be remiss not to open an account at Intertops!

Don’t think of it as falling down a money pit. Adjust your eyes and see it as money raining down toward you!

  1. Cloudbet

For those who want to make parlay bets with bitcoin, Cloudbet is our recommended option. This site allows you to bet anonymously, and the minimum deposit is only 0.001 BTC. The site keeps customer funds in cold storage for extra security.

Parlay Terms and Conditions
Cloudbet refers to parlay wagers as “multiple bets” for whatever reason. As per their page: A multiple bet on Cloudbet can include up to 8 selections.

We didn’t find information about odds. But when you input a bet, you can find out immediately how much you could potentially win, as the site will calculate it for you and display the total.

Cloudbet shares some interesting stories in its help files about customers that won big while making multiple bets:

  • A player who wagered 0.005 BTC on 7 NBA teams in 2017 from the Philippines won 11.932 BTC.
  • A European player wagering only 0.01 BCH won 3.228 BCH in 2018. It was only a 4 fold bet, but the odds made it highly lucrative.
  • A VIP player placing a 7-fold bet wagered 0.05 BTC and won 2.1455 BTC.

Now, you might be wondering if you were to win a huge amount of bitcoin with a parlay bet on Cloudbet how much you could expect to receive through your payout. I couldn’t find a payout cap listed anywhere on the site, so I checked in with customer service. An agent named Gabriel looked into it and reported back that there apparently is no cap. Is this a misunderstanding? I’m not sure. But I suppose a well enough funded company might feel comfortable not setting a cap. So it may be correct, But it might be worth looking into further.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
We didn’t spot any promos aimed at parlay bettors, but you can snag a huge welcome bonus when signing up at this site. The match can go as high as 5 BTC.

  1. Xbet

Last but not least, we have Xbet, which is run by the same company that operates MyBookie. While what they offer with regards to parlays is similar, it is not identical. So, let’s take a look.

Parlay Terms and Conditions

  • You cannot incorporate futures bets or prop bets into parlays.
  • For circled plays in parlays, you cannot exceed +500 odds.
  • Your selections will reduce if there is no action or a tie.

Here are the payoffs listed:

  • 2 TEAMS 2.6
  • 3 TEAMS 6
  • 4 TEAMS 12
  • 5 TEAMS 24
  • 6 TEAMS 47
  • 7 TEAMS 91
  • 8 TEAMS 175
  • 9 TEAMS 300
  • 10 TEAMS 600

A flat line of -110 was used in calculating the payoffs listed above. Not surprisingly, the maximum payout for a parlay bet on this website is same as it is at MyBookie, which is $100,000.

Are There Any Special Promotions for Parlay Bettors?
Yes, Xbet does sometimes offer special bonuses for parlay bettors, but we did not find any listed on the main promos page with the rest of the bonuses at the time of this writing.

First of all, when you sign up on Xbet, you can claim a match on your first deposit up to $500 for sports betting. The site also offers generous reload bonuses up to $250 on subsequent deposits.

In the Knowledgebase, we found this page describing a 10% Parlay Win Bonus:

  • “To be eligible for the 10% Win Bonus, players must place a parlay wager featuring 3 or more NCAA Football Bowl Games. Only parlays including full game spreads and totals qualify for the win bonus.
  • Parlays featuring games outside these dates do not qualify for the win bonus.
  • Parlays featuring games which are not NCAA Football Bowl Games do not qualify for the win bonus.
  • Maximum win bonus is $100 per wager.
  • Maximum total bonus is $500 for the promotion.
  • Win Bonus is credited as Free Play with a 5-time rollover requirement.
  • Rollover requirements must be met in full.”

This bonus was valid as of about 1 year ago, and obviously expired some time ago, but it gives you an idea of the types of parlay bonuses Xbet sometimes features. How often do these types of offers show up? We do not know. You would need to keep a close watch on the promos page and on your inbox. But we suggest doing just that. In fact, you should sign up for email newsletters from all the sports betting sites you join, that way you will not miss out on any promotions.

And the Winners Are…
Now that we have gone in-depth into what each sportsbook offers, let’s determine which came out on top for parlay betting!

Best Sportsbook for Parlay Bets: Terms and Conditions

Winners: BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BookMaker

These three sportsbooks are all tied for first place in this category. The odds are similar across the board, and all three have a max payout of $150,000, which is higher than we found on other sports betting sites.

Runner-Up: Cloudbet

We picked Cloudbet as the runner-up because if we were 100% confident that they have no payout cap, we would have been tempted to make them the winner in this category. As it is, we still do not feel totally sure, so we are giving them this honorable mention.

Best Sportsbook for Parlay Bets: Promotions

Winner: Intertops

Without a doubt, Intertops is the clear winner in this category. With respect to parlay bonuses, most sportsbooks flat-out fail. But Intertops had three available as of when we checked, two of which are long-term recurring promos. For that reason, we think that every punter who loves placing regular parlay bets should sign up. Otherwise, you are missing out!

Runner-Up: Xbet

Xbet is the only other sportsbook we recommend right now that appears to run any promotions that are specific to parlays. While there is no active parlay bonus as of the time of this writing, we figure it is likely just a matter of time before they offer another.

Tips for Making Parlay Bets Online

Number One

  • Join more than one sportsbook.

We suggest joining multiple sportsbooks to make parlay bets. Not only can you shop the odds before you make your bets, but this can also help you to get around maximum payout caps. If you make identical parlay bets at two different sportsbooks owned by different companies and you win them both, you should be able to claim winnings from both up to their respective caps. Obviously this will increase your stake, but you may be okay with that.

For example, instead of wagering $5 at one sportsbook for a chance to win a payout up to $100,000, you could wager $5 each at two different sportsbooks ($10 total) for a chance to win two payouts of $100,000 each, totalling $200,000.

Number Two

  • Do not bet more than makes sense.

No matter how much you stake on a parlay bet, you will always be subject to the maximum payout cap. So, if you only need to wager $5 to potentially hit the $100,000 cap with the selections you have picked, there is no reason to wager $6 or $7. Doing so is not going to increase what you get paid. It will just throw money down the drain.

Number Three

  • You do not need a huge number of selections every time for a big payout.

Don’t forget what we learned from the example Cloudbet shared of the player who won big with a 4-fold bet. You may think you need a large number of selections in order to get a decent payout, but that is not always the case.

With the right odds, even just a few selections can result in an impressive payout. So, look for those types of opportunities. If you have good reason to be confident in those selections, you do not need to pile on extra risk just to get a solid payout.

Take a Chance to Win Big With Parlay Bets Now
Parlay bets are tough to win, but if you do win a parlay with a lot of selections, you could turn just a few dollars into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sign up at any of the sportsbooks we have recommended to start making parlay bets and other types of accumulator wagers now.

Remember to sign up at multiple sportsbooks to give yourself the most flexibility. Pay attention to both the odds and the payout caps, and think about making duplicate wagers at different sports betting sites to increase your potential payouts.

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