Where to Bet on the NFL This Season

Every year we help you out with the best places to place your wagers on the pigskin games. We want to make sure that you’re ready to go from the preseason to week one and throughout the rest of the year.

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We know that you football fans are a complete and total rabid bunch and you’re ready and waiting for this season to start! You’ve got the snacks, you’ve got the comfy chair, you’ve got the big-ass television. You’re already ready. Now all you’re missing is your list of the best places to bet on the football season this year.

That’s what we’re here for!

Man, we just want this to go away…

Right off the bat there’s just not a whole lot going on here with just the one game. Those that are in charge of the scheduling want to make sure that you’re definitely good and warmed up and ready to go! The action is going to really be starting off in Week 2, we’ll get to that!

*All times that are listed here are in the PM as well as EST unless stated otherwise.*

Preseason: Week One

GameDateTimeWhere to Watch
Cowboys @ SteelersAugust 5th8:00Live on Fox, NFL (Subscription)

See? That’s it!

Actually kind of boring for the first week there. Let’s go ahead and get ourselves a peek at Week Two and then we’ll talk about some gambling sites followed by the next couple of weeks in the preseason.

Preseason: Week Two

GameDateTimeWhere to Watch
Washington @ PatriotsAugust 12th7:30Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Steelers @ EaglesAugust 12th7:30Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Titans @ FalconsAugust 13th7:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Bills @ LionsAugust 13th7:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Cowboys @ CardinalsAugust 13th10:00Live on ABC, NBC, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Dolphins @ BearsAugust 14th1:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Broncos @ VikingsAugust 14th4:00Live on ABC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Saints @ RavensAugust 14th7:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Browns @ JaguarsAugust 14th7:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Bengals @ BuccaneersAugust 14th7:30Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Jets @ GiantsAugust 14th7:30Live on NBC, NFL (Subscription)
Texans @ PackersAugust 14th8:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Chiefs @ 49ersAugust 14th8:30Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Seahawks @ RaidersAugust 14th9:00Live on NBC, Fox, NFL (Subscription)
Chargers @ RamsAugust 14th10:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)
Panthers @ ColtsAugust 15th1:00Live on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL (Subscription)

There we go, that’s better! We’ve got some action going on here! No matter how much they let me down at times I’m always ready to see what the Saints are going to be bringing to the table!

We’ll come on back to some football, but let’s do a real quick, ‘Where are the best places to bet on the NFL?’ I mean, that’s ultimately why you’re here, right?

The Best Places to Bet on the NFL

You may already know that Bovada makes the top of most of these lists around here and that’s not really going to change now either. For many years now they have run their business just the same and things haven’t changed here in 2021. Bovada has come through time and again with their openness and honesty and their customer service is top-notch, really unbeaten.

The bonuses at Bovada may not be the biggest around, but they’re among the easiest to clear which will bring players to what is the most important part. When a player comes in and cleans up, they will actually get paid! As for those bonuses that have been mentioned this is a little sample of the bonuses that are currently available for you to take advantage of.

  • 50% of first deposit up to $250 with code 130347
  • 75% of first deposit up to $750 for those using bitcoin with code BTCSWB750
  • Up to $1000 for the casino with the code NEWWELCOME

As for some NFL action, Bovada are currently offering odds on all of the upcoming games that have been mentioned here as well as some college games, so you’re more than welcome to get in on the action right now and not miss a single second!

Who is Bovada Best For?

Bovada is great for everyone, naturally, or we wouldn’t be supporting them at all but those that will really be feeling at home? Those that are using traditional forms of payment and are looking for more of a traditional sportsbook.

Yes, Bovada takes crypto. Virtually any sportsbook around does these days, but the reality is that if one is using crypto to make their deposits and reload their banks are going to find better bonuses and recurring deals and promos over at other sportsbooks. As for other options other than the sportsbook, Bovada has some great options such as their Poker Room and their Casino, but the sportsbook is where they truly shine.

BetOnline is another solid choice here where the player is going to feel right at home and the name BetOnline itself usually ends up toward the top of these lists. BetOnline is also one of those places where the people go when they know that they would like to take advantage of some bonuses and promotions but they’re not really sure of what kind they would like. As of the time of this writing, there are a total of 31 promotions that one could go and take part in!

Just for a small taste of what BetOnline is offering up, these are the types of promotions you can grab:

  • Crypto users, get a 100% Match on your first deposit with the code CRYPTO100
  • Also for the crypto users, get a 35% Reload Bonus when using the code CRYPTO35 to top off their accounts
  • Using the code LIFEBONUS the players can get a 25% Bonus when reloading their sportsbook accounts with non-crypto payments

and with a current count of 31 promos, that list just goes on and on!

Who is BetOnline Best For?
Crypto users, by far.

Like other sportsbooks, the player will not only find a fantastic sportsbook here, but also other amenities such as fantastic casino, racebook, and poker room as well! But where BetOnline is going to kill it? The promotions for the crypto user. Those that are using crypto to fund their accounts are definitely going to get the most “bang for their buck” over at BetOnline.

As an added bonus, if one would like to check out BetOnline, make sure to also take a look at SportsBetting as well!

SportsBetting is just like BetOnline with the same promotions, same layout, etc etc. You see, they’re owned by the same people and they’re run almost identically. The biggest difference is the codes that are used. Same promotions, different codes. We want to point this out because you are absolutely allowed to go to both sites and take advantage, thereby making yourself all kinds of dough in bonus money!

Last years Super Bowl was kind of awesome. Think you know how the next one is going to turn out?

BookMaker carries a reputation around with themselves. It’s a good one, too. They carry around the reputation of being the home for the professional bettor. Combine that with the fact that they’ve been around for over 20 years now and you’re looking at one of the greats in the world of Online Sportsbooks.

Just how solid is BookMaker? There are many other sportsbooks out there that won’t even bother releasing their own lines until BookMaker release theirs! Now, all of this isn’t to say that you won’t have a great time at BookMaker and feel right at home if you happen to be a new player as well, they’ll still take care of you just right!

As for promotions, you’re going to find all kinds of different amounts depending on just what kind of requirements you’re willing to accept. Want a bunch of bonus money and you’re willing to have some high requirements to make a withdrawal? They’ve got you. Want just a little bit of bonus money and have considerably less requirements in order to pull out some cash? They’ve still got you! And never, ever forget that over at any sportsbook you can always forego any bonus if you just don’t want any requirements!

Some of the available promotions include:

  • Welcome offers of up to 100% for crypto users
  • Reload offers of up to 20%
  • “Office Pool” contests

And for those out there that have some real friends, BookMaker has one of the better Refer-A-Friend offers out there, giving you a bonus of up to $500 for every one of your friends that you get to join in on the fun!

Who is BookMaker Best For?
Those with ‘bigger bankrolls’. Now, don’t let this deter you if you’re a player with a smaller bankroll, you’ll still feel right at home! BookMaker has however always been good for clearing large deposits and most importantly, not cutting anyone off when they run into a stretch of good luck and start to really clean up! (Yea, this has happened at some of the less-reputable sportsbooks out there!

GT Bets is also known as Game Time Bets. They’re also known as one of the sites where you’re going to have the most fun doing some gambling action!

Now, unfortunately, there are a few states here in the US of A that are not allowed to do any gambling at GTBets. Sorry, that’s just out of our hands. You can thank your local lawmakers for keeping you safe from doing what you would like with your money. We don’t want to rub it in or anything, but let’s talk a little about them for the folks that are allowed to go over there!

As of this year GTBets has been around for 10 years now with no problems at all that were aware of. If anyone has launched any complaints of any kind, they haven’t reached us!

There are 2 solid things over at GTBets that really keep the people going back:

  1. An amazing 15% Rebate on losses in the horse racebook, and
  2. a FREE Half Point on your favorite teams!

That’s right. If you’re a regular over at a racebook then you already know that you’re going to take some losses. This is just a fact of life. May as well get an awesome rebate on those losses! You don’t even have to do anything for this! This money is just deposited into your account automatically on the first of the month, every month.

As for those Free Half Points that were mentioned? You are able to pick your favorite teams for the NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball and always be given an extra half point on your teams for the season! Choose wisely, you don’t get to change teams throughout the season! Some of their other promos include:

  • 150% Cash Bonuses upon sign up
  • Automated reload bonuses
  • Personalized email promotions

Who is GTBets Best For?
Those that are going to be doing some gambling throughout all of the season. Read just above there and you see that GTBets has their “Free Half Point” program. If you’re going to be placing some wagers anyway, you should be placing them at GTBets and get in on those free points!

20 years, plus. That’s how long we’ve been working with Intertops, they’ve been around longer than that. In internet years, that’s pretty much forever and you’re going to be really, really hard pressed to find anyone that’s been around longer, let alone anyone that’s been around longer with such a solid, fantastic reputation!

Unlike the sportsbook that’s mentioned just above, Intertops doesn’t care where you come from or where you live. You want to do some gambling? Just head on over!

Some more reason to go and check out Intertops is the “low-fee” or even “no-fee” withdrawals as well as some of the more “unique” NFL promotions that you’re going to find anywhere. Besides, if there’s ever a time to go and check out Intertops, this would be the season to do it! Every month in 2021 Intertops is giving away 25 x 250 for their anniversary and there’s no reason you cannot go and get one of these for yourself!

As for some promotion action, there is always a changing list of action going on over there, but as for some of the deals that are around pretty much all of the time you’ve got deals like:

  • $500 Presents for the Odds Hunter of the Month
  • Choose your sign up bonus based on the amount of requirements you’re willing to put up with
  • $1000 a month going to the player with the Highest Paying Parlay bet

and that’s just a little taste of their promotions. Intertops is another one of those sites that always have plenty, plenty of deals going on for you to go and look through!

Who is Intertops Best For?
Those players that like to split their time between the sportsbooks and other aspects of an online site. Intertops offers up a really great poker room to go along with the sportsbook but also not one, but two different casinos! On the off chance that you just want to see some football and there isn’t a game going on for a while, you can always check out the Virtual Sports available over at Intertops, making sure that there’s always SOME action going on!


There just isn’t a whole lot left to say here. The people need a place to place some bets on the NFL games that are (hopefully!) getting ready to start off here in a week or two. You’re one of the people, you need a place to place your bets.

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with any of the sites that we promote, we’ve actually worked pretty hard at vetting these sites and weeding out the ones that… well, suck.

Now you’ve got all of the information you need to go off and make the right choice for you in 2021 and get all of your bets placed. Good luck!

The NFL Field image at the top of this article was taken by Richard Mackson for USA TODAY Sports

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