MLB World Series Betting For Newbies – How To Get Started Safely

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It’s that time to start thinking of your top MLB winners.

With sports betting out of the black market, a lot of law-abiding baseball enthusiasts will dare to wager on MLB games for the first time. With a bit of luck, most of you reading this will be good and ready to apply the knowledge by the grand finale, the Major League Baseball World Series. Truth be told, the World Series baseball wagering is opened throughout the entire season, but a lot of players prefer to wager closer to the event itself.

A lot of doors were opened after PASPA was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. To some this commercialization of sports is already taking a full swing while others feel that the legalization of betting is a great opportunity to have some fun without the fear of legal consequences. After all, many will agree that having sports betting in the open is beneficial for all parties, bookies, bettors, and the state itself, which will be able to regulate the activity and collect taxes.

Where do I start?

Most importantly, you will need to get closely acquainted with the bets and learn how to read odds. The entire betting process is much longer than the actual act of placing the bet. For the players who know what they are doing, buying an online ticket is a mere formality. The process starts with collecting the data on the teams and the individual player performance, from the moment the spring training schedule is released. Many players enjoy the process of collecting and analyzing the data. Fortunately for beginners, they’re often willing to share their expertise and provide valuable tips to less experienced peers.

In reality, everything looks a lot more complex than it really is. The first step in protection and starting your adventure safely is to find a reliable, trustworthy bookmaker, land-based or online. Online may be a better option, as you will be able to place your wagers and access your account at any time. This is especially handy if you want to place the bet during the game.

In general, locating a bookmaker with a solid reputation shouldn’t be too difficult, as everything is quite transparent these days. You can easily find the information about the licence issuer or read other’s experiences with the sports betting service provider.

Possible MLB Betting options

Money Lines

This is where the action starts. Once you figure out how to read odds, everything will start to make much more sense, so let’s start with the Money Lines. This bet is pretty straightforward and often recommended to newbies. The object here is to pick a winner. For example, if the odds for the game between the Yankees and Tampa Bay are -136 for Yankees and +126 for Tampa Bay, it means that Tampa Bay is the underdog and that you’ll win $126 if you bet $100 and they win.

Run Lines

Run line is a type of point spread betting. A 1.5 point spread will be taken away from the favorite or given to the underdog to balance out the difference. If a team is a four-run underdog, the bookies will push them from a heavy to a medium-category underdog, enabling the players to bet that they will lose by less than 2 runs, for example.

Total Bets or Over/Under Bets

Opting for this form of betting will make the winner irrelevant. You will be wagering on the total number of runs that the two teams will score. A half point is usually added to avoid the ties. For example, if the total is set at 4.5 in a game between Houston and Baltimore, and the total of runs is five or more, the Over bet will win.

Futures Bets

Turn on your psychic powers, as you may need them for Future bets. Here, you will need to predict the chances of a team to actually win the World Series, AL, NL, MVP, etc. The early bird catches the worm with Future Bets and if you place them soon enough, the odds can be amazing.

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Prop Bets

Not a lot of players take these bets seriously since they have little to do with skills and a lot to do with fun. Proposition bets can be about anything, depending on how creative the bookies are. In some cases they can be quite realistic and skill-related. Example, they can refer to who will hit the first home run.


This form of betting will allow you to combine several outcomes on a single ticket. If you lose on any of the “sub-bets”, it will translate on the entire ticket. Because parlays require a lot of insight and background knowledge beginners tend to avoid them. The payouts can be substantial, but the same can be said about the risk. Still, there are cases when Parley bet seems optimal.

Hopefully these tips help to becoming a true Sharp in the world of Online Gambling.

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