Live Betting NFL Games – How it Works and Bets You Can Make

What is Live Betting?

The NFL season is before us. Hordes of sports fans will be able to engage in a little bit of light gambling including some newer gamblers.

For you newer folks, this may be your first venture into the world of competitive sports gambling.

Don’t worry. It’s not a complicated thing at all. Photo credit – John Locher

Before you get completely overwhelmed by the possibilities and start panicking about missing bet submission deadlines, let us put your mind at ease with the following information –

The best bookmakers in the business got your back by providing a Live Betting alternative. In other words, you can place your bets after a game has already started. You can then form a decision during the actual match!

Depending on the NFL Live Bet service provider, you will find the option under the following names:

  • In-progress betting
  • In-running betting
  • In-game betting

While the option to submit your pre-game bet will still be available, in-game betting is an extremely popular service for all those who like to get a feel of the game before committing to a specific outcome.

As the pre-set odds are beginning to change during the game (sometimes in a way that nobody could have anticipated) so is the player’s edge, giving you the exclusive opportunity to increase your original stake or pledge your allegiance to a different team altogether.

The time limits will, of course, apply here as well, but you will still have a wide enough window to jump aboard and log onto your online casino account to adjust your wagers.

You could even place a bet according to the latest game updates using your phone or a touch screen terminal inside the land-based casino provided you have opted and paid for the privilege.

Common NFL Live Bets

A traditional bet is considered a more calculated form of wagering which allows you to simply wait for the game to end before collecting your winnings or making peace with the defeat of your team.

A “Live Bet” will provide a much higher level of engagement and potentially excitement. Likely you will be at the edge of your seat staying alert for the next bet.

This type of intensity has made Live Betting increasingly popular.

More than 50% of bets placed during the NFL weekend are live bets.

The three most common types of Live Bets for NFL games are Point Spreads, Second-Half bets, and Totals.

Point Spread

A Point Spread is the figure that represents the advantage or disadvantage given to the two opposing teams by the bookies and the number is based on the margin of their victories or defeats within a certain time frame.

The number that you can see next to a team’s name is just that, their disadvantage, as they are expected to win by a specific number of points or their advantage as they may be expected to lose, in which case the number preceded with “+” is the predicted point difference between the winning and losing score.

Illustrating this with an example, the NFL Point Spread would look something like these:

    New York + 4.5 vs Dallas – 4.5

In this case, New York is the underdog and Dallas is the favorite. This means that those who wager on New York will win the bet if:

  • New York wins
  • New York losses with under 5 point difference


Even if only to mitigate your loss, this type of wager guarantees a win.

Another opportunity to increase your winning odds is by mitigating the risk during the second half of the game. If, for example, you have already placed your bets and you feel that the score may fluctuate more than it was expected at the beginning of the game, placing a Second Half Line bet can improve your winning odds.

Let us once again imagine that you have submitted your bets on a favorite and your team has great chances of winning, but so is the other team of recovering and reducing the difference.

By taking the Second-Half Line bet and wagering on an underdog, you can guarantee that one of your bets will win.

Either your team will win by the specified point difference or the underdog scores and reduces the difference. This is the possibility you presumably covered in the Second Half.


This one is pretty easy. The players are betting whether or not the total number of points will reach a certain number or fail to reach the threshold. With the .5 decimal being a hook that’s preventing the possibility of ending in a tie.

This type of bet is extremely popular. It keeps the suspension growing to the end of the game even when it’s obvious who the winner is.

The beauty of this bet is that it can be applied to anything that’s countable. For example, you can bet on the over/under number of quarterback sacks.


If you are new to the world of Live NFL Sports Betting let this be your basic wagers guide and build yourself up to that of a Seasoned Pro in no time!

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