NFL Betting Guide 2019/2020

NFL Football Brings Online Sports Betting Back To Life

That time of the year again for the crowd to start going nuts!

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Football is the most popular sport in the United States. There is more betting volume on NFL games than the other sports combined throughout the year which means that the National Football League is the biggest betting season of any major US-facing online sports book’s offer.

As a result, NFL odds, promotions and bonuses always receive plenty of attention. It also brings very high betting limits.

To give you some idea of what the specific limits might be, the totals on are restricted to $10,000 for a Super Bowl game. On this page you can see our favorite NFL sportsbooks by type of bet you want to make.

Updated for 2019/2020 Season – My Top NFL Betting Websites For You

I recommend keeping up with our monthly sportsbook payout update for payout times of the books listed below.

  • Bovada Sportsbook – Leading our top-list for the 2019/20 season is once again the Bovada Sportsbook. They offer the best odds for any underdog bets you want to make. They have a large prop bet selection. Multiple parlays and teaser options. They offer live, in game betting during NFL games this season. The deposit bonus is solid. Get a 50% deposit bonus match up to $250. Deposit $500 to maximize the offer. USA friendly.
  • BetOnline Sportsbook – Making a comeback this year to my short list is BetOnline. This sportsbook is a top choice for bettors looking to deposit with a credit card. They have the best credit card acceptance rates of any of the sports books. Most of your normal visa/mastercards will work. You can claim a 50% bonus to $1,000 on your first deposit when you use bonus code found in our review.
  • Bookmaker – Earliest lines, best odds for favorites and live game betting. One of the most trusted, longest lasting online sportsbooks in existence.

The Basics of Betting NFL Football – The Different Bets You Can Make

Learn the different types of bets you can make!

Editors 2019 note – live game betting now accounts for just over 50% of total action! The action does not stop at kickoff! If you aren’t placing live bets you are missing out one of the most entertaining betting styles and as of this year the most popular. Details came from an insider at Bovada at a conference.

Whether you decide to go to your nearest underground bookmaker or use an online sports betting site like Bovada or 5dimes, you’ll have to know how the most popular types of bets work. In the case of NFL, the most common method of betting is the money line. This is often used in other sports whenever no point spread is involved, for example baseball or boxing.

The Moneyline Bet – The Most Common NFL Betting Option
With moneyline bets – The basic concept is very simple: if the money line is a negative number, you have to wager this amount in order to win $100. If the money line is a positive number, you’ll have to wager $100 to win the money line.
Consider the following example:

Minnesota -110
Oakland +130

In this example, if you bet $110 on Minnesota, you’ll have a chance to win $100. If you bet on Oakland, you’ll receive $130 for every $100 you decide to wager. Keep in mind that the odds often won’t be that close, allowing you to receive a payout of 3:1 or more if you decide to bet on the underdog.

Betting Against The Spread

Quite the impressive spread going on over here!

Betting against the point spread in the National Football League is very similar to the run line used in baseball. Basically, whenever you bet the spread, you can lay something like 1½ points with the favorite team or 1½ points with the team that has the lesser chances of winning. To return to our example from above and make it somewhat more realistic, the point spread for that match could look something like this:

Minnesota – 1½ (+320)
Oakland + 1½ (-133)

In this case, people who wagered on Oakland would receive a payout whenever Oakland defeats Minnesota or loses by one point, but those who bet on Minnesota would win only if their team won by two points or more. While this might seem like an unfair scenario, you have to keep in mind that Oakland bettors have to risk $133 to win $100, while those who picked Minnesota can win $320 by betting as low as $100.

Totals (Overs / Unders) and Parlays

Overs, Under and Parlays… Let’s get nuts!


Totals are also very simple – whenever you bet on totals, you are placing a wager whether or not the total score of both competing teams will exceed the number (aka the “over”) posted by the sports betting site.

In the case of NFL, this number usually will fall between 40 and 50 and is fairly unlikely to move. Instead, sports books prefer to apply the money line to the totals, This means that your payout will be determined by the money line by the time you placed your wager.

In the case of our Oakland vs. Minnesota match, the totals could look like this:

Oakland vs. Minnesota over 40 (-120)
Oakland vs. Minnesota under 40 (+110)

In this example, if you bet over you’ll risk $120 in order to win $100, while if you bet under you’ll put $100 at stake, but you’ll have a chance to win $110.


Parlays is betting on two or more things to happen in order to win a bet. Such as two or three teams each will win. Parlay betting is considerably more complicated and risky. It also gives you a chance to win more money than when betting on a single game.

How a parlay bet works: If you decide to make a parlay bet, you’ll have to choose two or more teams that will have to win two or more games. The more variables you bet on, the bigger the payouts will be –

For example, parlay bets on 4 and 5 teams on 5dimes have a parlay payoff of 12.28/1 and 24.35/1 on odds of -110 respectively, which is much higher than the 2.64/1 you’d get by betting on 2 teams in a smaller parlay.

If you’re confused, please consider the following example: if you place a parlay bet on Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Oakland all emerging victorious from their games, you will receive a payout only on the condition that each of these teams will score a win. If one team loses, the entire bet fails, so a common strategy is to bet on two surefire winners and one underdog to increase the likelihood of winning big.

Most sports betting sites will allow you to place parlay bets on up to 15 teams, though some will allow as many as 25. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that while such massive bets offer amazing potential profits, the risk also increases exponentially – even if you bet on favorites only, one loss in a long series will always result in the loss of all the money you staked.

NFL Future Bets and Live Betting

Parlays are actually among my favorite types of bets, but you’ve got to be really careful with them.

Staking the NFL isn’t limited to betting on single games or short sequences of matches. You can bet NFL futures, which will score an enormous payout if the team you picked wins the entire season. It is like picking the superbowl winner during pre-season and being right.

Bets placed in preseason usually come with very favorable odds which can go as high as 16/1 and significantly more where underdogs are concerned. In such a case, making a small investment of $100 would result in a payout of $1,600. Keep in mind that while such bets aren’t as risky as the complicated parley bets with 6 teams or more and won’t be ruined by a single defeat, your money still depends on a long series of favorable outcomes, which makes futures betting best suited for experienced players.

Live Betting

Live NFL betting is what it sounds like. During the game you can bet on the outcome of various events. The next play a run or a pass? A completion, a first down, a score, an interception. It is the ultimate in degenerate gambling and we say that tounge in cheek. In reality, it is entertaining as well. Imagine enjoying the game with your friends while placing bets from your smart phone. It’s a hell of a way to experience the game.

These real time gambles are on the other side of the spectrum from a NFL futures bet. Instead of placing you wagers on the outcome of the entire season, you’ll be picking from a range of possible outcomes as the game goes on. For example, you can place live bets on who will score next, who will win the quarter or who will win the entire match – obviously, the odds and available options will be adjusted as the situation develops, which makes live betting more of an adrenaline-fueled attraction for those watching the match with a few friends than a major source of income for people taking the more methodical approach.

If you enjoyed this guide to NFL bets 2019 you’ll love our toplist of NFL betting sites which list the best sportsbook based on the type of bet you want to make.

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