The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby falls upon us once again! What is it you might asking? Why, it’s only the greatest thing to happen to the Sport of Horse Racing in the last 144 years!

Okay, maybe we’re hyping it up just a little bit here, but it is still pretty darn important in the ‘Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports’.

In reality, it is the first leg of the American Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness Stakes, then the Belmont Stakes. You can follow any of those links to learn more about each of those events as well as this link here which will just tell you about the Kentucky Derby in general in much greater detail.

We’ll tell you a little bit the Kentucky Derby just in case you’re totally new to The Sport of Kings, or if you just need something new to read while you’re sitting on your own throne, (see what we did there? It looks easy, but it’s not).

For the most part we’ll talk about the important stuff that you probably came for, the where and how to do some wagering! Let’s be honest here, you can do all the studying of the horses you want, but do you really care which horses are crossing the line and getting that sweet blanket of roses if you don’t have any money on it? We’ll just see about throwing in some fun facts while we’re at it!


First site we’ll discuss is BetOnline. Industry vets, really on top of their game! 24 hour customer support, super fast payouts, and you can bet as low as $1 if you’d like!

From their website…

BetOnline offers up to 7% in daily rebates.
Internet wagers will receive a 7% daily rebate. Telephone wagers will receive a 4% daily rebate. The only exceptions to this rule are that both online and phone wagers on NYRA tracks will receive a 4% rebate.
There is no limit to how much a player may earn as well as no minimum volume of wagers that need to be placed.

…and yes, of course there are some other Terms and Conditions as well, that’s going to be a given, so make sure you check all of those out! If you would like to read a full review of BetOnline, just click here!

This is what it looks like placing a racetrack bet at BetOnline. As you can see, I chose the Turf Paradise track followed by Seaside Song to win for 20 bucks and Lazzarella to show for 10. All I would do then is click “Add to Bet Slip” and I’d be good to go.

Kentucky Derby Fun Fact #1

There is a total of 20 horses that will be running in the Derby. That’s really not a lot of homework if you want to actually study these horses and get a good idea of who you think is going to be winning this year. Or, you can go like a lot of people and just wager on your favorite name. Nothing wrong with that as long as you know you may just be tossing money away!


Another set of solid folks in the business are the folks at Bovada. Actually, probably the guys we use the most for our own personal wagers.

When cruising on over to Bovada, make sure to take a look at all of their ongoing bonus as they split them up real good for your benefit. There is a sportsbook bonus, a casino bonus, a special bitcoin only bonus and so on.

A little different from the above. At Bovada, you can see that I would choose my race again, Turf Paradise, choose my horse and what position I think they’ll win and add it to my betslip. Then I would choose the amount I would like to bet.

To find out more about Bovada, click on this link.

Kentucky Derby Fun Fact #2

The traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep. If you cannot go to the Derby, you can still sit at home and get hammered. We’re not here to judge. For a strong one…

“This is the worst Mint Julep ever. Where’s the vodka? Where’s the tomato juice?”

  • 2oz shot of bourbon
  • 1.5 tsp sugar
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Water
  • Highball glass
  • Ice
  • Spoon

Muddle 2-3 mint leaves, sugar, and a splash of water in your glass. Add your bourbon, fill with crushed ice, fill with water, and stir. Garnish with another 2-3 leaves fresh mint. Enjoy! For less strong, just use a slightly bigger glass.

As an old bartender, another one for you. Replace the glass with a tumbler. Replace the water with Ginger Ale. Add a good sized “squirt” of strawberry syrup. Enjoy your “Strawberry Sweetness”.


MyBookie is a personal favorite for horses with their 8% rebate on the horses, (again, check the T’s and C’s). Also combined with this is an incredible list of promotions going on there at any time. Just check out this link and you can see what’s going on right now!

Here’s the betslip the way you see it at MyBookie. Some people might find this a little more friendly with all of the possible wagers broken down in one small space for you.

Even if you’re not into horses, make sure you go check them out anyway and take a look at that $1000 Sign Up Bonus!

Kentucky Derby Fun Fact #3

The race is 1 1/4 miles now and has been for the last 123 years. Before that it was 1 and a half until Wendy Williams and the rest of PETA got involved. Wendy tried to run the track herself in 1896 and got pooped out just before the finish line. She and her minions then decided it was way too long for horses.


Finishing up our list here is none other than BookMaker. They are known for being a great host to not only more of the “high-rollers”, but the little guys as well. They’ve been around for more than 20 years in the industry, always make their payouts, and have been working hard to make themselves one of the most respected sportsbooks in the world.

The betslip as seen at BookMaker. You can see here that I would find the racetrack to the left that I would like to bet on, followed by the time of the race I would be interested in.

BookMaker offers up a nice 8% rebate on their horses, win or lose, you can bet as little as $1 if you’d like, have no tax forms, and displays more than 50 racetracks at a time. You’d be hard pressed to find someone better than BookMaker for your horse needs!

If you want to know more about BookMaker, take a look over here.


Hopefully this gets you all kinds of geared up for some Horse Racing action! There are millions of dollars at stake here and those dollars come and go in a matter of 120 seconds! Ultimately, there is only one way to get your hands on some of that money.

We’ve done our best to send you off to the best sites for some horse racing action, the rest of it is going to be up to you!

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