Tiger Woods (and Friends!) Masters Prop Bets

It’s no secret that those of us here at GoodSportsBooks love us some Prop Bets. If you aren’t familiar with a prop bet, you can think of it as essentially any bet that has no outcome on the actual game outcome itself.

Usually, these types of bets are just for fun and they can get very wacky or they can seem kind of boring depending on what you’re into. Some examples would be,

  • Will the roof be open at the stadium in Atlanta during the Super Bowl?
  • What color shoes will LeBron James be wearing at the next Lakers game?

Just random, odd stuff like that.

The PGA Masters are no exception with their own fun and exciting prop bets. Well, usually. For some reason this year there are some prop bets being posted up, but nothing too outrageous yet. Naturally, if this changes we’ll be right back here to update.

BUT, that’s not to say that there aren’t any right now! Here are some samples from some of our more trusted sites.

  • Bovada – Will Tiger Woods Win a Major? No -450 / Yes +300
  • Betonline – Tiger Woods Bogeys or Worse? Over 11 1/2 -130 / Under 11 1/2 +100
  • Bovada – Will Sergio Garcia Win a Major? No -2500 / Yes +1000
  • Bovada – Will Brooks Koepka Win a Major? No -500 / Yes -325
  • Mybookie – Right now over at MyBookie you can place wagers on whether or not Tiger, Rory, Brooks, Bryson, or any of their Golfing Buddies will win anywhere between 0 and all 4 Majors. These bets are ranging anywhere from -5000 to +100000, letting you take some safe bets to completely over the moon bets and try to make the one you need to live the high life.

Now, as we mentioned, we know that the current bets aren’t nearly as fun as they usually are. We’re currently betting that that’ll change as we get closer to the big tee-times and we’ll update accordingly.

Other Bets

Don’t forget, that along with all of the various prop bets are the more “normal” bets that can be wagered at any time.

Long story short is the Masters brings out a ton of new online sports bettors looking for safe and secure places to bet online.  There are a lot of fun prop-bets out there, live in tourney betting options and the best part? These sites are legit, fair and above all, reputable. Also, if you win you get paid.

Live Bets

Before we go, don’t forget that many of the sites we recommend, such as Bovada, offer Live Betting. That is to say, place your wager and they’ll give you a nice stream to check out your bets in real time.

You may not feel the same, but we here at the office personally love being able to watch our favorite golfers sink in their putts as long as we have some cash riding on them.

In Conclusion, You Can Also Take a Look Through

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