How To Evaluate Online Sportsbooks For Overall Quality

You’re probably overwhelmed if you’ve just been introduced to Online Gambling. There are rich offers and a vast selection of available sites. The number of online bookies has been on a constant rise.

You’re ready to make your wagers. Now who has the best site?

After sports betting legalization in the USA new sportsbooks are constantly emerging.

Ironically, the versatility can sometimes do more harm than good. A sea of options await new players. This is why a clear guideline to making the right choice is imperative.

Contrary to popular opinion, your personal preferences have little to do with the best possible option. Instead of trying to find a casino that fits your own, imaginary mold, you should do quite the opposite. Start with general criteria and work your way up to the specific factors.

The sportsbook that matches the wider demographics is more likely to meet more criteria that an individual might have. The details, such as ongoing promotional programs, customer support business hours etc, should be regarded as the secondary-value factors. Possibly even eliminated as the deciding criteria if other elements are satisfactory.

What are the Main Differences Between Online Sportsbooks?

Online Betting Sites

Above –
While similar in appearance, they are in fact, very different from each other.

To the untrained eye many sportsbook sites look the same. The similarity in layout and presentation can be dangerous and misleading. This is why you will need to pay close attention to the following:

For most players, the welcome bonus offer is an important part of the experience. That’s the reason they decided on a particular online casino to begin with. The structure and the terms of the offer will appear to be identical but the devil is in the details.

The percentage of deposit match and bonus cash does not reflect their generosity. It is actually in the requirements that the casino imposes to new members. Traditionally, the bonus offer for the sports bettors is not as dazzling as the one for the casino games. However, the rules are the same. You can withdraw the money only after wagering a certain amount.

Don’t Try to Grab That Bonus Just Yet

Cash Bag

That bonus is yours but you’ve probably got some work to do before you can snatch it.

So, before claiming the welcome bonus, read the fine print. The offer can seem too good to pass, but the playthrough requirements will make up for all the generosity. Also, sometimes the bonus amount awarded for sports wagering can seem negligible, but the casino will not burden it with any wagering requirements. This makes it a pretty good deal since you can collect your winnings with no strings attached!

The selection is another thing that you need to pay closer attention to. These days, thanks to the competition, most sportsbooks will have an extensive offer of sports and options. In addition to the betting options for all major sports events, sportsbooks will provide odds and picks, saving you the time and trouble of conducting your own research.

The computer picks and predictions, are, of course, a part of the offer every sports bookie will provide. An actual expert who will create a prediction table that’s based on their own analysis and expertise is not something that can be found in just any online casino with the sports betting platform. If you happen to come across online sportsbooks with this type of offer, be sure to bookmark it.

Mind the Odds

Obviously, not all sportsbooks will offer the same odds. The difference will be minimal, but any experienced bettor will be sure to compare the numbers between different sports-betting sites and go for the ones that are the most favourable for the players.

Another thing to be mindful of is the speed at which the odds appear on the site. Logically, the sooner the sportsbooks post the odds for the upcoming event, the better for the operator since players are often eager to place the bets. If there is any industry where early bird catches the worm, it’s the gambling industry.

The best indicator of the operator’s efficiency and professionalism is the speed of the odds. After all, nobody likes to be kept waiting, and there’s nothing more disappointing than going to an online bookie ready to place your bet, only to find out that there are no trace of the odds.

Prop Bets – Range and Type


“Yeah, I want to put 500 Rubles on that guy, right there,”

Prop bets may not be the most important thing on the menu, but they provide the much needed diversity and the lack of this betting category is almost unforgivable nowadays. We are not only talking about the skill-based prop bets. This betting category is sometimes referred to as “funny bets” and can include pretty much any aspect of the event, no matter how ludicrous it may seem.

For example, prior to McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight, some of the prop bets included the arrival of Vladimir Putin and even the infamous dolly incident recurrence. In other words, prop bets that are skilled based are expected, but predicting the color of the fighter’s attire or wagering on the possibility the fight will end with the knocked out referee is the icing on the cake that can take the edge off and provide some harmless entertainment.

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Are you new to the world of Online Betting? Nothing wrong with that. You probably want to see some reviews on your way!

Word of Mouth

This is one of the most reliable ways to confirm everything online sportsbooks say about themselves. If there are any inconsistencies in the terms and regulations, especially the ones that concern the withdrawal policies, the disgruntled clients will have something to say about it.

Straight from the horse’s mouth is the best way to learn whether or not the sportsbooks honor their withdrawal policies or what are the most common complaints. How complaints are handled is an indicator of the sportsbooks’ professionalism and reputability.

Usually, not addressing a player’s issue is quite alarming, and, while we can all appreciate that the complaints are the inevitable part of any business, there are no excuses for poor customer treatment.

The Site Looks and Functionality

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a busy website that simply won’t allow you to browse the offer with ease and instantly find what you’re are looking for. The layout that provides a clear overview of the offer and enables the player to filter the different types of sports, betting options, and access the help section in no more than a split second has become the necessity rather than just the commodity to any modern player.

Anyone who feels that time is money will not settle for less and not optimizing the site to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the new generations of gamblers is the best way to be squeezed out by the competition.

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