What to Know About Sports Betting During Coronavirus

With a global pandemic on our hands, coronavirus is making it frustrating to do … well, just about anything. And that includes sports betting. You probably are aware that NHL, NBA, and PGA have all been canceled and that the Masters has been postponed. If you are used to betting with a local bookie, quarantine is keeping you indoors. But does that mean that you cannot bet on sports right now? Not at all.

There are still opportunities to bet on sports, and you can do it without breaking quarantine. Our favorite online betting sites offer other wagering opportunities as well worth exploring during this time.

Below, we give you some recommendations for what to wager on during the coronavirus outbreak, as well as some additional cautions and suggestions for making the most of this time.

1. Yes, there are still sports to bet on.

Despite the fact that it feels like there is nothing to wager on right now in the sports world, that is not the case. Not all sporting events have been canceled.

Point in case, I just headed over to BetOnline, one of our recommended sportsbooks. As of the day I am writing this, I am seeing action on:

  • MMA
  • UFC
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Aussie rules
  • Table tennis
  • Weather
  • Price of Oil
  • Politics
  • NFL Futures
  • Korean Baseball
  • eSports
  • … And more

You can also still make futures bets on NBA, NHL, and other canceled sports.

Additionally, you will find that some sites are offering proposition bets relating to the cancellations and delays.

For example, on BetOnline, when I navigate to “NBA Regular Season,” here are the prop bets I see available:

  • Next NBA Game to be Played June 1st or Sooner
  • Next NBA Game to be Played August 1st or Sooner
  • Next NBA Game to be Played July 1st or Sooner

So, there are still ways you can make the most of this situation. If the sports you usually bet on have been canceled or delayed, you can make proposition or futures bets.

You also could take this opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone a bit and wager on something you normally do not.

Who knows? You might discover that another sport is a good fit for your strategies. Or you might develop an interest in following a sport which you never paid attention to before.

2. You can still wager on eSports.

As reported by The Washington Post, “American stadiums have lain dormant for two weeks since the coronavirus silenced nearly all sporting events. But in the vacuum, competitions rooted in online arenas are filling the entertainment void in a world increasingly confined to digital environments.”

If you are new to betting on eSports, you can learn more in this guide, where we introduce eSports betting and recommend our favorite sites for wagering on StarCraft 2, WOT, Dota 2, League of Legends, and more.

If you have never watched eSports or wagered on them, you may be surprised by just how exciting it can be, not to mention profitable with the right strategies.

3. You can still place entertainment bets.

Quite a few sports betting sites offer “entertainment” bets. These can include wagers on TV and film, stocks, financial events, religion, spelling bees, hot-dog eating contests, and much more.

Most of these types of bets are still available. Just keep in mind that it is still possible that some events will be canceled in the future. TV programs and films also may be delayed in production.

If you are thinking about betting on finances, be careful, because we are seeing some crazy swings in the market these days.

4. Betting on politics is still on—but beware of volatility.

Just as entertainment bets are still offered online, you also will notice that political bets are still available.

But we are living through a turbulent time, and it is pretty hard to make predictions about what is going to happen over the months ahead.

This is due both to the current political climate (we are facing unprecedented situations) and the virus, which hypothetically could delay the election.

So, you might find some great opportunities if you think you have your fingers on the political pulse of the country. But don’t be surprised if the unexpected strikes.

5. If you are used to betting offline, this is a great chance to discover online sports betting.

Remember the movie “Quarantine”? It doesn’t have to be that scary!

You might be reading this as somebody who already has one or more online sports betting accounts. But you could also be reading this as somebody who normally place is wagers with a bookie offline.

If the latter is true, do not feel discouraged about not being able to place wagers locally during the quarantine. Instead, think about finally making the transition to online sports betting.

Here are some of the benefits of online sports betting which you currently might be missing out on a someone who typically wagers offline:

Bonuses and promotions. Our favorite online betting sites offer tremendous value in the form of bonuses, free bets and other promotions. When you wager online, you can take advantage of these benefits which add value to your betting experience and put money back in your bankroll.

Wider selection of sports. Nowhere will you encounter a wider selection of sports betting markets than you do online, especially if you sign up for more than one sports betting website.

Wider variety of bet types. If you want to try placing different types of wagers, you will find the best selection with the most possibilities online.

Amazing odds. When it comes to competitive odds, many websites can easily beat out local bookmakers. They are able to do this because they have a lower operating cost to compensate for.

Live streaming of events. Just by being a member of an online sports betting website, you gain access to exclusive live streams. In some situations, a minimum bet may be necessary, but it usually won’t be more than $1 or so.

Convenience. Finally, it is simply a lot easier and more convenient to wager on sports online than offline. Whether you are at home (as you probably are right now during the quarantine) on your desktop or laptop or on the go on your mobile device, you can log in and bet on sports anytime.

If you start betting on sports online now, we would wager that you won’t go back to placing wagers locally after the pandemic ends.

6. You should be extra cautious with your stake sizes right now.

Now you know that online betting offers many benefits, and there is still a lot you can wager on, sports-related and otherwise, on top sports betting websites.

The next thing we would urge is that you think about how you will stake your wagers.

I’m a big fan of conservative proportional wagering systems, i.e. betting around 2% of your account every time. A system like this helps to constrain risk and reduce unpredictable outcomes, and still gives you the chance for exponential growth.

If you have not yet adopted a system like this, this is a good time to think about doing so. And if you have, consider cutting your wagers in half for the time being.

The reason I recommend this is because right now, you have no idea if you are going to run into an emergency situation with your health or your income in the weeks or months ahead.

Because that is the case, it makes sense to be conservative with your sports betting budget, maybe more so than you usually are.

7. This is the perfect time to research and learn!

On a final note, even though you may not be able to bet on some of your favorite sports right now, there is nothing stopping you from continuing to develop your sports betting strategies.

In fact, this may be the perfect time to put some extra time and energy into researching and developing techniques. After all, the quarantine may be keeping you away from some of your other usual planned activities. Since you have that extra time, why not use it to your future advantage?

You may be able to put some of what you learn into practice right away. The knowledge you gain researching and testing now may also do a lot to improve your edge after things get back to normal and you can return to wagering on your favorite sports.

Stay Safe, and Enjoy Wagering on Sports, Politics, eSports, and More Online

To wrap up, this is a frustrating and scary time for all of us. But it does not need to stop you from wagering on traditional sports, eSports, politics and more. It also does not need to stand in the way of you researching and developing new strategies or discovering the many benefits of betting on sports online.

Get started with online betting now in the safety of your home by checking out our recommended sports betting sites.


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