Best NCAA Football Betting Sites

Best NCAA Football Betting? Check all this out! Pretty sure you already know that the NFL dominates the action for major sporting events. However, there are those that feel that college football is much more exciting. The teams play harder and the players are more personally invested in the outcome of each game.

Also worth your attention is that the spreads are usually easier to beat at the best NCAA Football Sportsbooks.

Whether you want to bet the favorites or the underdogs, if you know your way around the odds you’ll have a better chance at coming out ahead on your bets.

Moving on, first we’ll talk about the best sites to place your wagers, followed by the different types of wagers you are able to place! So let’s talk about the Best NCAA Football Betting sites!

The Top 3 Best NCAA Football Betting Sites – 2019 Update

  1. Bovada Sportsbooks

Best NCAA Football Betting

We’re talking College Football here, but this is what you’ll see immediately landing at Bovada.

Bovada is probably your best bet, (pun intended) for any underdog bets. You will find the best odds here most of the time. If you mostly bet on the favorite, you may find better odds over at BookMaker or BetOnline. We’ll talk more about the 2 of them in a moment.

The customer service is absolutely excellent at Bovada and their reputation is by far among the best. They are our number 1 pick for a college football destination and is highly recommended for bettors in the US.

  1. BetOnline

Best NCAA Football Betting

If you do go to BetOnline, don’t forget to use that BOL1000 promo code! See more below!

BetOnline had fallen out of our toplist for a very short time but have absolutely moved right back toward the top! They now have some awesome deposit methods Including crypto, they currently have 17 different ways for you to deposit! The speed of payouts has increased greatly and they offer some of the best Live Betting you’ll find!

This new reputation has been holding strong for literal years now. Combine all of that with the fact that they have a very high credit card acceptance rate and you really cannot go wrong with them.

As an added bonus, if you were to go and join BetOnline right now and use the promo code “BOL1000”, you can grab yourself a 50% deposit bonus up to $1000 for use with the sportsbook!

  1. BookMaker

  2. Best NCAA Football Betting

    Once again, we’re talking College Football here, but this is what you see when first arriving at BookMaker.

    Of the places on our list here, BookMaker is the most established, longest running sportsbook.

    They are among the best when betting the favorite, offering in-game bets and a reputation second to none.

    If you happen to use bitcoin, you’ll find some of the quickest turnaround time with your money.

    These guys here are currently offering a 100% Cash Match bonus. Get on it!

    So, Which Sportsbook Should You Use?

    That answer is going to depend on what types of wagers you want to place. For example, one site that we discovered has the best lines for betting the underdog, (Bovada>, but when it comes time to bet the favorites, we use another site. Why? It offers better lines on them.

    As always, you can check out this link to get some more detailed information on each of the sites listed above as well as other sportsbooks we use regularly.

    Parlays and teasers? Yup. We know where to go for the best variety.

    Live NCAA football betting? Uh-huh. We know which book has the goods.

    Proposition bets? Yeah. We’ve got that one covered for you, too.

    We don’t want to keep them a secret, hell, we want everyone to know, so we’ll reveal the top college football betting sites that we’re using below. If there is a single site that outshines the others in every other area, we haven’t found it. And we’ve been looking for years!

    Let’s jump on in!

    Best Sportsbook for Betting the Underdog? Bovada

    Remember this guy? If you say “yes”, ha ha. You’re old. Oh, wait…

    You are bound to see the name Bovada pop up in just about any discussion about where to place bets on college football. Not only does the site do just about everything right, but it’s also one of the more popular sportsbooks out there anyway.

    When it comes to offering the best underdog odds, no one does it any better!

    Now, you may be wondering why one would want to bet on the underdog in NCAA football. To be honest, it’s a great way to make money! In fact, many longtime bettors spend the majority of their time identifying the ranked teams that are listed as underdogs. In the world of college football, those teams tend to cover the spread or win a surprising percentage of the time. Betting on them will give you a better-than-even chance.

    This is actually pretty simple to do. Let’s take a look at the hypothetical matchup here.

    Notre Dame +12
    Army -12

    Both Notre Dame and Army are Division 1 teams. But taking a closer look you will notice that Notre Dame, (which has traditionally been a strong contender) is listed as the underdog. If your personal betting system involves backing the ranked dogs, you would bet on the Fighting Irish.

    Personally, we have found Bovada to be the best college football sportsbook for betting the underdog. The odds at Bovada are almost always better than those we’ve seen at other books and why would you want to pay more for the same wager?

    Best Sportsbook for Playing the Favorite? BetOnline

    Bovada is not the place to play the faves. That honor goes to BetOnline.

    Now, to be fair, 5Dimes does deserve an honorable mention here. It does go without saying that 5Dimes isn’t the best place for betting on underdogs since it excels on the favorites. You cannot do both.

    Betting on the favorites is a tough one. Everyone is expecting them to win, so most of the action tends to pile up behind them. The odds makers will shift the spread toward the underdogs as the bets come in to make sure the dogs get at least some of the action. The key thing to remember is that the favorite not only has to win the game, but must do so by the spread for a bet to pay out.

    This means that the odds are stacked against you before the game even starts.

    Technically, if you know where you break even point is, it should not matter whether you are backing the dog or not. In other words, if you are an expert handicapper on NCAA football, you’ll be fine, but if you’re not familiar with your break evens, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

    Now, they are the favorite, so you may want to back them anyway! You’ve locked onto a game for which you’re absolutely certain the favorite will trounce the underdog. In that case, definitely place your bet at BetOnline.


    Because you will get the best price. You’ll remember from earlier that Bovada offers the best price for the underdogs, well, BetOnline offers the best prices on the favorites. And as before, why pay more than you have to for the same bet?

    Best NCAA Football Betting

    We recommend trying out Live Betting. Could be a total game changer!

    Best Live College Football Betting? Bovada or BetOnline

    If you still haven’t dipped your toes into live NCAA football betting, you’re missing out! It’s a lot more exciting than just betting the spread before the game starts and sitting back to watch things unfold. You’re able to place wagers during the game!

    Think about what that means.

    The lines for a game will shift as the game progresses. That will give you the chance to make informed, split second wager based on up-to-the-minute events. For example, did the favorite just score a touchdown in the first quarter, closing the spread? Did the underdog’s star quarterback just get sacked and injured and taken out of the game? These are things that could have a huge impact and influence on the games final outcome.

    You can expect the line to move each time something big happens. With live betting you have a chance to take advantage of that. Your attention to what could end up being even the smallest details could end up paying big!

    There are several college football sportsbooks that host live betting platforms. Bovada is the one we use. Some of the other books treat live betting in the same way you might treat a strange bump on your body. They’re hesitant, maybe even reluctant, to address it.

    Bovada takes the opposite approach. Not only do they offer live NCAA football betting, but they also seem to make it a priority. Lastly, you can find a lot of lines available at prices that none of the other books can touch.

    Best NCAA Sportsbook for Teasers or Parlays? Bovada

    The best college football betting site we have found for placing teasers and parlays is Bovada. The odds are among the best you’ll find, for these types of bets. In case you are unfamiliar with them, they’re very simple to understand.

    Teasers and parlays are wagers that are placed on the outcomes of multiple games. In order to win a bet, every team you pick must win. The biggest advantage of this is that you will score a major payout if you predict the games correctly. On the other hand, the downside of this is that it’s very hard to accomplish. Picking a single winner is hard enough as it is, but 3, 4, maybe even 10 winners? It’s much tougher than it sounds considering that you do lose if even one of your picks was wrong!

    So, are parlays and teasers smart bets? No, not really. The giant payouts may make your eyes bulge like you would think of betting “eight, the hard way” when playing craps. Sure, this hard eight pays 9 to 1, but the odds of landing it are 10 to 1.

    But, with all of that said, these teasers and parlays are incredibly fun bets to place. When you win, oh man, you win big. When you lose, you lose comparatively little. That’s kind of hard to ignore.

    Note that if you are going to place these bets, you may as well take advantage of the best odds available. Once again, 5Dimes does deserve an honorable mention here. It doesn’t hurt that 5Dimes also offers the most lines.

    The Best Sportsbook for US NCAA Football Bettors? Bovada or BetOnline

    Remember when online sports betting was relatively simple? Credit card in hand was just about all you needed to fund your account at your favorite sportsbook and start placing some bets within the hour. Who knew that some of us in the US would look back on those times with nostalgia?

    Betting on college football, or any sporting event for the matter, online is more difficult today for US bettors. Laws that make no sense have scared off a lot of sportsbooks that once welcomed football bettors living in the US.

    The good news is that many of the best NCAA football betting sites have stuck it out over the years. They continue to accept wagers from US bettors. In our experience, Bovada is the best of the lot. The site is easy to use, easy to work with and manages to clean a majority of deposits (not a small task if you live in the US!) along with offering some of the best odds we have come across.

    While Bovada is hard to beat, both 5Dimes and BookMaker get some mentions here. They’ll both also come a lot closer than others.

    Best College Football Prop Betting? Bovada

    One of the most popular wagers you’ll find in NCAA football betting is the proposition, or “prop” bet. A prop bet rarely has anything to do with which team wins or loses a game. It’s a side bet. You instead bet on something that could happen during the course of a game or on something that might happen in or around the season.

    For example, in a matchup between Illinois and Northwestern, will Illinois score the first field goal? In a Rice-Tulsa game, will the Tulsa QB run a TD during the first half? Who will be the MVP of the year? Random stuff.

    Notice how none of the above wagers have a direct influence on the outcome of a game? That doesn’t make the betting action any less exciting. A lot of avid football bettors, especially those who know their stats, love placing prop bets.

    Bovada is the place to go for proposition bets. That’s where you’ll find the greatest variety.

    If you’re looking for the top NCAA football betting sites, we highly recommend starting with Bovada and 5Dimes. It should be obvious by now that they’re the sites we favor. We’ve learned that we never need to apologize for recommending them to folks. Both are reliable, responsive, and easy to use.

    That said, we encourage you to test drive them for yourself. It’s the only way you’ll know whether you enjoy using them.

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