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The 2021 World Series of Baseball – Best Books Today

Baseball is among the most popular sports in the USA. The World Series is the best of 7 games where the winners from the American League and National League come together to play for the Commissioner’s Trophy. Since it’s inception in 1903 millions of dollars have been wagered.

As of 2020, a total of 116 MLB World Series Championships have been played with a current record of 66 wins to the America League (AL) and 50 wins to the National League (NL).

The event consists of the best of 7 games. The 2020 World Series was won by the Los Angeles Dodgers where they managed to beat the Tampa Bay Rays in a run of 6 games. This also gave Los Angeles its second major sports championship in the month of October.

Where To Place Bets Online for the World Series

I’ve selected a few for you to review and try out before the 2021 World Series begins this year. These sportsbooks have been on my legit list for years, so bet there with confidence.


BetOnline is a younger betting site but has also managed to reach the top of our recommendations list. For the upcoming Baseball World Series, the site provides the features required to ensure you place a bet worth remembering. Additional match info has been included from experts, making it well worth everything moment of your time. The site has live betting and scores, meaning it’s more than just a betting platform. As with Coral, BetOnline also includes a full range of promotions. These will ensure you have all the funds needed to win big during this year’s World Series.

Bovada Sports

Bovada offers a great book to place bets on MLB. During the World Series there will be tons of betting options, parlays, accumulators and live, in game betting options. Honestly, they’re trying to attract Average Joe bettors who just want to have some fun and add some excitement. There was a time when one of their competitors gave better lines, (and we supported them as well!) but this particular company has decided that they don’t want to do business in America anymore.


MyBookie’s been part of the betting world for many years now and have just as famous in other regions. The site provides all the features and options bettors require among many others that simply make it more entertaining and easier. For Baseball, the site offers various wager options, including money line, run line, total runs, home and away total runs, home run hits, and much more. The games can be viewed live on the website and bettors have the option to place a wager while the game is in action.

MyBookie also includes various other forms of betting, which includes one of the biggest sporting selection online. Players who follow sports or are only interested in placing a bet from time to time will find MyBookie has everything you need to do either. They also includes a great range of promotions to boost your wins from the very start.

Some Interesting Baseball World Series Moments

There have been many amazing moments during these events as these professional players match up against each other.

Surprisingly, the has never been a consecutive win in the World Series after New York. The Yankees managed to win both the 1999 cup and the 2000 cup. Interesting fact, the Yankees actually had 3 consecutive wins having also won in 1998.

The team has played a total of 40 games and managed to be victorious in a total of 27 so far, which seems highly impressive, but could be improved when considering the Boston Red Sox, who played in the first World Series and have since managed to win 8 out of 12 events.

With stats so close to each other, not to mention all the other teams who have managed records just am impressive, you will find betting on the game becomes exciting. There have been many surprising events during these events, which have turned out to be the complete opposite of what everyone expected. which is precisely where the odds are in your favor, leading to higher winnings with a lower risk.

Not sure where to try? Read all the Sportsbook Reviews or my constantly updated payout report.

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