Where and How to Bet on the Atlanta Reign for the Noob (or any OW team)

The 2019 Season of Overwatch is upon us, and that means it’s time to start to do our homework and decide who will take the reign this year as champions of the Overwatch Universe, pun absolutely intended. Once we do that we can start to place our bets and profit off of these digital athletes.

Choose your hero. Destroy your enemy.

Today we will be focusing on The Atlanta Reign. They’re the first of the new 2019 teams to fill the minimum slots needed for tournament play. However, feel free to take this info with you into the wild and use it for any other team you desire.

First things first though, we’ll talk about the hard part, the where to wager. Who deserves to handle your money and give you your winnings when you want them?

Where (a top 3)

  1. BetDSI

  2. BetDSI has become a favorite for eSports enthusiasts, and they should be. They have a firm grip on what goes on behind the electronic walls taking many things into account that others may not think about, for example…

    Name Changes and Typos

    Name Changes.
    The world of eSports is a world where the players are allowed to change their names at any time, (unless stopped by contract). Let’s say you place a bet on your favorite player, “Tom” a couple days before his next match. The next day he changes his name to “Dick” and the day after, “Harry”. Your bet will still stand. BetDSI knows damn well who you were talking about when you first placed the wager. Some other sites will cancel your bets in this scenario.

    This is also a world where ‘OOO000O0OO000O’ is a perfectly acceptable name. Oh crap. Is there a typo in there somewhere? That’s okay! Again, BetDSI knows who you meant and the bet will still be honored.

    One of the coolest things about BetDSI compared to other sites? They actually have a toll-free number you can call 24/7 just in case you feel the need to talk to someone there. May not sound like much now, but it’s surprisingly very rare for any Sportsbook to offer this. You’ll appreciate it if a problem does ever arise.

    To see what USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Forbes and others think of this Sportsbook, just click on this link and then click the “Press” tab.

  3. Bovada

  4. Bovada is like the above Sportsbook in the sense that they really know their stuff. Constantly updated lines and odds right up to the minute just as they would with any “traditional” sport.

    Combine this with the fact that they are constantly one of the higher rated casinos time and time again. You really cannot go wrong with these guys. Get bored waiting for the next time the Clutch Gamers take on Dragon Gaming? Their casino truly is one of the best and you’d acquire a whole new set of bonuses over in that part of the site.

    Bovada has been around since 2011, owned by the Mohawk Morris Gaming Group (MMGG) and is headquartered in Canada. They are actually a split from another popular online gambling site which we’re not getting into right now just for the sake of length. This does however help solidify their reputation as both sites have been nothing but fair and good to their customers.

  5. GTBets

  6. GTBets are included here for their always changing “Events Calendar”, exclusive email promotions and the one of a kind “Favorite Teams” program where you constantly earn points toward your favorite team during regular season.

    While there, make sure to check out the rest of the site as well as there are all kinds of different bonuses for each section of the Sportsbook, Casino, Horse Track, whatever you’re into. Keep in mind that, like most Sportsbook sites, their eSports does just fall into their “Sports” category.

    As such, the reasons above are why I would recommend GTBets at any time. That’s not to say there aren’t a couple low points.

    • While US friendly, there are a few states that aren’t allowed, (and to be completely fair, that’s not the Sportsbook’s fault), and
    • Good luck if you need to contact anyone. They do have many options. You can call them, (between certain times of the day), you can Live Chat, (between certain times of the day) or you can email them, (as long as you have the correct address from the list on their site).
      Again, to be completely fair, I do not know of anyone that has had to contact them for anything and they have been known for quick and fair payouts.


Hello friend! I’m here to kick your ass and make sure you have a miserable time.

“Smurf Accounts”, or just “Smurfs” are becoming more and more common place these days in eSports. Besides having always been around, they always will be. Nothing wrong with that in itself, sometimes it’s allowed, sometimes it isn’t, hence, your mileage may vary.

However, as of right now, no reputable Sportsbook will knowingly take a wager on a Smurf. Sorry guys.

So What Now?

So now we know where to go to gamble on eSports, but how do you know who to gamble on?

Well, this is like any other sport in the sense that this is your decision. It’ll be time to do your own homework to decide who to back with your hard earned money. It’ll be up to you to watch the players, compare their stats and take a slew of other things into account, for instance.

Do they play better at home?
Is sleep a factor in their play style? Did they get enough?
His play area is normally very clean. Today there’s 4 empty Red Bull cans on it. Is he going to come crashing down?

Like any traditional sport, you have to take all of these outside factors into consideration. Especially since these are actually trained athletes, not robots. Now, how well were they trained? Hell, who are their trainers? Anything you can think of that would factor in your being disturbed while playing a video game actually affects them as well.

The question is, how good are they at ignoring these things and getting the job done of eliminating the enemy. This would be the norm, but today we’re focusing on Overwatch. What makes it different? For starters, we have to look at the whole team.

To get started wagering on all kinds of different eSports, check out BetDSI. Of course, very bitcoin friendly. To learn more about eSports bets in general, take a look at this.

Overwatch and the Betting World

As mentioned earlier, The Atlanta Reign is the first of the new teams for 2019 to fill their roster slots. We have some new names to keep an eye on and we also have some more well known names.

For the most part, what makes Overwatch different in the betting world is that we actually don’t have to pay attention to individual players. To make things a bit harder, ie; more fun, is that we have to pay attention to the whole team.

We’re going to have to find each individual player and start to take down and compare our stats like you would any other sport and decide. Is this a good player? Would I back him? Will he play well with the others?

The reason we’re asking is because this is a sport where one bad player can easily break the game and make the team lose. Can we go the other way and know that one great player can carry the rest of the team? Sure, but it’s highly unlikely.

So, let’s begin. We’ve got about 2 months to see how these guys perform and how they perform under any pressure and see if they play well with others. Here’s where to find these guys.

The Atlanta Reign

They’ve signed up. They’re ready to go.

They have the minimum of players needed. There may be more added to the roster over the next few weeks but this is who we’ve got to study right now.

Player Name

Hyun-Jun “Pokpo” Park

Dong-Hyeong “Daco” Seo

Blake “Gator” Scott

Petja “Masaa” Kantanen

Steven “Kodak” Rosenberger

Jun “Erster” Jeong

Ilya “Nlaaer” Koppalov

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca

Brad “Sephy” Rajani


Main Tank

Flex Tank

Main Tank







Main Hero

Winston, Orisa, Reinhardt


Reinhardt, Winston

Lucio, Mercy

Zenyatta, Ana, Mercy, D.Va


Tracer, McCree, Widowmaker

Tracer, Soldier:76, Torbjorn


In this case, with a brand spanking new team, we are left with a lot of questions.

Will Sephy be able to bring these boys into a full blown championship?

Kodak. Will he be able to step up into the big leagues and not let the pressure stop him from healing all those who need it?

In the meantime, will Dafran be able to go a week without cheating and get banned for the year? These are all questions that will get answered later.

In summary, risk it all on a new team and attempt to win all the money. Or play it safe and back the boys that have already been established. Generally, find “your team”. Support them. Have fun. And finally, win big.

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