The Best Places to Bet On The World Cup

It’s World Cup time and a good chunk of the world is good and excited.

Are you one of them? Does the thought of watching the big tournament get your heart pumping? It should, there’s some incredible and unbelievable stuff going on over on the field!

If the idea doesn’t get you all riled up, how about this? What if I told you that there’s all kinds of cash waiting to be won by the risk takers out there? I’m willing to guess that you’re interested now! I mean, even the American’s are getting into the sprit, what with betting on soccer, or football becoming more and more popular. It may still not be the most popular yet, but more sportsbooks are starting to offer action on the pitch!

From the opening ceremony’s of the 2018 World Cup.

There’s going to be some talk here about many of the Sportsbooks that I have been working with for quite a while now, although I am especially going to focus on the World Cup promotions that you are going to find at said books.

Keep in mind that no matter what I say, part of the work is going to be on you to shop around and make sure that you’re getting the best odds no matter where you choose to do your betting. To check out all of the sportsbooks I work with, just click on this link here!

The Best “World Cup” Promotions

  • Everygame

Oh man, Everygame is going all out here, and it’s all good news for you!

There’s actually a few different things going on as far as the World Cup goes. Actually, they’re by and far the best when it comes down to World Cup promotions.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to spice up their betting with choices, you’re not going to find anyone better than Everygame. I can really just tell you now that this is where you’re going to find the most variety in World Cup promotions.

Let’s get these all broken down so that you know what you’re getting into!

Now, if you want to take advantage of this one, you do need a promotional code for it, and that code is QATAR100. You’ll use that code when making your deposit, your extra money will come up in your account immediately and you’ll be good to go! You can get up to an extra $100 with this and as far as I can tell, this isn’t only for the “new customers”, anyone can use it all the way up until December 18th.

You do only get to use this once, and one time only, so to get the most bang for your buck you’re going to want to deposit all you safely can! It’s a 200% Bonus, so it’ll only cost you $50 to max this one out. That ain’t bad at all!

Is it possible to get a bigger bonus with this? Technically, yes. The bonus amount can be changed if you’ve got a personal letter or email stating differently. You can always shoot customer service a message and ask if you can have a different amount and see how that goes. I’m reasonably sure that that won’t really help, but you never know if you don’t try!

A little bit of bad news for some of our readers, this is only for the players that are in North America. For those that live in America’s hat, AKA Canada, any sums that are mentioned will be in Canadian dollars for you.

As for some rules to be aware of here, there is a rollover requirement of 8x attached to this at minimum odds of -200 / 1.5 before you can use a new bonus code or make a withdrawal, and any wagers on Horse Racing do not count toward this rollover. Also, any of the normal Terms and Conditions over at Everygame will still apply.

Parlays can be difficult to pull off, that’s why the pay out can be so high and part of why that’s a good chunk of fun right there!

Also, no matter where you live you’re going to want to pay attention to this one here. This isn’t like some of their promos where it’s only for North American players. In this promotion everyone is welcome to get in on this.

Here, if you go and place some parlay action, you can get an Extra $100 on your net winning with No Rollover Requirements attached! All pre-match markets count with minimum odds of +900 / 10.0 .

Just how much can you have added to your winnings? Depends how much you’re willing to risk.

  • USD $20 Extra Net Profit when you stake between USD $5 and $19.99
  • USD $50 Extra Net Profit when you stake between USD $20 and $49.99
  • USD $20 Extra Net Profit when you stake between USD $50 or more

If you place multiple parlays, those that are made up of identical options will only count once. Live bets and round robin or system bets do not count.

Winnings will be credited to the players account on the day after the matches, Monday through Friday.

Those of you that use Canadian dollars, Euros, or Swiss Francs will receive their 20, 50, or 100 boosts in these currencies. Those that are using another currency will receive the equivalent to 20, 50, or 100 in the relevant currency.

There’s really not a bigger upset than watching your team enjoying a two-goal lead just to somehow choke and lose anyway. Everygame is doing what they can to take away some of that sting by giving you the opportunity to get back up to $100 of your stake!

In taking advantage of this one, you would wager at least $10 on what Everygame is calling their “Hot Match Winner” bets, and if during that game one of the teams fails to win in regulation time after having said two-goal lead, Everygame will return the losing stake as a Free Bet!

Once again, the amount of this one will change depending on how much you’re willing to risk.

  • Bet USD $10 – $24.99 = USD $10 Free Bet
  • Bet USD $25 – $49.99 = USD $25 Free Bet
  • Bet USD $50 – $99.99 = USD $50 Free Bet

Those that come out winning here will get some Free-Bet bonus codes via newsletter on the day after the relevant game. Only single, pre-match bets on the “Match Winner” option and Live Bets do not count. Only one wager per customer will qualify, (whichever one has the highest stake).

For this one, the minimum amount required to take part in this is $10. Those out there that are using Canadian dollars or Euros will have their account credited in those currencies.

The Free Bets that are given out here are subjected to a 8x rollover requirement.

There’s a difference between this promotion and the next, so listen up!

10 lucky gamblers are going to be winning $1,000 Cash Prizes. This is going to be based on a drawing, so everyone is getting the chance to win some extra dough here!

You may be wondering what you have to do to be included in this drawing, and it’s super simple. Just bet on the big tournament action!

That’s right. For every dollar you wager you are automatically entered into the drawing whether your choices win or lose! Every dollar counts here, so the more you’re willing to wager, the better your chances of winning!

This drawing will be taking place on December 19th and the winning customers will have their account credited with their prize!

There’s some difference between this and the promo listed just above it. This one is more of a “leaderboard” kind of thing and is going on for the customers that are placing some Live Bets on the games.

Every Live Betting wager placed on the World Cup will be taken into account and the person with the highest total in-game profit will be awarded a $2,000 Cash Prize!

Those that finish up in the second or third place will receive $1,500, fourth and fifth places $1,000, and those that are in the sixth through twentieth $200!

Again, these are all CASH PRIZES!

Players can keep checking back to see if they’re among the front runners and the cash prizes will be given out right after the new soccer world champ has been crowned.

While playing this one, there is no minimum stake required.

Here with this promotion, Everygame is willing to double and maybe even triple your World Cup wagers!

Just wager on the “Anytime Goalscorer” markets over at Everygame and if your winning pick hits the targets in that game, they will multiply your net winning by the number of goals he scores. Need to make it even better? There are no rollover requirements attached to this!

This offer is good for all games at the World Cup, and only the first “Anytime Goalscorer” bet placed per game counts for this promotion.

The minimum amount required for taking part in this $5 USD.

The goal-scorers are defined by the statistics available over at and only goals that are scored in regulation minutes count.

The Extra net winnings that are earned will be passed out to the winners on the day following the game in question. The maximum amount for can win in this promo is $100 USD. If you’re using Canadian dollars or Euros you will be paid with those currencies.

  • Conclusion

And that wraps up all of the World Cup promotions that are going on over at Everygame. You may think that’s a lot of stuff and you may be ready to go off and place some bets, but we’re not done yet!

Let’s see what some other sportsbooks have to offer!

  • GTBets

As freakin’ amazing as they are, GTBets really only has one World Cup promotion going on right now. But man, it’s a good one!

In this one you could win $2,000 in their World Cup Qatar contest by picking the winner of each of 8 groups they have listed, as well as correctly selecting the overall winner of the Cup.

Do that and GTBets will credit your account with $2,000 bones!

The Terms and Conditions do not say that there is one prize that will be split up among multiple winners, they’re wording it like every winner will walk with the $2k!

Your selections for the winners must be submitted before the start of the first game which is on November 20th, and this contest is open to those players that have made a deposit in the previous 30 days, so get on this! Go make a deposit now before it’s too late!

The $2,000 prize does come with a 6x point rollover requirement.

My personal favorite GTBets promotion? The Free Points on your favorite football and basketball teams throughout the season, (college and pro). To make the deal a little sweeter, if your team starts to let you down, you can always change your team choice at the beginning of every season if you choose.

If you happen to be completely new to the world of betting on soccer altogether, just check out this page to get a leg up!
Also, at the beginning of this I talked about Everygame a lot. Something I did not mention was the fact that you can win Free Bets for the Sportsbook if you also happen to be a Poker player!
  • Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack was the first live crypto-currency casino, and make no mistake about it. They’re still a casino first and foremost, but they do offer a sportsbook for the players. Like the above mentioned GTBets, there’s only one World Cup promo going on, but once again, it’s a great one!

This one is for those that are into bracket challenges here and you could win up to $20,000!

Oh, and one other thing here that may persuade you – You do not need to make a deposit to participate in this!

Here are the rules according to their promos page.

  1. The World Cup Bracket Challenge is a free-to-play promo that requires users to predict all the World Cup qualifiers.
  2. To participate in the challenge, you must submit your bracket.
  3. To win the Grand Prize ($20,000), you must correctly predict first the Group Stage qualifiers and then – the Play-off qualifiers.
  4. If the users do not qualify for the grand prize, they may win one of the following prizes: $5000, $3000, or $2000 through the Leaderboard.
  5. One correct guess earns the user one point on the Leaderboard.

And as for some Terms and Conditions, this is from the same page.

  1. After the bracket is filled, predictions cannot be modified.
  2. Brackets will not be eligible until they are submitted.
  3. Play-off predictions must be made once group qualifications are already finished.
  4. Only one prediction is eligible per user, device, household.
  5. General Terms and conditions apply.

Considering that you can take part in this one for free, I really cannot think of much reason you shouldn’t be getting involved!

My favorite promo here? You can go and get yourself 100 Free Spins just for registering your account! Promotions like that don’t come often, make sure that you go and get it before it disappears!

Are you guys half as excited as I am over here? November 20th is just a few days away!

Honorable Mentions

  • Bovada

You already knew that Bovada was going to pop up on this list somewhere.

They’re only an “honorable mention” here on this page because they’re not offering any World Cup specific promotions, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that they’re among the best of the best!

Signing up over that way can get you an awesome 50% Welcome Bonus of up to $250 (no code needed), but if you’re using crypto you can actually turn that into a 75% Bonus of up to $750! Note that you don’t need a code if you’re NOT using crytpo, but if you ARE you will want to use the code BTCSWB750.

While you’re there, make sure that you check out the Golden Spade Poker Open where someone’s going to be winning a boat-load of cash for playing their cards just right!

And by the way, I talked about Fortune Jack and their being a “crypto sportsbook/casino”. If that caught your attention but you don’t really know where to start, Bovada has what is probably the best “How-To” on their site to explain it all to you.

  • BetOnline and SportsBetting

BetOnline and SportsBetting and going to get lumped in together here because the two sportsbooks are owned by the same company and you’ll find 90% of the same promos at each one. There are plenty of rules on each of the sites that say, “you can’t use this promo if you want to use this promo…” and that makes sense.

Nothing in the rules says that you cannot join both sites and still take advantage of some different promos!

The codes that I use the most?

  • LIFEBONUS at BetOnline and
  • FORLIFE at SportsBetting

Using these codes will get you a 25% Bonus on ALL of your deposits over at the sites!

  • BookMaker

This may be one of the better choices for those that are using crypto. While they do accept fiat payments as well, the crypto users are really going to get to take advantage of some great deals over at Bookmaker.

One of the better ones is the $500 CASH Welcome Bonus. This is a cash bonus, meaning that you can do whatever you want with it. You won’t be stuck in the sportsbook or the casino using your money just for what they let you use it for. You’ll get to do what you like with it.

Also to note for the non-crypto people is the great reload bonuses you guys will get, where you can get a 20% Cash Bonus with every reload of up to $2,500!

  • Bodog

Bodog is for our Canadian friends specifically. Those located in the US actually aren’t welcome! That’s a stinker, but nothing we can really do about that.

For you Maple Leafs out there, Bodog can be a great place for your World Cup betting. There aren’t really any WC specific promotions, but the action is still strong!

As of right now you can find action for the following categories.

  • World Cup Game Lines
  • World Cup Futures
  • World Cup Group Futures
  • World Cup Requested Specials
  • World Cup Team Specials
  • International Friendlies

You’ll also still find some other awesome promotions, such as a 100% Sportsbook Bonus, a 100% Casino Bonus, and a 100% Poker Room Bonus!

And honestly, that pretty much wraps up the World Cup specific promotions that you’re going to find within the sportsbooks that I work with. There are other books out there, nobody is going to try to deny that. However, all of the bookies that you’ll find that I promote have proven themselves as real, transparent, legitimate sites.

Some may look at the most important thing being the fact that I do my own betting at all of these sites. Which ones in particular? All of them! It all depends on what kind of betting I’m doing at the time!

The Types Of Bets You Could Place On The World Cup

It’s the blue team against the yellow team and I’ll put all of my money down and say that yellow is going to get the crap kicked out of them!

To really get into this, you may want to check out this “101” article dealing with soccer, it really spells it all out.

Just for a quick run down taken from a list on that page, these are the types of bets that you’re going to find:

Win, lose, draw
This is the most basic, straightforward type of bet you can place on soccer, and is pretty much self-explanatory. The match result or the 90 minutes result may be used.

Half Time Result
Abbreviated “HTR,” this is just the result at Half Time rather than Full Time.

Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT)
Want to combine a wager on the outcomes at Half Time and Full Time? This is the way to do it.

Correct Score (CS)
Think you know what the exact score will be at Full Time? Try placing this type of wager.

Draw No Bet
A Draw No Bet or “DNB” situation simply describes what happens if teams tie and you get your money back.

With this type of wager, a certain number of goals is listed, and you try and decide whether the real number is going be “over” or “under” the amount.

This refers to a class of bets such as teasers and parlays. For each of them, you make multiple selections. If all of your selections win, you win a hefty payout. If one of them loses, you lose the whole thing.

First Goal Scorer
Who will be the first player to score in a soccer game? If you think you know, place this type of bet. Don’t think anyone will score a goal inside normal game time? That is another wager you can make. This type of bet is often just referred to by its abbreviation, “FGS.”

Last Goal Scorer
Not sure who will score first, but have a guess who will score last? You can make a last goal scorer (LGS) bet.

Each Way First Goal Scorer
Do you think you know that a player will score early on in a match, but not necessarily first? Place an Each Way First Goal Scorer bet, and so long as they score one of the first three goals, you win.

Both Teams To Score
Sometimes, you may not feel confident betting on which team will win or lose or which players will score earliest in a match—but you might at least feel sure both teams will score. Conversely, you may feel certain they will not both score. Either way, you can bet on it. Often, you will see this type of bet referred to simply as “BTTS.”

First Scorer/Correct Double Score
One challenging type of wager to win is this one, also called “Scorecast.” This wager is on the first goal scorer as well as the correct score. While the risk is substantial, the reward can be too.

Asian Handicap Betting
Abbreviated “AH,” this type of wager is simply one with handicaps. In situations where there is a heavy favorite, AH betting can balance things out a bit.

Do you have a guess at the outcome of a match that will take place months from now, maybe even the result of a major competition? You can make a futures bet. Winning such a bet can be challenging since a lot may happen between the time you place it and the event. But the payoff can be worth it if you are successful.

Specific Player to Score
If you believe a particular player will score during a match, but you do not know how early or late, this type of bet may be just what you are looking for.

Goals in Both Halves
Do you think that goals will be scored in both halves of a game? You can wager on that possibility with this type of bet.

Penalty to Be Awarded
Wager on whether or not a penalty is going to be awarded during a match.

Number of Bookings
If you believe you know the number of yellow and red cards, you can wager on the booking points.

Number of Corners
If you think you know how many corners will be taken during a soccer game, you can place a wager on it.

Some Reasons To Bet On The World Cup

I know that most of the people that are reading this don’t really need a reason to bet on The World Cup, they’re already in. That’s why they just want to know the best places and find out the best promotions.

For those that are on the fence, here’s just a few reasons that they may want to get in on this.

  • The Promotions

As you’ve already seen, there are some great promotions that can not only get you more bang for your buck, but hey! You could even win some cash without making a deposit if you look around!

  • Once You Get Into The World Cup, You May Get Interested In Other Soccer Events

There’s a great feeling once you get into a sport that’s unfamiliar to you. There’s all kinds of new stuff to learn, new things to pay attention to, and so on. When that happens, you’re going to get a little more excitement from your betting.

  • Games Run 90 Minutes

That’s not an exact science. They can run about ninety minutes. This makes it so that you can get invested in a game and have the time to really enjoy yourself without killing off a whole day.

  • The Soccer Season is Year Round

The events of the World Cup are going to come to an end. That will be it for a few years until it’s time again. Why would you want to get involved in the World Cup knowing that that’s going to happen? Because once you do and you’re into the sport of soccer, there will still be games going on at just about all times! A league may take a break, but the season as a whole will still be going on with staggering. The opportunities will still be there!

  • Supporting Your Nation

This sport is loved with a rabid fever among the fans of a home country. You will always get that sense of comradery with other fans, and there’s no rule that says you have to if you want to support someone else!

  • The Types Of Bets

The sport also comes with a huge variety of bets that are available on games, making sure that you don’t go off and get bored during your gambling sessions.


You are aware of the best promotions that you’re going to find for your World Cup business. You are also aware of the best of the best in Online Sportsbooks. You’ve got some tips for your wagers. If you have gotten to this point and you’re not really feeling it yet, you’re just not interested!

You’ll naturally going to want to check out all of our sportsbooks to make sure that you’re getting the best odds in your betting and to make sure that there aren’t any promotions that I just missed! (I can tell you that as of this writing, they’re all listed here!)

There’s really nothing left for me to do but to wish you all of the luck in your betting!

And You May Want to Check These Out As Well

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