Introducing the Cloudbet Marketplace

If you have dropped by Cloudbet recently, you might have noticed a new tab at the top of the site called “Marketplace.” Wondering what this new feature is? It’s a cool system Cloudbet has come up with that allows sports bettors and casino players to play toward special rewards. The coolest part is that you can pick your own rewards. Let’s go over how it works and what types of rewards are available in detail!

What the Marketplace looks like at the time of this writing!

How the Cloudbet Marketplace Works

The Marketplace functions as a points system for rewards. This system works in conjunction with the Cloudbet Loyalty Club. While the Loyalty Club is tier-based, you get access to the marketplace no matter what tier you are in, even if it is the lowest tier. So, everyone has the chance to claim rewards through the Marketplace.

Cloudbet refers to its points as “Lightning Points.” This is a reference to the lightning logo for the sportsbook.

Cloudbet explains:

Lightning points are our brand new currency you earn from your wagering, giving you the opportunity to choose the rewards you want.

You earn Lightning points every time you wager on casino games, you can check how much you need to wager to collect one point, by clicking on the more details arrow below the game image. On Cloudbet Sports at the initial Bronze tier, the reward is currently up to 0.12% when you wager on high limit events with standard margins.”

You do earn points more rapidly though if you have a higher account tier, since each tier has an individual Lightning Points Multiplier. That multiplier is 1x at the lowest level and 2x at the highest level.

Here is how you can participate.

  1. Place bets in the sportsbook, and you will earn Lightning points. If you prefer, you can visit the casino section of the site and play games to earn points.
  2. As you play, you will earn points at the rate determined by your account tier in the Loyalty Club.
  3. You can check your points balance by glancing at the top right-hand part of the Marketplace page. That is where your multiplier will be listed as well. Then, take a look at the Marketplace items to see if you have earned enough points to buy a reward that interests you. You can see the price in Lightning Points below the listing for each reward. It is the number next to the little lightning icon.
  4. Click on the reward that interests you.
  5. You will see more information about the reward, along with a button at the bottom that allows you to purchase it. If you are sure about your choice, then simply tap on the button to make your purchase.
  6. The points that you used to purchase the reward will be removed from your account balance.
  7. You will now receive the reward. How soon that happens and through what means depends on what you purchased.

For example, let’s say you bought free spins or a custom bonus. If so, the amount of the free spins or the bonus will be credited to your account right away, and will be available for you to use in the sportsbook or casino.

But if you bought a physical item such as a car (yes, a car), you will need to wait to receive your item. Cloudbet will be in contact with you with more details about how your item will be shipped to you and to request any additional details needed to ensure that you receive it.

That is it! You can then go back to betting on sports or playing more casino games to keep earning points toward future rewards!

What Types of Rewards Can You Claim at the Cloudbet Marketplace?

Now that we have explained exactly how to earn rewards through the Cloudbet Marketplace, let’s check out some of the rewards you can claim with your Lightning Points!

  1. Casino Free Spins

As it says on the tin, Casino Free Spins are free spins you can use to play slot games. At the time we are looking at the listings, we see offers for 10 or 20 free spins for use on specific individual slot games.

Cloudbet says, “You can select your favourite game to buy free spins at your chosen spin size and these will be credited instantly.”

This is phrased a little oddly. The first time we read this, we thought that meant you could pick how many free spins you wanted and then choose any game to apply them to, but this does not appear to be what they mean (at least for now).

Right now, there is a small selection of games you can use the Casino Free Spins on. You just need to pick the one you like. If you do not see any that interest you, then you may want to grab one of the other rewards below instead.

One awesome thing about Casino Free Spins through the Marketplace is that they carry zero wagering requirements.

The Free Spins that are currently available. As you can see, they are available for different amounts depending on which game you would like to play.

  1. Quick Buys

This is a category with a selection of bonus cash offers. Each of the offers lists an amount for the bonus and a wagering requirement, along with the price to claim it.

At the time of this writing, here are the offers we see:

  • €20 Casino Bonus: 30x wagering requirement
  • €20 Casino Bonus: 15x wagering requirement
  • €20 Casino Bonus: 1x wagering requirement
  • €20 Casino Bonus: x multiplier

It is pretty cool you can pick the wagering requirement you want. And we love that you can even get a bonus with a 1x wagering requirement! Of course, that one is more expensive.

  1. Custom Rewards

If you are not in a rush, you can scroll down past the Quick Buys section to the category titled, “Custom Rewards.”

This is one of the most exciting types of offers at the Marketplace. Here are the rewards available:

  • Sports Bonus/li>
  • Casino Bonus/li>
  • Casino Free Spins/li>
  • Live Casino Free Spins

You can personalize any of these rewards by clicking on the button that says “Customize” for that reward.

For example, let’s say you want to get the Sports Bonus Custom Reward. You click on “Customize,” and the site will give you a slider that you can move from left to right for the bonus value.

As you move the slider, you will see the updated rollover requirement and minimum odds. You can then select your bonus payout currency.

  1. Exclusive Rewards

Finally, arguably the most exciting part of the Marketplace is the Exclusive Rewards section. This is where you can purchase luxury rewards from Cloudbet if you have racked up a whole lot of points. Here are the items we see listed in this section as of the time of this writing:

  • Rolex Daytona Cosmograph “Rainbow” Everose Gold: 59,000,000 points
  • 7 Nights on Velaa Private Island in the Maldives: 22,000,000 points
  • 2023 Lamborghini Huracán: 40,000,000 points

You are probably curious how much you would pay for these items in US Dollars. The 2023 Lamborghini Huracán starts out at $212,090.

As for the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph “Rainbow” Everose Gold, most listings we see for that watch start at around $500,000! We see some listings for this watch that are more than double that.

It is interesting to note that the Rolex is only priced a bit higher than the Lamborghini in terms of points (at least, it is not proportional to the value differences between the two items in USD).

We are not sure whether that means that Cloudbet is over-pricing the car or under-pricing the watch, but it is noteworthy.

If you do find yourself with a ton of points to spend, it is something worth checking into. The watch may be the better deal, even if you would just turn around and resell it (keep in mind that may not fetch as high a price used, however).

By the time your read this post, do not be surprised if there are different rewards available on the Cloudbet Marketplace, and probably a wider selection of them too. You will want to check it out for yourself to see what you can buy with your Lightning points.

When you arrive over at Cloudbet you’ll see that there’s always plenty of stuff in the Sportsbook giving you a ton of options!

Other Info on the Marketplace Page

As we mentioned before, you can look in the top right-hand part of the Marketplace page to view how many points you have and what your current multiplier is based on your Loyalty Club tier.

There is some additional information you can view below that:

  • Weekly Summary
  • In this area, you can see how many points you have earned over the course of the week.

  • Top Gainers This Week
  • This section lets you see who is at the top of the weekly leaderboard for earning points.

  • History
  • In this section, there are two tabs. Under one, you can see how many points you have earned total over all time, and in the other, you can see how many you have spent.

Take a look at the “Spent” tab in the History section now and again, especially if you are in the habit of frequently spending your points to buy small rewards. You might be surprised by just how many points you have spent in total over time. This can give you an idea of what bigger rewards you might have qualified for, or the rate at which you could be working toward them.

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How to Get the Most Out of the Cloudbet Marketplace

How can you get the most value out of the Cloudbet Marketplace? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Check The List Of Rewards Before You Start Playing

It is good to have a goal to aim for before you begin accumulating points. That way, you will have a plan, and you will be ready to make the best possible use of your Lightning points when you are ready to check out at the Marketplace.

  1. Try And Raise Your Account Tier In The Loyalty Club

If you want to make rapid progress toward the most exciting rewards in the Cloudbet Marketplace, then it is in your interest to climb up the account tiers as quickly as you can. When you get into the upper tiers, you will rack up Lightning points far more quickly.

One thing that is useful to know about the Cloudbet Loyalty Club is that the sporting events on which you wager and the casino games you choose to play affect the rate at which you can climb through the levels. Here is what you should focus on if you want to get to the top efficiently:

  • Bet on major sporting events with high stake limits frequently
  • Play casino games with lower return-to-player (RTP) percentages

It is to the house’s advantage to encourage players to put bets on these games and events. That is why they are incentivizing it through the Loyalty Club structure.

  1. Check The Rates For Earning Points Before You Bet

It is helpful to know the rate at which you can earn points before you bet in the sportsbook or play in the casino.

For the sportsbook, the rate depends on your account tier, so you will need to look up the rate in the chart of Loyalty Club benefits that Cloudbet features on its website. It also depends on what events you bet on (as we mentioned a moment ago).

For casino games, look below the image for the game you want to play. You will see an arrow for details. If you click on it, it will tell you the wagering requirement to earn 1 point.

  1. Personalize Your Rewards

While there are some general rewards you can claim in the Marketplace, we suggest taking the extra time to customize your bonuses when possible. It is a fun process, and it is nice to have some control over how your bonuses work.

  1. Stay Active

If you want to maintain your loyalty tier (more on that shortly), you need to place at least one wager per month.

Not only that, but you also need to stay active if you want to keep your points. Cloudbet says, “Yes, if you do not make a real money bet in 3 consecutive calendar months you will lose all your points. Unused points will expire 12 calendar month after they are earned.”

It is totally not worth letting this happen, no matter how busy or distracted you are! Set up some kind of calendar alert if you have to, just do not let your hard-won progress expire. It would be terrible to lose months or even years worth of Lightning points simply because you have been taking some time away.

  1. Mind Which Other Bonuses You Claim

It is important to be aware that other bonuses and promotions can affect your progress toward earning points for use in the Marketplace.

Cloudbet says in its Loyalty Club terms and conditions, “When a user has an active bonus, this user’s gameplay will not contribute towards the Loyalty Club, e.g. the user will not be able to generate tier points or lightning points with bonus bets.”

You will need to decide what your priorities are with respect to promotions. If you are laser-focused on earning a particular reward through the Marketplace, it might be worth it to forego claiming some other bonuses you are offered so you can make faster progress toward what you want the most.

  1. Watch Out For Excluded Games

While many games can help you earn Lightning points toward rewards, not all are eligible!

The terms and conditions at Cloudbet say, “Selected casino games are excluded from the Loyalty Club and the Cloudbet Marketplace offer, betting on these games don’t earn players tier points or lightning points. The list of excluded games can be found here.”

Thankfully, the list of excluded games is not enormous, but there are enough games on there that you could find yourself inconvenienced if you do not check it. So, take a look before you choose which games to spend your money on.

  1. Be Patient If You Want To Claim The Biggest Rewards

If you are trying for something like a Rolex or luxury vacation, even if you are a high roller, it might take you a while to accumulate the points you would need to claim it.

Along the way, you are going to be tempted to claim lesser rewards. Of course, it is totally fine to do that! But if you want to keep making progress toward your ultimate goal, you are going to need to practice some self-restraint. Try and be as patient as you can. It will all be worth it if you eventually do get the points you need for an epic reward.

What Other Promotions are Offered at Cloudbet?

While the Cloudbet Marketplace and Loyalty Club are exciting, they are not the only fantastic promotions that Cloudbet offers. At the time of this writing, here are some other promos that provide sports bettors and casino players on the site with extra value!

  • Welcome Bonus:
  • Cloudbet offers a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC, depending on the size of your first deposit. We do not need to tell you how huge that is! You can also opt for the equivalent size bonus in a different crypto of your choice, including ETH, LTC, BNB, BCH, DASH, DOGE, USDT or others.

  • Free Spins Tuesdays:
  • On Tuesdays, you can deposit €20 or more and receive 20 free spins to use in the casino section of Cloudbet.

  • Spinomenal Into The Universe:
  • This is a tournament Cloudbet is offering that lets you compete for up to €200,000 in cash prizes. While this is a temporary event, by the time you check this page, Cloudbet might be offering another similar tournament.

Some Cloudbet promotions are permanent (that 5 BTC welcome offer has been around for years now), while others come and go. Keep an eye on the promotions page regularly to make sure you do not miss anything.

What Other Benefits Come With Your Loyalty Club Membership at Cloudbet?

Getting a closer look at that Rolex there in the Marketplace.

Along with access to the Marketplace and a points multiplier that depends on your tier, your Loyalty Club membership offers you some additional benefits as well:

  • Free Spin Tuesdays:
  • Members of the Loyalty Club at every account tier have access to this promotion along with the Marketplace.

  • Bespoke Bonuses:
  • If you are in the top three account tiers, you can claim bespoke bonuses.

  • Priority Customer Support:
  • Members in the top three tiers receive priority customer support for fast answers to questions and concerns.

  • Account Manager:
  • At the very top tier, you receive a personal account manager.

  • Sport Reward Earnings:
  • The higher your account tier, the higher your sport reward earnings are.

  • Reduced Sport Rollover Requirements:
  • Rollover requirements for sports betting bonuses decrease as you climb the loyalty tiers. At the lowest tier, the requirement is 5x. At the highest two tiers, it is 1x.

The names of the tiers from lowest to highest are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby.

It is important to stay active if you want to maintain your current account tier. Cloudbet says, “If a player fails to place a real money bet during a calendar month, they will move down to the beginning of the tier below their existing tier status.”

In other words, say you are at the Sapphire tier, and then you take a whole month off. When you come back, you will find yourself at the start of the Gold tier. Try and place at least one bet per calendar month to prevent this from happening. In most situations, this should be pretty easy to do.

Start Earning Points Toward Rewards on Cloudbet Now

Now you know how the brand new Marketplace works on Cloudbet. Pretty cool, right? If you are ready to start earning Lightning Points toward exciting rewards like custom bonuses, free spins, and luxury cars and watches, open your account now!

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