Overwatch Season 2 Standings – Updated 3.25

This is being updated on April 1st, and while the jokes and pranks are being thrown around all over the place, unfortunately, there’s no joke here. The Overwatch League is on an off week.

We do still get to look back at some of the surprises, or non-surprises from Stage 1 which just ended and try to get all of our wagers for Stage 2 coming up here in a couple weeks!

So, let’s look back!

New York managed to keep that Number 1 slot all to themselves almost all the way until the very last week, somehow losing it to the new comers Vancouver at the last minute. Last season favorites, the London Spitfire managing to not quite make the Stage Playoff Cutoffs coming down into 13th place?!

Keeping along with the new teams coming out strong, we’ve got Toronto and Philadelphia tying for 3rd place and Atlanta grabbing that 5th slot.

Rounding out the rest of the cutoffs gives us San Francisco and Seoul tying for 6th and Boston at 8th giving us a really great mixture of fan favorites and new players to keep an eye on as we move on to the Second Stage of the season.

Keep scrolling on down to see where we are on the upcoming week, Week 1 of Stage 2!

Very important – bookmark this page now and make sure to keep heading back every week. I’m going to update this page weekly with current stats as well as where you should be going to place your real money wagers. Keep reading on!

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My personal favorite, but check them all out, and then some! Joining BetDSI now could net you a 100% Match Bonus of up to $500 each for the Sportsbook as well as the casino side of things if you use our special code, “FREAK”.

BetDSI is on it, perhaps just why they’re my favorite. Lines posted as need be for upcoming games taking place in the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, this means we’re not seeing any upcoming OWL stats as I type this as the next scheduled matches for the OWL are not for another 72+ hours.

BetDSI is however posting the odds for the Contender Matches with

  • Square One (-167) going against Skyfoxes (+120)
  • and for

  • Paradigm (+143) going against Underwater Squad (-200).

If you’re not sure what these odds mean exactly, that’s okay. Take a look at this article, “How to Read Sports Betting Odds”. That should get you good and started.

An Example

Just to show one how everything works, let’s use BetDSI as an example here. After heading over to their eSports page you’d find the game you’d like to wager on and simply click on who you’d like to bet on. In this picture, I’m going to go for the heavy favorite, Skyfoxes.

The games being currently offered. Simply click the team name, or the odds. and then you can fill out your betslip.

Your betslip. After choosing the game to wager on, this is where you’ll fill out the actual wager itself.

Now that we’ve decided we’re wagering on the Foxes of the Sky, we have to scroll back up to the top of the page where we’ll find our actual betslip and fill out the information we want on it.

You’ll see that you have options for ‘Straight’, ‘Parlay’, ‘Round Robin’, ‘Teaser’, ‘Ifbet’, and ‘Reverse’. To learn about different types of bets, check this out.

For the sake of simplicity in this article, I’m just going with “straight”. That means that I’m just going to wager that the Skyfoxes are going to win, no matter how or by how much.

As you see in the next image, I’m going to risk 20.00 on this, meaning that if they do win, I would get a return of 3.00. I know, that’s not a really good return. That’s what happens when the favorites are so heavily favored.

If I were to bet on the “underdog” for this match, the return would be much, much higher.

Actually, the return of a $20 bet on this matches underdog would be $76.80, but this is all a subject for another article.


My bosses personal favorite site and to be honest, he’s been doing this longer than I with much more experience. They are a great place offering just about any kind of sports wagering, other eSports, entertainment, and so on. On the off chance you need a break from checking the odds, they’ve got a pretty damn nice casino to take in some video poker, check out some Live Dealers, table games, and of course, the slots.

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Right now, they’re also posting odds for the Contenders Matches with slightly different odds. They’re currently showing

  • Square One (-225) and Skyfoxes (+160)

I bring this up to reference some advice we always give players, both new and old –
Always join more than one site. Not only can you find better odds from one site to another, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of different bonuses. It only works out in your favor!


The third in our list here. Another great, solid site that we’ll always recommend. Their current welcome bonus is a 50% Match Bonus of up to $1000, not to mention that if you bring some friends with you to BetOnline and grab an extra $200 for each one you refer!

For the aforementioned Contender Match, they’re currently showing

  • Paradigm at (+141)
  • Underwater Squad (-208)

Pretty close to what other sites are showing, again, always join more than one site, just in case.

Backed up and recommended by ESPN, Forbes, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and others, you cannot go wrong with BetOnline.

Which of These Sites is the Best Though?

One would be hard pressed to find major differences in the 3 Sportsbooks mentioned above. The most important factor is that they all deserve to be here. They have all proven themselves to be honest, quick, stable and reliable. More important than all of that? When you win, you will get paid!

So, Who to Bet On?

Huh uh. GoodSports cannot tell you that. I know who I’m betting on. If I make a mistake and lose my dough do you really want me to take you with me? But I’ll try to help you make that decision and update weekly showing the front runners and current stats. This should at least get you started. However, to be truly successful in the world of sports betting, you’ve got to do your own homework. This is just part of it! Hopefully, this helps you on the way to winning big yourself!

Current Top 5 Teams

Team Name Wins Losses Map Wins/Losses/Ties Last Season Final Ranking
Vancouver Titans 7 0 24-6-0 N/A
New York Excelsior 7 0 22-6-1 1st
Philadelphia Fusion 5 2 17-12-1 7th
Toronto Defiant 5 2 16-11-2 N/A
Atlanta Reign 4 3 18-12-0 N/A

Current Top 5 Individual Players led by Damage Dealt (per 10 minute average)

Player Team Eliminations Deaths Damage Dealt
sinatraa San Francisco Shock 20.66 3.66 13,497
FITS Seoul Dynasty 21.90 2.70 12,628
SeoMinSoo Vancouver Titans 22.06 3.14 12,066

Los Angeles Gladiators 20.80 4.26 11,880
ivy Toronto Defiant 20.18 5.12 11,529

If you happen to be the kind of person that likes to wager on individual players, sinatraa managed to hold onto this number one spot for the entirety of Stage 1. Just pointing that out.

Upcoming OWL Games With Current Top 3 Teams

Day Teams Time
Thursday the 28th Philadelphia Fusion vs. New York Excelsior 7:00
Saturday the 30th Florida Mayhem vs. Philadelphia Fusion 3:00 pm
Saturday the 30th New York Excelsior vs. Shanghai Dragons 6:30 pm
Sunday the 31st Vancouver Titans vs. Hangzhou Spark 6:30 pm

As always, these games can always be viewed live as you make your bets on everyone’s favorite streaming platform, Twitch!

Keep on reading more!

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