Everything You Need to Know About Rugby Union

This article was started with the intention of being “everything you’ve always wanted to know about rugby,” but we ran into a problem. You see, rugby is a sport with a long history. A very long, complex history, but what else would you expect from a sport that’s technically two different sports? It’s true, for…

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A Crash Course In Football Point Spread Betting

Football Point Spread Betting Online Point spread betting can seem confusing to the first-time sports better. But it’s actually simple. In fact, spread betting is the most common way to place wagers on football. Rest assured, if the majority of bettors are doing it, it’s sure to be easy. Having said that, if you’re new…

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How to Be an Antifragile Bettor

How do you react when something goes wrong while betting on sports? Do you crumble in the face of an unexpected loss? Do you tell yourself that if you stay strong, you will survive this? Or, do you ask yourself, “What opportunity does this present me?” We hear a lot about how important it is…

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The Masters Betting Favorites

The Masters 2020 – The Early Betting Favorites by the Sportsbooks Editors Note – This was actually written in March, before Corona reared it’s ugly head and ruined everything. Most of the info you’ll find here is correct aside from any changes that were made in the last 9 months. All of the sportsbook information…

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Five underdogs at the Augusta Masters

The charm of any sport lies in the underdog. What fun it is to see the favorite leading from the beginning to the end? Golf is no different! I’ll bet that you are also interested in where to go so that you could wager on these games as well, so let’s go ahead and also…

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Top 10 Tips For Betting On Baseball

Betting on baseball isn’t for the fainthearted. But if you know what you’re doing, you can be successful at it. There’s often significant variance in the short run, but it evens out over the long run. For example, the Angels’ Mike Trout might go through a terrible slump over the course of a few games.…

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Where and How to Bet on The Masters 2021

If you are a golf fanatic, you already know this, but those who are more casual, or even new to the game should know that the Masters are coming up fast. Super fast actually, even after being totally rescheduled for November 12th through the 15th this year! “The Masters” is arguably the most prestigious tournament…

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How To Read Sports Betting Odds

You have placed a few wagers on sports over the years, and lately you have been taking a stronger interest in sports betting. You’ve gone through our reviews of recommended sportsbooks and have found a couple of sites to join. After signing up, you made your deposits and are now ready to wager. There is…

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Live Betting Online 101

How To Get Started With Live Betting at An Online Sportsbook Live betting is a topic that I have covered previously in the article Sportsbooks That Offer Live Betting In Game. In that article, I recommended a number of different sites which offer in-play betting, and provided a quick introduction to the topic along with…

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Which is the Best Sports Betting Site for Prop Bets?

While we often wager directly on the outcome of a match, sometimes we place wagers that have nothing to do with the final score. Those are called “proposition bets.” Prop bets can be a blast, and online sportsbooks offer countless prop betting opportunities for all kinds of sports. If you are looking for the best…

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