How to Bet on the NFL Draft

Every year, usually in April, one of the most exciting events of the year takes place: the NFL draft! Did you know you can wager on the NFL draft on popular sports betting sites like Bovada? In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know to get started with NFL draft betting.…

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Bet On a Coin Toss in Space

You may have wagered on the Super Bowl coin toss before. But we are guessing you probably have never wagered before on a coin toss in space! But that is exactly what a couple of major US sportsbooks are offering action on. That’s right, a coin toss in space (everything sounds cooler when you add…

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Where to Bet on The Kentucky Derby in 2022

The Best Places to do Your Betting on The Kentucky Derby Oh man, it’s that time again. Perhaps the Christmas for the true Horse Racing lovers out there among you, The Kentucky Derby! We’re going to talk a lot about it because we love it just as much as you do, so hopefully you find…

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A Crash Course In Football Point Spread Betting

If you are new to the exciting world of betting on sports, Point Spread Betting can seem confusing at first. Luckily, it’s actually fairly simple! In fact, spread betting is the most common way to place wagers on football. Rest assured, if the majority of the bettors are doing it, it’s sure to be easy.…

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Matched Betting 101

Your Matched Betting ‘How To’ Have you ever heard of “matched betting”? Honestly, if you came across this article and thought “I should read that”, you’re probably curious and you may have questions. It’s okay! We all had to get started somewhere and we’re here to help you out with them! One of the biggest…

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Futsal Betting 101: Where to Bet on Indoor Soccer in 2022

When you are browsing the sports at your favorite online sportsbook, you may notice a sport called “futsal.” For a moment, you might think you misread it. Surely it said “football?” You check again. Nope—it most definitely says “futsal.” What the heck is futsal? Actually, it is closely related to football. And by “football,” we…

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How to Use the Prop Builder Feature at Online Sportsbooks

Wish you could make more prop bets online? Some online sportsbooks offer generous selections of prop bets for popular sports, but others are lacking in this department. A few of our favorite betting sites are now offering a cool feature called a “prop builder” that lets you come up with your own custom proposition bets.…

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College Sports Betting 101: Where to Bet on College Sports in 2022

When most people think of wagering on sports, they immediately think about placing bets on major professional sports leagues. But you can also bet on college sports. While betting on college sports is similar in many respects to wagering on major league sports, there are also some differences. In this guide, we are going to…

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Surfing Betting 101

If you are in the USA and you happen to follow surfing, it has probably been a source of frustration for you in the past that you have not had anywhere to bet on the sport. But now, that is finally starting to change. Several of the top US-facing sportsbooks are now offering surfing betting.…

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Soccer Betting 101: How and Where to Bet on Soccer Online

So, you want to try betting on football? Nope, not the NFL, the other football. You know, the one most of the world means when they say “football.” That’s right, we call it “soccer.” The big sports in the US are basketball, NFL football, and baseball. We tend to overlook soccer. But it is a…

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