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College Sports Betting 101: Where to Bet on College Sports in 2022

When most people think of wagering on sports, they immediately think about placing bets on major professional sports leagues. But you can also bet on college sports. While betting on college sports is similar in many respects to wagering on major league sports, there are also some differences. In this guide, we are going to…

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Soccer Betting 101: How and Where to Bet on Soccer Online

So, you want to try betting on football? Nope, not the NFL, the other football. You know, the one most of the world means when they say “football.” That’s right, we call it “soccer.” The big sports in the US are basketball, NFL football, and baseball. We tend to overlook soccer. But it is a…

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The Best Places to Bet on the NFL in 2022

Well, hot damn! It’s become 2022 all of a sudden! That kind of came out of nowhere, didn’t it? Along with the new year comes the hope of winning a few bucks, (or more!) doing some gambling throughout the year. We here at GoodSportsBooks hit this up every year by breaking down where the best…

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FIFA Wants a Biennial World Cup

There has been plenty of strange news in the world of sports over the past couple of years. But one of the most recent crazy developments has nothing to do with pandemics, climate change or other global disasters. FIFA wants to hold the World Cup every two years. The FIFA World Cup is one of…

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What Impact Will Climate Change Have on the Future of Sports?

We are living in unprecedented times. Last year, COVID-19 shook the sports world to its core. Events were cancelled left and right. Sports seasons were delayed. Punters no longer able to bet on their regular sports turned to table tennis, weather betting, and other unusual activities to pass the time. Even now, we are dealing…

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Where to Bet on the NFL in 2021

We’re leaving this page up for anyone that ends up here, but if you would like to check out fresh and fully updated information for 2022, you’ll want to go to this link here! We’re going on some assumptions here. Actually, a couple of really big ones. We’re going on the assumption that the Covid-19…

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What Kinds of Bets Can Be Made on Soccer?

You weirdos on the other side of the pond can call it “football” and “pitch” all you like. Over here in America where we make the rules, we’ll stick with “soccer” and “field“, thank you very much. Whatever you want to call it, people around the world love it and it’s finally gaining some real…

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Best NCAA Football Betting Sites

Best NCAA Football Betting? Check all this out! Pretty sure you already know that the NFL dominates the action for major sporting events. However, there are those that feel that college football is much more exciting. The teams play harder and the players are more personally invested in the outcome of each game. Also worth…

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