What is Bovada’s Numbers Game, and How Do You Play It?

Feeling impatient for some action, and just want to place some fast bets? You might want to take a break from wagering on your favorite sports to try playing the Numbers Game over at the Bovada Sportsbook.

In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know to play this game, including what it is, how it works, and what you need to know about Numbers Game strategies. Let’s begin!

What is the Numbers Game?

The Numbers Game is a game of chance offered by Bovada. During the game, three numbers are randomly selected. You place wagers beforehand, and then wait to see if you picked the same numbers the game did.

You will find the Numbers Game listed among the “Other Sports” in the dropdown menu when you are logged into the sportsbook.

The Numbers Game is quite similar to some of the “Virtual Sports” that Bovada has been offering that became quite popular during the pandemic sports lockdown.

To find out more about Bovada’s Virtual Sports, see the section “Other Games You May Enjoy at the Bovada Sportsbook.”

For now, let’s stick with talking about the Numbers Game.

This is what The “Numbers Game” will look like when you first click on it over at Bovada.

History of the Numbers Game

At first glance, you might think that the Bovada Numbers Game is a completely new invention. But actually, the Numbers Game has been around for quite some time.

Bovada’s game is based on the historical “numbers game” that has its roots in working class America and organized crime.

Other names for the original numbers game include:

  • The numbers racket
  • The daily number
  • The Italian lottery
  • Bolita
  • Policy playing

The numbers game was around as early as the mid-19th century. Bettors who belonged to poor communities would visit policy shops to participate.

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There were variations in how the numbers were drawn, what the minimum bet size was, and how much one could win. But it wasn’t unusual to be able to wager just a penny.

The game was completely illegal, so those who walked away with cash did not pay taxes on their winnings.

The reason the game was a racket was because as with the regular, legal lottery, any individual participant’s chances of winning were remote, but the game was lucrative for mafias to run.

One common practice for coming up with the numbers was not to draw them, but instead to wait to find out how much money would be wagered on an upcoming horse race.

The last three digits of that amount was known as “the handle.”

Those would then become the three winning numbers for the most recent numbers game.

Bettors did not have to take the policy shops’ word for it either — they could just glance at the newspapers to confirm the winning numbers.

Thankfully, the modern version of the numbers game is not run by the mafia. Of course, if you win, you do need to pay taxes on your winnings.

But in other respects, it is played much the same way. When you play the Numbers Game at Bovada, you will not be waiting to find out the handle for an upcoming race. Instead, three numbers will be pulled by a random number generator to determine the results of each round.

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Why Play the Numbers Game?

This would be your bet slip if you happened to want to wager on numbers 25, 34, and 47.

Here are a few reasons to play the modern Numbers Game at Bovada:

  • A simple, easy game to learn.
  • The Numbers Game is essentially like participating in a private lottery. The entire concept is ridiculously simple, and you can learn how to play in minutes. It can be a nice break from the complexities of handicapping your sports betting wagers.

  • Fast-paced action.
  • You can play through an entire round of this game in around two minutes. After each round, a new round begins automatically, so there never needs to be a pause in the action.

  • Low minimum bet sizes.
  • The minimum bet size at Bovada is only $0.50. Although that is more than a penny, it is still a very small amount. So, as with in the past, today’s modern Numbers Game remains accessible and affordable to those in all economic brackets.

  • The game is always running.
  • With regular sports, you sometimes have to wait days, weeks, or even months before there is action, depending on where in the season you are, or if you are in between seasons. But the Numbers Game is running 24/7. You never will find yourself with nothing to do.

  • It can’t be canceled by a lockdown.
  • Finally, the Numbers Game is run by a computer using a random number generator. No players or teams or coaches are involved. As a result, it will not be canceled in the future if there is another pandemic lockdown. You will be able to keep playing it.

How to Play the Numbers Game

Now that you know why the Numbers Game is awesome, we can talk about how you play it!

  1. Load the Numbers Game. You will find it under “Other Sports” at Bovada.
  2. Choose what speed you want for the game.
  3. You can pick “Standard” or “Turbo.” The “Standard” mode is almost as fast as the “Turbo” mode. You can complete a round of “Turbo” in 2 minutes, and a round of “Standard” in 3 minutes.

  4. Choose your number(s).

When a new game is beginning, identical odds will be listed for each row and column of the grid of numbers you can select.

Once a number has been picked by the game, you can no longer wager on it for the subsequent picks for that round.

You will also notice the odds change for the row and column that the number is in, though you may need to refresh to see this.

Likewise, the odds for each individual number will adjust as well.

Above the grid, you will see the countdown. Under “Ends In:” is the time left for the entire round ticking down.

Below that are three balls/circles, one for each of the three numbers to be picked for that round.

At the start of a round, there will be a countdown ticking down in the first circle, and the second and third circles will be empty.

You have until the countdown reaches 0:00 in the first circle to choose a number for that circle.

The game will then display the number it chose for that circle. The countdown will start in the second circle, and so on.

After the game has picked all three numbers, it will reset, and begin again.

Here are some of the types of bets you can place on the Numbers Game:

Wager on a single number/ball:

  • 1st Draw +7043
  • 2nd Draw +6948
  • 3rd Draw +6852

Wager on an entire row:

  • 1st Draw +1302
  • 2nd Draw +1283
  • 3rd Draw +1264

Wager on an entire column:

  • 1st Draw +376
  • 2nd Draw +370
  • 3rd Draw +363

You can also select blocks of rows or columns.

These additional types of bets are available:

  • Next Ball – High/Low
  • Next Ball – Odd or Even
  • Next Ball – Over/Under
  • Next Ball – Odd/Even and Over/Under

As with the other types of bets we discussed, the odds for these types of wagers adjust as numbers are selected.

Numbers Game Outcomes are Random

Is the Numbers Game random? Yes. Even though it is found in the sports betting area of Bovada’s website, it is essentially a casino game, just like virtual sports.

That means that as with roulette or slots or other such casino games, its selections are chosen by a random number generator (RNG).

Numbers Game Strategies

Here I have placed bet for $1 on 1, $5 on 3, and $10 on 8. As you can see, it’s possible to win a ton of dough over here!

So, are there any strategies you can use to play the Numbers Game?

Technically, no—there are no helpful strategies, at least in terms of affecting your results. The results for this game will always be 100% random.

You can use strategies to manage your money though. As always, you should carefully calculate your stake sizes to extend your bankroll.

Some people do try to play the Numbers Game using “strategies” they think will help them to predict results.

These strategies do not work, but we will share a few with you anyway just for fun:

  • Bet on numbers that won in previous rounds.
  • If you look to the left of the countdown at the top of the numbers grid, you will see the three numbers that won in the last game. Some people think numbers that recently won are “hot,” and like to wager on them for the next round. It also tells you the total for the three numbers added together. Bettors sometimes like to try and pick numbers for the next round that total to the same amount.

  • Wager on numbers that did not win in previous rounds.
  • Three numbers that won in the recent past are not likely to be picked again right away, are they? At least, that is what you might suspect. If so, you may expect them to be “cold,” and might try to actively avoid betting on them.

  • Bet on numbers you find significant.
  • Birthdates, dates of other important events, phone numbers, addresses, and other “significant” numbers may be fun to bet on.

The reason that none of these methods work is because none of them can predict random results, and all outcomes for this game are random.

There would need to be some kind of pattern in results for any of these techniques to be predictive, and that, by definition, would not be random.

There may sometimes be the appearance of patterns, but it is only that—an appearance.

The second of these strategies that involves betting against “cold” recent numbers is a demonstration of the Gambler’s Fallacy.

When you believe in the Gambler’s Fallacy, you think that things that happened frequently in the recent past will happen with reduced frequency in the near future, and vice versa.

The first strategy with betting on “hot” recent numbers is based on the same bad logic.

In both cases, you are treating events as if they are all connected, rather than each drawing being an independent, unrelated trial.

Instead, you should focus on the odds. For any given drawing, the odds for each individual number remain identical across the board. All of them are equally likely (or unlikely) to be chosen. The odds don’t lie.

If you want to use these are “strategies,” do so keeping in mind that it is only for fun. They will not help you win. The only way to win is to get lucky.

Other Games You May Enjoy at the Bovada Sportsbook

While the Numbers Game is listed in its own category in the Bovada sportsbook, we think that it would have made sense to list it under “Virtual Sports.”

If you click on “Virtual Sports” in the Bovada dropdown menu, you will find a whole selection of games including:

  • Virtual Basketball League
  • Virtual Soccer
  • Virtual Horses
  • Virtual Greyhounds
  • Virtual Supercars
  • Virtual Camels
  • Color-Color

These games work similarly to the Numbers Game in that each one runs for just a few minutes before displaying the results. You then get a few minutes before the next game to plan your next wagers.

All of these games are computer simulated, and a random numbers generator produces the outcomes, making them games of pure chance.

So, if you like playing the Numbers Game, you will no doubt enjoy Virtual Sports at Bovada, and vice versa.

In fact, “Color-Color” is particularly similar to the Numbers Game, but it involves six balls instead of three, and along with betting on the numbers, you also can wager on the colors.

Play the Numbers Game Now

The Numbers Game is one of the simplest, most straightforward gambling games you are ever going to find.

While this game has a rich history dating back to the 19th century, Bovada has brought it up to date, making it into a fast, fun form of online entertainment.

Ready to try your luck? Click here to head to Bovada sportsbook to open your account.

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